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What Is Your Marketing Style – Does It Convert?

A question – what is your marketing style and does it convert into sales for the company you run – will always be something that any business person should be concerned about. It is truly a combination of style, strategy, and product – a recipe for constant success.

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Read more in this contributed article and see if you can find some useful nuggets for your business.

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Promoting your company’s products and services in a way that leads to converted sales is vital. To become truly successful, however, it’s important to realize that clients will judge the business on a variety of external issues.

Failure to appreciate those influences, and it’s likely that your marketing style and/or strategies will fall flat. This is irrespective of how smart the campaigns may be.  

While there are a number of contributing factors to consider, here are four that you must prioritize. Give them the attention that they need, and the overall outcomes should be far greater.  

Brand Relevance

Consumers need to know that brands are up to date with the modern world. If the company appears to be outdated, it can cause a few concerns regarding the products too.  

Bringing the brand into the modern day is essential, which is why going mobile should be on the agenda. Aside from boosting the general brand image, this is the perfect way to cast your nets further afield. This can only boost your hopes of gaining more sales as a result.  

Besides, mobile-specific marketing, such as sending App notifications, can keep the brand in their minds. In turn, this can have a huge impact on conversions.

Company Organizational Skills

A business that looks disorganized will cause a few alarm bells to start ringing. Therefore, investing in advanced protection, including offline and online security, is crucial.  

Visitors will also form opinions based on the cleanliness of the working environments. Professional office cleaning and store floor organization bring many additional rewards. However, the fact that it’ll help the company make a bigger first impression is certainly one of the best.  

When the brand has these key issues under control, the hopes of winning the clients over should be far greater. It’ll help with the next point too.

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Employee Interactions

The staff members are essentially an extension of the business. Moreover, they will be responsible for providing your clients with the right experience. So, you cannot ignore this aspect for a second – a sure impact from your marketing style.  

There are many ways to promote better interactions. This can include staff uniforms or employing sales scripts to promote reliability. Crucially, though, you should try to keep the employees happy at all times. After all, a positive environment is contagious and will spread to the customers.  

A lot of consumers will still choose a company that values them over a bad business that has slightly cheaper pricing. Make the most of it.  

Outsider Opinion

People often act like sheep, following the crowd and letting the views of other people influence their decisions. With this in mind, marketing strategies that keep this in mind can work wonders.  

Influencer marketing is a growing phenomenon. It sees popular social media stars promote the products to attract their fans to your company. Meanwhile, affiliate schemes that encourage clients to promote the brand to friends and family can be very rewarding too. It saves time too.  

When the community atmosphere reaches a suitable level, the snowball effect can take place. Even if the direct marketing campaigns aren’t perfect, success is assured.  

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6 thoughts to “What Is Your Marketing Style – Does It Convert?

  • Naveen

    Lovely article?

    • Michelle

      Thnx, Naveen. I hope it was useful for you.

  • Alan

    Hi Michelle, I was interested in the different styles of marketing which you describe, and which are the most efficient, ie convert best. Alan

    • Michelle

      Hello Alan,
      Thanks for stopping by. You know, in my opinion, it all boils down to how you (as a business person) targets the market you aim to do business with. It is NOT and exact science, but one that you can only benefit from by trial and error and an acute sense of awareness. All the best.

  • suzanne

    Hi Michelle,
    As an online marketer myself, I’m quite interested in the “influencer” style of marketing. It seems that’s all the talk right now.
    With proper training on how to build your online business, I think we can achieve this influencer status quicker than without training.

    • Michelle

      Hello Suzanne,
      Thanks for your visit and sharing your thoughts. Yes,I tend to agree with you – a little education and proper training can and does make the difference to anything you do. Yes, who influences who is the question right now…and really, what can they ‘bring to the table’. All the best.


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