A Few Points About Affiliate Marketing!

I am sure that you have heard about affiliate marketing, let’s take a look at a few points about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is not a new concept and more and more people are using this business model to get online as a business entity.

In this contributed article, you will be guided through a little tour as to how affiliate marketing works and if it could be something for you as a business. Read on.

Selling Yourself As An Entity Is The Real Back-End Sell

The hidden value of being a trustworthy entity is what all businesses and individuals in the selling market desire. It’s a raging fight on the battlefield to claim the most amount of clicks, shares, likes, and customers. Where there is a target rich environment, the competition is fierce and unrelenting.

Businesses are all competing against each other for consumers. The secondary challenge that has become more prevalent in the modern age is the need for businesses to net their own third-party sources. In recent times this craft has evolved, and it’s most successful new rendition is the YouTube influencer.

Normal, everyday people with a following review products. They give their honest opinion and if the final verdict is positive, hey presto the sales of that item go up from whichever business is either selling and or producing it.

In this regard, the importance to have a network of third-party sources is becoming more and more vital to staying ahead of rivals in the industries. Being that third-party entity is a lucrative professional pursuit, but contrary to the image of supposed complexities it’s easier to achieve than you might have been led to believe.

Affiliate Marketing Baby Steps

Being the large metal rod that charms the clouds into unleashing a lightning strike on you, is what it’s like when you at first go fishing for followers. You’re covered in masses of other people trying to do the exact same thing as you are.

The third-party source is not directly linked to the first party, i.e. the seller such as a company, nor are they linked to the second-party which is the consumer/customer. They don’t necessarily answer to anyone which is why it’s a very attractive choice for people who want to be their own boss.

baby steps to points of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is acting as the source of the first contact to customers and introducing them to a product and or service they want. The basic premise is that if they were to click on a link made by you and then go on to buy the product from the website/online shop of the business which makes it, you would get a slice of the profit.

How you generate interest is completely up to you, as the incentive to attract consumers is totally in your hands. You don’t get any help from the company whose product you’re selling. This is why the baby steps need to be to first create your own website and gather a decently-sized following.

develop trust as an affiliate marketer

What Leads To Personality Attraction

Like all good gravitational personalities, you have to be likable. As to what that exactly means is anyone’s guess but generally, people will trust someone who is truthful. You can’t give your allegiance to any product and or company as this breaks that trust. There is a balance you can strike however so don’t feel as if you’re pinned into a corner.

For each product and company you’re reviewing and recommending purely based off of the performance of that particular product, it’s important not to be biased as viewers will take no time at all to sniff out pandering and fabrications.

The worst of all these fake traits is a false enthusiasm, which involves cringe acting and clearly avoiding the downfalls of a product. Truth is a currency that has limitless power among people who want a good honest recommendation about a product they’re interested in.

Never let it slip your mind that people will be spending their hard-earned money and want you to be a beacon they can rely on to give them sound advice.

video recorders can be sold through affiliate marketing

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The Mediums You Need

To begin your new journey of being your own boss and using your product-review skills to earn a good living, you need a space. A personal website built as an official website that reviews all kinds of products is a great professional look. Take a look at how these kinds of websites look by looking at the websites of IGN, IMDB, UnboxTherapy, Autotrader and other specific industry reviewing sources.

However, for something more personable and less formal, a sophisticated blog is just fine. Brand yourself as you are now the scepter that will be the flag that you want your following to gather around. Upload pictures of yourself, write a detailed profile about yourself, and carefully explain your mission for starting the blog or website.

Marketing professionals like Imagine That should be utilized so your posts and website are competitive in search engine results. They’ll also help you to include good SEO practices in your blog so keywords attract browsing shoppers who are looking to buy something similar to what you’re reviewing.

Mixing it up a bit never hurt anyone and in fact, this might be the new benchmark all have to follow. Filming a YouTube review of a product and then uploading it to your channel is a great secondary platform. Not only can you actually generate a second stream of revenue by displaying ads before, during and at the end of your videos, but it’s also something people can watch wherever they are.

Thus you’re more accessible to your fans at any time. Embedding these videos in your website or blog post, along with a written review that goes into details that you perhaps didn’t cover or didn’t cover enough during the recording of the video.

catering to customers is one point in affiliate marketing


Back-End Selling Goal

Front-end selling is the first initial sign that you are a part of making it happen. It’s by far the most difficult to achieve but by no means is it where the majority of your money will be made. Repeat customers are the lifeline of all affiliate marketing specialists.

Beyond the first sale, customers will want to buy related products and expand their horizons into different categories. This is where you make the most money.

However, companies can try to cut you off by only paying you for the first sale. Companies like Amazon do pay affiliate marketers for other purchases their led makes for up to 24 hours. However, gaining fans who will continually use you as their go-to knowledgeable reviewer is the true goal you have to strive towards. You as the reviewer, influencer, blogger, and personality are the real back-end sign.

Affiliate marketing is all about gathering fans that turn into leads. These leads are then directed toward a company and or product. Whoever buys due to your recommendation, the company will attribute you as a partial cause of the sale and pay you for it. Being the entity that has its own flock, makes this way of life sustainable so focus on creating your own platform and fan base.

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6 thoughts to “A Few Points About Affiliate Marketing!

  • Christina

    I appreciate your insight into affiliate marketing. I do that myself. I have a difficult time drawing a line between products that I really like and very much dislike. I try not to review middle of the road products. Do you think I am making a mistake and being too biased by doing only those I think are great and those I dislike? Would it be a good idea to invest some time in those so-so products that do the job but don’t produce any wow factors? Thank you for your input.

    • Michelle

      Hello Christina,
      Thanks for stopping by.Yes, it can be a challenge – to say the least. However, remember you can also talk about the things you don’t like – this view will give a very rounded look as well.Not everything is always ‘rosy’, it will have good points and bad. So, feel free to really state your viewpoint. There will be people out there who will appreciate this view. all the best.

  • John

    This is one of the most interesting reviews of affiliate marketing. It does look at it from another angle. Building a list and getting repeat buyers is one thing that most successful bloggers do. Getting started and having a review website will make you money if you invest a little time and effort into it. Getting people interested in related items will keep them coming back for more information. What is the best way to let them, your customer, know about related items.

    • Michelle

      Hello John,
      Thanks for your visit. I am glad that you found the information helpful. Yes, affiliate marketing is only best if it please the final consumer of the product or service, as this is the way you will ensure ‘repeat business’. You have to find that happy medium or the ‘sweet spot’ as it is often referred to, and then as the cliche goes – ‘rinse and repeat’.
      All the best.

  • DianneBee

    Hi Michelle. You really explain well here how the personal aspects of a wannabe blogger can enhance an affiliate marketing blog. Just yesterday I was watching Tim Ferris give a presentation on his extensive million dollar blog. He reviewed the structure and strong points, but didn’t reveal anything I haven’t seen in the Wealthy Affiliate training.
    Yet, when it comes to personality…He’s HUGE!
    I’m sure every type of person can employ their own way, to success, if they get the right instruction.

    • Michelle

      Hello Dianne,
      Thanks for the visit. Yes, Tim Ferris is awesome. I have read his book and taken some of his advice. I also agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to reinvent yourself and learn a lot of internet tips.
      Much success to you.


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