wp review buddy 2.0

WP Review Buddy 2.0

Creator: Mark Slater

Cost: $17.00 (Single Site)

wp review buddy 2.0

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Product Description

If you are an affiliate marketer, then you know the power of doing a review on any product and reaping the rewards of your hard work. This is a WordPress Plugin which is designed to create ‘professional looking affiliate product reviews… quickly and easily! ‘ It is:

  • easy to use
  • gives you a user-friendly step-by-step template to help you glide through the process

Who Is This Product For?

In my opinion…this plugin is for ANYONE who wants to ACE the scene when it comes to creating professional reviews about ANY product in ANY niche.The newbie should be able to:
  • ‘swing it’ because it more than ‘user-friendly’
  • and there are step-by-step instructions along the way…all the way from start to finish.

I find it hard for ANYONE to miss…and if they do, retracing your steps and starting over again is ever so simple.

The veteran marketer will be saying, ‘Where has this been all my life!’

All in all, I think you will LOVE the ease, simplicity, and confidence that this plugin gives!

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What Is Included

This is simply a software download which you will receive access to once you have purchased it along with My Bonuses.There is also a quick introduction by the creator, Mark Slater. He suggests that you join his FREE Facebook Page for future products as well as updates.

He also reinforces the fact that he will be easily accessible if the need should arise.

AND to make it even more easy to use – there is a 30-day  money back guarantee. If after trying it and it does not deliver for you, Mark  will honor your refund.

easy profits makers 100% refund policy

What I like About The Product

Easy Language – any layman can understand
Lifetime Updates & Support – Mark can be accessed through his blog, Facebook Page, and Online Support contact email
Step-by-Step Instructions – as you go, you can edit
Simplicity of the Software
The Template – it is so concise that it is like having a reminder as you create

What I Don’t Like About The Product

The Editing Ability – you can only edit the created review in WP, not in the plugin after the review is created.
Timing – Where was it all my internet LIFE? (This is for humorous  intent.)
No other really – This Plugin is the BOMB!

Upgrades Available

WP Review Buddy 2.0 (Single Site)

Cost $17.00

This plugin can only be used on one site and has the basic review template features.

WP Review Buddy 2.0 PRO (Unlimited Sites)

Cost: $17.95

With the Pro Edition, you can use the software on more than one website. You will also have access to adding your Social Sharing buttons, scheduling your posts, and adding your bonuses descriptions.

I think that it so WORTH the extra 0.95 cents to go PRO…the effort will make your review stand out all the more!

My Super Bonuses

If you purchase through me today I am offering 3 great bonuses:

  • Instagram Marketing – marketing made simple and profitable
  • Ultimate Traffic Mantra – traffic generation is always a PLUS
  • Crazy Traffic Explosion – more traffic help

Your bonuses will be available immediately after your purchase on the WarriorPlus access page.
You will receive an invitation to confirm your email and then you will be re-directed to the access download.

Crazy Traffic Explosion

Value: $37.00

Easy to read eBook and great tips that you can implement immediately to improve your business.

Ultimate Traffic Mantra

Value: $47.00

Launch a UK website today!

Easy to ready eBook with great tips to help \’move\’ your website in the right direction.

Instagram Marketing

Value: $97

Easy to read eBook to help get you more familiar with Instagram marketing.

My Final Thoughts About My WP Review Buddy 2.0 Review + My BONUSES

– You Gotta Love It !

Without any bias whatsoever, I do believe that this is a great software to have in your arsenal of business software tools.

I had the privilege of using the Pro version and I was not disappointed because Mark delivered.

I also would suggest that you go with the Pro Version because it is not that much more in cost – 0.95 cents – a bar of chocolate that your waistline can do without ( I know mine can)!


AND of course, MY BONUSES – every online internet business owner needs TRAFFIC to help get their websites SEEN!!

Be among the best and get WP Review Buddy 2.0 – you won’t regret it!

Much success.

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Thanks for taking the time to share my thoughts!

All the best.



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26 thoughts to “My WP Review Buddy 2.0 Review + My BONUSES! – You Gotta Love It

  • Matt's Mom

    I get from the information that this is to help with adding reviews into a blog?  Is that correct?  I have a travel blog, and I don’t do a lot of product reviews.  I do some though.  Would I still benefit from this plug in?  Does it pretty much help you put the review together?  I like that if it does.  

    • Michelle

      Hello Matt’s Mom,

      Thanks for your visit. Ok, lemme answer your questions.

      You are correct, this is to help you with doing reviews on your website. It does help you create the review using a template which is designed into the software…which I think is ingenious. As a travel blog, it  might not be often that you do reviews, but I can see you possibly using it to do other reviews related to travel – reviews of bags, suntan lotion, beach chairs, and so forth. Just a thought.

      Just check out the video I made showing you ‘hands on’ and even visit the sales page as well…where Mark (the creator) showcases some more.

      All the best.


  • julienne murekatete

    Thank you for sharing with us this great review .It is my first time to hear about this software and i found it amazing.

    Finding traffic on my website is so complicated as I am a beginner in this field,that ‘s why i find this tool important to people like me who need traffic.

    The problem is that many program promise to help people attract traffic but after buying the product you find it is a fake promise.

    Have you tried it before? 

    • Michelle

      Hello Julienne, 

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. Yes, as a beginner and even as a veteran, you need to sift through the ‘forest to find the trees’. 

      As you can see in my video, this is a pre-launch review, the plugin becomes available on 26 November 2018 at 06:00am EST. I love it. I created the article using this plugin.

      I think you should try it out as well. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so it  does not work out, you can ask for either more support or a refund.

      Much success to you.


  • AV 2001

    Hey there! How are you doing? I really enjoyed going through this blog post as you’ve provided us with some valuable information. You said that you offer some tips on Instagram Marketing right? Does that mean I can increase the number of followers and engagement on my Instagram account?

    Thanks in advance for answering my question. Keep up the good work!

    • Michelle

      Hello Av 2001,

      Glad that you found the information useful. I hope you will check out the plugin, it might just be your lifesaver as it now is mine when it comes to reviews. Also, the bonuses are great ebooks with a wealth of information to help you master Instagram. They come with your purchase of the plugin.

      All the best.


  • mzakapon

    Thank you for providing helpful information about WP review Buddy plugin. I have seen many plugin but your plugin is different. However I am little bit confused about the amount of traffic I can get using your tools. Can I expect more organic traffic using this review buddy tools.

    Overall I like the plugin which you explain in this article. Anyway we need to clarify difference between others plugin.

    • Michelle

      Hello there, 

      Glad that you found the article interesting. This plugin is in pre-launch stage – it will be launched on 26 November 2018 at 06:00am EST. It is a stand alone plugin that basically helps you to writ reviews using a prepared template. The bonuses that are offered are ebooks to help you with your traffic knowledge and how to improve that traffic getting to your website.

      I hope I cleared up your ‘clouds’

      All the best.


  • Daniel

    This is great Michelle! I must say that I have never heard about this plugin but I think that it is definitely worth it. Honestly I have a little problem with writing reviews because sometimes it is hard to write about product that I am not. My friend would be happy to see this news, thank you a lot.

    • Michelle

      Hello Daniel, 

      I am glad that you found the article helpful. I am so loving it and you should give it a try once it launches. After all, there is the 30-day money back guarantee that you can take advantage of if  it does not deliver for you. All the best.


  • Patti B

    Hi Michelle,
    Can this plug in be used within wealthy Affliates? I’m scratching my head.
    Awesome article, I understand what a plug in is a lot better now. Before I was going along for the ride and simply following instructions.

    • Michelle

      Hello Patti,
      This plugin is for use on your WP website. Go ahead and make the investment in your online business…and worst case scenario…you have 30-days to try or get a refund. Good luck.

  • Stratos K

    A lot of people are struggling to create a proper looking template for their reviews and especially the new ones that still haven’t settled on a specific look that they are fond of. To be able to have a ready made template is an amazing feature and will definitely save a lot of time and frustration from newcomers. I remember I spent hours upon hours until I created a template that I was fond of and having such a plugin would have saved me a lot of time to spend on creating actual content. Thank you for the valuable info.

    • Michelle

      Hello Stratos K,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, I totally get it. I was one of those people, trying to find that ‘perfect template for doing reviews – and I really was on a mission. This plugin is indeed the ‘bomb’ for me. I LOVE it and it has certainly made my ‘review life’ easier. 

      Give it a try and no worries, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you do, please leave a feedback as well.

      All the best.


  • Samson Oklobia

    Hi Michelle, i never knew there was a way to reduce the hassle of product reviews on word press. This software seems amazing and i will give it a try. Before now, i have found it difficult making reviews after reviews and its just super tiring. I hope to find it as interesting as your review says it is. Thanks

    • Michelle

      Hello Samson, 

      Thanks for visiting. Yes, I am in love with this plugin – it is really cool, and easy to use and makes my ‘review life’ really easier.

      I would suggest that you give it a try, there is a 30-day money back guarantee and the creator has been in the software creation business for a while and he knows his stuff.

      All the best.


  • Sophia

    It took me a moment to actually get what this plug-in was for and how it worked, but as soon I understood that the page I was looking at was an example of what this plug in does, the lightbulb clicked and I got it. As soon as that happened I was like, “Where has this been all my life” – this is soooo useful! I like that it offers a template for making professional reviews on much anything. I have a mommy blog and I review a lot of baby products that would look much better if I used this WP Review Buddy plug in. All of the features look really easy to comprehend as soon as I tinker around with it myself. However I don’t think I would use the countdown option…. hm, just can’t really think of what I would be able to utilize that for at the moment? But what I would like to know is if this makes my articles load slower?

    • Michelle

      Hello Sophia,

      I am glad that you found the article helpful. Your comment made me smile. I am loving it, that’s for sure. The timer is there if you choose to use it, you can adjust the template as it suits your needs, I have. As to the loading of your site, the best thing to do is to contact the support before you purchase to ask if it is front or back-loading plugin and how it will affect your site performance. And last but not least, there is a 30-day money back guarantee so you can buy it and use that option if you need to.

      All the best and please let me know your feedback once you do.


  • Lotta

    Hi Michelle, thanks for your review on this plugin! Sounds interesting and it certainly has great features such as the countdown timer and a very thorough template for review writing. Are you able to switch the order of the sections in the template or do you have to write the review strictly according to the template? Also, what is your opinion, if you routinely write reviews and have quite a good system going on (such as your own template), is it still worth it to purchase the plugin?

    • Michelle

      Hello Lotta,

      Thanks for stopping bye. Yes, the countdown timer part is my fave…always wanted to add that to my reviews but not so HTML code savvy. About ordering the sections…no they come in the template. I have not tried to reorder anything because it works just fine for me. However, you may be able to do that in the WP editor dashboard after it has been published. I have done a few edits there and no problem.

      In my opinion, if you routinely write reviews and have your own template, and it is working for you, then stick to what you know. If you want to test the plugin, there is a 30-day money back guarantee, so go for it!

      All the best.


  • Cathy Cavarzan

    This looks like a must have plug in for anybody in affiliate marketing! I am really impressed that you can also use it for your amazon affiliate links too now that is a big big plus!! Have you had any glitches with this so far? I like the whole look of the template and the ease of it. In your opinion is this better than your standard page builder for reviews like elemenator?

    • Michelle

      Hello Cathy, 

      Yes, I LOVE it. I have been using it a bit now, and I really love the way it works. I do my own tweaks but I give it 4.5/5.0. The only thing I found was that you cannot do ‘edits’ within the temple once you have created the review – you can only do it in your WP editor dashboard, which is not a problem.

      I have used Elementor, the page builder, and not so good at it. I do not know about its review template if there is one, so I am unable to compare and give you an answer on that.

      In any event, try the plugin – there is a 30-day money back guarantee. And if you do, please leave me your feedback.

      All the best.


  • victor lavaza

    Hi Michelle, great review you have here, many thanks. This sounds like a nice one by Mark Slater. I like that the creator is available to assist should a problem arise. This portrays his confidence in the product and I must say it’s comforting.

    I also want to grab your bonuses so yes am in.

    Best regards

    • Michelle

      Hello Victor,

      Glad you found the information useful and valuable to your business. The plugin is great and my bonuses are just icing on the cake…go for it. Worst case scenario, you have 30-days to try out the plugin with a money back guarantee. You can keep my bonuses.

      All the best.


  • Taetske Guillaume

    Good afternoon Michelle,

    I have not had my website for very long yet but every time I am amazed by the different things that are available for us.
    Reading your review on Buddy 2.0 I was thinking that it sounds like a helpful plugin which does a lot for little money.
    Often you find expensive things on the internet which promise the world, turn out to be a scam, or just do not deliver.
    You point out that the software is easy to use, very important for an untechnical person like me.
    Thanks to your article I now feel well informed about this plugin which seems well worth installing.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Michelle

      Hello Taetske,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Yes, there are so many tools and resources that you can use to build your online business and you do have to be discerning. Glad you found this one of value. All the best.


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