FatJoe – Who Or What Is This?

fatjoe reviewHave you ever heard about FatJoe publishing? I am not talking about the lyrics to a song or the husband of the ‘fat lady singing that last song’. FatJoe actually exists. Let’s take a closer look.

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What Is FatJoe?

FatJoe Publishing is one of the largest and well-known outsourced Link Building and Content Services provider worldwide. It has more than 1,000 clients in its client database.

They provide link building and content creation services to SEO agencies as well as marketing brands so that they will be better able to create as well as improve on successful campaigns for their clients.

Fun Facts

info in hand
Here are some interesting fun facts about FatJoe publishing:

  • Founded in 2012
  • Trusted by 1,000+ Agencies in 12 Countries
  • Secure more than 5,000 link placements every month
  • White Labeled and Scalable Designed for SEO Agencies
  • Unrivaled Customer Support 90%+ Inquiries Answered within a few hours

Services Offered

Here is a list of services offered by FatJoe and you need to keep in mind the fact that each client will have their needs customized in the most efficient way to get the results that they need:

  • Blogger Outreach – natural om-content links on 100% real blogs.
  • Content Writing – quick, quality content customized according to your needs.
  • Local Citations – 100% manual location citation submissions.
  • Press Releases – publish company press releases to 350+media outlets.
  • Infographic Promo – your infographic shared and published by bloggers.
  • Media Placements (BETA) – a way to acquire links & mentions from sites with DA50+ ( Forbes, Huffington Post, Life Hack, and Entrepreneur).

Commendable Efforts

What endears FatJoe to me as well, is their charitable donations. They give back to the community and this should be commended. Here are a few of the organization that benefit from the kindness of this company:

  • Cancer Research for Kids & Teens
  • Promise Dreams
  • Carcinoid Foundation
  • Help For Heroes
  • Guide Dogs For The Blind
  • Coeliac UK
  • Mind
  • The Children’s Trust
  • Unicef
  • Four Paws

Each charitable organization was chosen by one of the team members on staff. It shows their dedication and collective effort to help give make the world we live in, a better place indeed.

So, as you can see, FatJoe has a lot to offer in more ways than one. Here are a few more reasons to stand up and take notice of this great company:

  • Designed for Agencies – they provide services for agencies, publishes, and independent consultants in more than 6 countries.
  • 100% White Label – the services created are designed to be resold, hassle-free and scalable, something agencies live.
  • Absolutely No Contracts – you are not ‘locked-in’ and can control your order as needed, and in the volume you need.
  • Place Orders in Seconds – Orders can be made easily and quickly. You only need to create a FREE account and start your order from an easy-to-follow dashboard.
  • Fast Turnarounds – FatJoe prides itself on the fast turnarounds and quick lead times – without compromising quality.
  • Unrivaled Customer Support – Simply stellar when it comes to customer service. 75% of email inquiries are handled and responded to within 1 hour and there is always the possibility for a chat via Telephone.
  • Comprehensive Reports – The dashboard is user-friendly and you will have can access to full reports on the link building services offered which include relevant metrics and any content created is delivered in widely supported easy to access formats.
  • 100% Confidentiality – FatJoe operates a strict 100% confidentiality promise with all clients and its covered under the terms. All of your information and your client’s is 100% confidential and secure.

You can check out the official website here: FatJoe

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Well, there you have it in a nutshell. I think that FatJoe is indeed an exceptional company and one that anyone will feel comfortable and safe once they have signed ‘on the dotted line’ – whether it is online or offline.


Take a closer look at the official website for FatJoe using my link and feel free to enjoy my bonuses for allowing me to present this company.

My Bonuses:

One more reason to take a look at FatJoe services as well as the potential earning capacity – the affiliate program.

The Affiliate Program

FatJoe has a remarkable and industry-leading affiliate program that it would be silly not to join and become a member. They give anyone the opportunity to:

  • Earn 10% commission for LIFETIME on any sign up. It is a fact that FatJoe clients stay at least 12 months which in turn gives you a great earning potential.
  • Earn some extra income passively

I hope you found this information useful and please be sure to leave your feedback as your time and efforts permit.

Images courtesy of FatJoe and Pixabay.

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8 thoughts to “FatJoe – Who Or What Is This?

  • Susan


    I have never heard of Fat Joe until I came across your article today, this company sounds like an ideal place to find many resources for SEO.  Many bloggers or publishers do not have a clue when it comes to SEO and the internal workings having a company that can provide this for them is the ultimate in pushing a business forward.  This information is priceless for me and I will be going to check the company out in more detail, I have bookmarked your website for future reference.

    Thank you,


    • Michelle

      Hello Susan, 

      Thanks for stopping by. I am glad that you found the information useful. Yes, FatJoe has been around for a while and doing great things for lots of companies. I have worked for and with FatJoe and I have only good things to say. Check them out and be sure to leave some feedback when you do. All the best.


  • AlanJE

    Hi Michelle, I was unaware of this site and services offered. It is of great interest so I bookmarked it to return later, Thanks Alan

    • Michelle

      Hello Alan,
      Thanks for your visit. Glad that your found some value in the article. Yes, FatJoe is a great company. I have had the opportunity to work them on different levels.
      All the best.

  • Linda Frankson

    Michelle, It seems everytime I visit you I find more and more interesting things the last time I didn’t leave a comment because I found Sqribble the E-book writer and became so involved I forgot about leaving you a comment.
    Thanks a lot for this fantastic site, Michelle. Now I have something else that may help me along my journey in the near future.
    We have a lot in common because we work on the same platform, WA, all though we are in different ramifications. That is what makes WA so versatile you have the opportunity to build your own workspace and take it as far as you want. I am In Health and wellness
    It shows that you have put a lot of work into this site with a lot of loving care. Take care.
    always a better way

    • Michelle

      Hello Linda,
      Thanks so much for your visit and sharing your thoughts. I am so happy when people come back to my site and even happier when readers find great value in the articles that I create. Thank you. Yes, Sqribble is a great tool for anyone with an online presence – it will make your life MUCH easier. FatJoe is also a great resource for you in your online business. All the best to you and much success in 2019 and always.

      • Linda Frankson

        Yes, I have read FatJoe though and like the concept very much. I kickstarted Squibble, thought you would like to know I wrote my first book so will be needing other programs like FatJoe that will help me in my journey one step at a time. I am like the Turtle and the Hair(O: I will win the race, much regards and thanks much appreciated. Linda

        • Michelle

          Hello Linda,
          Your feedback made me smile. Yes, the turtle won…so take your time and be thorough – it is not a race, you choose your pace. All the best on your ebook and I am glad that my article helped you with your online journey.


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