What Is Grammarly Premium?

what is grammarly premium

I am sure you may have heard of Grammarly however, we are going to be looking more in depth about what is grammarly premium and how it can help your content writing. Grammarly Premium is the upgraded version of the FREE Grammarly software.

Have you heard the term – Grammarly Checker? Well, in simple words, it is an online grammar checker for the English language created by a company called Grammarly and this software program is considered a great resource tool by bloggers and online businesses whose mainstay is writing that perfect post!

Let’s take a closer look.


Website: grammarly.com
Price: 7 days FREE premium package
Monthly Plan:
$37.95   $29.95
Quarterly Plan:
$24.98  $19.98 – Billed as one payment $59.95

Annual Plan: $14.58   $11.66 – Billed as one payment $139.95
Owners: Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn
Overall Rank: 4 out of 5


This is an English-based software grammar checker which auto-checks and corrects your English. It does this by underlining all the issues in your post/article/blog/mail in various colors to signify various degrees of grammatical structure/spelling.

grammarly premium

The critical issues are shown in red, and the advanced issues are in yellow. Red is for free starter membership which you can use forever, and yellow is for those who have premium.

It is not only for the non-native English speaker but for native speakers who need a little confidence built into their written word.


  • FREE 7-day membership with the option at the end to go yearly
  • easy to install
  • more than 250 premium checks on sentence structure and writing styles. Get suggestions for more use of the English vocabulary.
  • it is offered directly within Microsoft Office – resulting in concise and professional emails being sent from Outlook (PC only)
  • delivers relevant corrections for your writing issue – customized checks on student essays, professional emails, personal blogs as well as 30 more document types.
  • 24/7 customer call-back and email support.
  • no hassle, money-back guarantee


  • it is not mobile user-friendly
  • it does not like ordinary speech patterns
  • it can sometimes reek havoc with the tabulating function in your post


This grammar software can be used by anyone – the novice writer, the fully-fledged blogger or the experienced journalist and the non-native English speaker. It will help anyone who wants to ‘star the show’ on his feature post/article/professional letter.

How To Sign-up For GRAMMARLY

It is quite easy. Once you go to their official website or click on one of the links here, you will be taken to a page which asks some basic questions and then creates a profile for you. It also has a Google Chrome button, which you can add easily to your bookmark tab.

Tools & Training

There is a guideline once you are signed up for Grammarly. It is an easy walk through via a slide show to get you acquainted with the site.


The support being offered with the product is 24/7. There is also a fairly active blog as well.


Grammarly is free and remains free until you decide to upgrade. Once you upgrade, you will lose the initial 7 FREE days of premium service; but of course, you will be fully premium, so no problem. There is a promotion going on, see the snapshot below.
grammarly pricing with grammarly premium


My Final Opinion On What Is GRAMMARLY Premium?

I am now testing the FREE Grammarly software. So far, so good. The color-coded document analysis of my grammar is somewhat ‘cool’.


Launch a UK website today!

I find the colors vibrant [the fun part] and fcool iconrom a literary standpoint – extremely helpful – and I am a native English speaker. Give it a try! You have nothing to lose and a better grasp of the English language to boot!






Website: grammarly.com
Owners: Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn
Price:  7 days FREE premium package
Monthly Plan: $37.95   $29.95
Quarterly Plan $24.98  $19.98 – Billed as one payment $59.95

Annual Plan     $14.58   $11.66 – Billed as one payment $139.95
Overall Rank: 4 out of 5


I welcome your feedback on What Is Grammarly Premium – And How It Can Help Your Business. Please leave a comment below and let me hear your thoughts!


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20 thoughts to “What Is Grammarly Premium – And How It Can Help Your Business!

  • Dylan

    Nice post about Grammarly! Been using it for a while now and it’s very convenient!

    • Michelle

      Hello there, Dylan.
      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I am basically new to Grammarly, but I am loving it so far! It does make me more aware of tiny bits of information that I might have ordinarily overlooked. Good luck to you.

  • Jacqueline Smith

    I came across grammarly whilst using Facebook and installed the plug-in in my web browser. I find this to be a very useful tool as it’s so easy to make errors in spelling, especially when typing fast!! I too like the colour coded system as you can see where errors are at a glance. Thanks for the review Michelle. It’s great to know that this product is highly recommended!!

    • Michelle

      Hello there, Jacqueline.
      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I love Grammarly – it’s like my online school teacher – always ‘checking’ me out! LOL
      It is indeed a great tool to have in your arsenal once you have decided to ‘voice your opinions’ in literary form for the whole world to see!
      I am glad that my review was able to help you in some way.
      Much success.

  • Sean Thomas

    Hi Michelle,

    This is something that I would find very useful. Actually, more than that, this is something that I need. My computer is set to Spanish and so when I am writing, it underlines nearly everything as an error. Checking the document manually is quite painstaking and so the fact that Grammarly uses colour co-ordinated warnings would be really useful for me.

    Many thanks


    • Michelle

      Hello Sean,
      Thanks for stopping by my cyberspace. I am happy that you found the article useful. It is my goal to provide information that can be effective and indeed useful to my visitors. I have been using Grammarly for a while now and I find that it keeps me on my ‘literary toes’ – if I may.
      You should give it a try indeed. It might help save you some time as you compose your writing projects. Good luck and much success.

  • Cindy

    I was purusing around on your website and this review caught my eye. Oh, I remember those days when the English teacher would put little red marks on my paper for incorrect grammar usage. Lol! I don’t miss those days! But it’s really helpful to know that Grammarly can help make our writing the “star of the show.” I’m a newbie at blogging so this could be very helpful. I do want to have that perfect post one day! By the way, I think your writing is fabulous. I think you have something to do with that! : )

    • Michelle

      Hello there Cindy!
      Thanks for stopping by my cyberspace and taking the time to voice your thoughts. Yes, I too remember those teacher-red-ink-days in school. What a colorful moment on some pages! LOL

      Yes, Grammarly is somewhat now my online yellow, red and green color teacher! The good news is that I can erase those marks! LOL

      Thanks for your compliment, I appreciate it. I enjoy putting my thoughts on paper…even more when I can find others to enjoy reading it!
      Good luck to you in whatever you endeavor.

  • Joe

    Thanks Michelle, I can see this as a real time saver as well. I am constantly checking and rechecking to make sure what I write is grammatically correct. I spend way too much time rewriting and correcting myself. Free is always great. It’s nice to try before you by. Thanks for your research and honest review.

    • Michelle

      Hello Joe,
      Thank for stopping by. I am happy that my review provided a source of information for you…and better still, for the price that we all love!
      Grammarly has made my writing skills shine much better. It keeps me on my toes, or should I say my fingers!It surely reduces my mistake-factor and improves my reader appreciation. Give them a try, I am sure you will be happy you did.
      Good luck.

  • Grace

    I have heard of grammarly and was searching to see what else I can find before I actually use it. Your post really tells me this is good program to use and I will have to check it out more. The prices seem pretty reasonable too especially now that they have a sale on.

    Thanks for you post!

    • Michelle

      Hello Grace,

      Thanks for spending some time on my site. I appreciate your ‘eye-time’.

      Yes, I have been using Grammarly for a while now and I am very happy with the software. It is indeed a way for me to ‘dot all my i’s and cross all my t’s’. I have become more aware of the reader’s perception and I make the effort to be grammatically corrrect – especially with the aid of Grammarly.

      Yes, the price is great and so is the sale that they are promoting. You should give the free service a try and see if you like it before diving into full purchase.
      Good luck.


  • Sondra


    Thank you for this thorough review of Grammarly. I’ve been trying to decide if it was something that I wanted to invest in. In my case the cons, make me say, “no.” I spend about 90% of my time writing using my iPad. I also tend to blog using ordinary speech patterns as if I was carrying on a face to face conversation. You have saved me money! Thank you!

    • Michelle

      Hello Sondra,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Wow, you spend 90% of your time writing on your iPad…wow. You must have a keyboard attachment? Otherwise, for me, the iPad keyboard does not appear to be user-friendly for my fingers. 🙂

      Yes, Grammarly can sometimes be arduous once you ‘start talking conversationally’…it gets a bit finicky! 🙂

      In any event, I appreciate your honest feedback. Feel free to stop by anytime.
      Much success on your blog.

  • Chrissie

    Hi Michelle
    Many thanks for your interesting post about Grammarly.
    You are obviously a convert!
    As an English Teacher I have prided myself that my English grammar is up to scratch, well it certainly should be!! But now I think that I will give the free trial a go to see if Grammarly agrees with me!!
    Very many thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    Chrissie 🙂

    • Michelle

      Hello there Chrissie,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Aha, an English teacher…I better be on my Ps and Qs…lol. Yes, I am a Grammarly convert, thus far. I have found it to be great tool. And anyone will benefit from using it. By all means, give it a try, you lose nothing from the experience. It might even teach you a few new things – you know how this world changes every day! 🙂

      Good luck.


  • Odd Helge Hveding

    this sounds like an interesting program. I’m not a native English speaker (or writer) and I do use some time to check my grammar, spelling and more. Readers are supposed to understand what we write, so maybe this will help.

    I wonder, do you download it to a specific computer and how about tablets? You mentioned it is not mobile user-friendly, does that also include tablets?

    Hope to hear from you. oh, by the way. Nice site, thank you 🙂

    Odd Helge

    • Michelle

      Hello Odd Helge,

      Thanks for stopping by my cyber home. 🙂

      Yes, Grammarly is a great tool, in my opinion thus far. And yes, it can be time-consuming when we have to make the effort to check and double check any writing material that we produce – we have to think of our readers, indeed!

      Grammarly is an online and offline tool. You have to download it to your computer. It is not mobile-friendly, however, it works somewhat. I use it mainly on my laptop as I do not do any writing on my iPad…too small a screen for me…and my fingers need more room to play:)

      Thanks for your compliment on my site. Please stop by again. Good luck with Grammarly if you decide to give it a try.

      Much success,

  • Graham

    Hi Michelle thanks for the insight into Grammarly I had been told to check this out by a friend who had been reading my posts on my website. He mentioned it’s a great tool and will help me improve the quality of my posts. I am new to this game and I have never been that good at writing, but really want to make a go of it. I have reread my posts over and over but it’s amazing how much you just don’t see. I can imagine this will be an awesome tool for me. Looking forward to giving it a go, thanks again.

    • Michelle

      Hello Graham,
      Thanks for visiting.

      Yes, I used to be just like you – wanting to give writing a go and worrying about my writing skills. I am still like you – giving writing a shot, however, with the help of Grammarly. It really is an awesome tool for writers, and even for those who do not ‘write’ for anything other than the usual stuff! LOL

      You really should give it a try and by all means, let me know how it works out for you.


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