Overnight Profit Pump – Real Facts You Can Use!

Creator: Paulo Cifuentes Tapia

Cost: $7

My Rating

What Is The Overnight Profit Pump?

In as simple words as I can say – this is the ‘secret sauce’ that any online marketer needs. It is a rare find when you ‘find’ another online marketer being willing to ‘unload the truth’ about the business…and doing so flawlessly.

Paulo has created a products with ‘no bars held back’. He has simplified the process as much as he can without losing the essence of it all.

Who Is This Product For

Well, this product is for the curious-minded newbie as well as the seasoned-veteran. My ‘take’ on this – you are never too old to learn.It gives a new view on an ‘old subject’…and for all intents and purposes, maybe a more ‘current update’ to what is possible.


What Is The Product

The product is an easy-to-read ebook chock-full of tips and tricks (tried and tested) which more than shed light on a great way to do things online – just like the Pros!

“Never Before Revealed Information About How Top Marketers Create Best Selling Niche Products (and Sales Pages) By Near-BlackHat Methods.” ~ Paulo

The product:

  • 14-page eBook
  • Video comes as an add-on (but in my opinion – a must-have because it is like ‘over-the-shoulder-training’)

What I like About The Product

Easy Language to read – any layman can understand
The price is affordable and the information is ‘priceless’.
Encourages anyone to be confident in what can be achieved – using the information presented.
The Price of a cup of specialty coffee that you can alwasy refer to – $7!

What I Don’t Like About The Product

Nothing – it is a MUST- HAVE investment for yourself and your business. You will use it to test its validity for sure.

Upgrades Available

Done For You Video Training Funnel

Everyone would like to have a mentor, but this might not always be possible – time, place and money. I think this upgrade is one small way to have the best of all worlds. A few reasons to consider:

No technical skills required.
Can be set up in minutes.
All pages and videos done for you.
Provide great value to your subscribers.
Build yourself a huge list.
Create monthly recurring income on autopilot.

This should make your life ‘easier’ to say the least.

I think this is a reasonable price to have your own mentor in your own home, on your own time schedule, and affordable expense.

Secret Income Newsletter

Cost: $1

This newsletter is a great way of staying abreast of online changes and upgraded information. It is $1 for the first 30-days and then $9 each month thereafter. You can test it out and see if there is value in it for you. Less than a cup of regular coffee!

It contains clever & proven strategies and case studies from real people making money from their online businesses. Starting from $0 – $100…simple a great source of inspiration for anyone.

Definitely worth checking out for the price being offered.

Secret Hack

Cost: $97

Of course, there are LOTS of ways of doing things, however, who would turn down the most efficient way of doing something? I know I wouldn’t – especially from someone who has walked the ‘path of success’ many times.
As Paulo says ~
‘This is about applying what you already know about your business BUT in a very different way… a way that can be the difference between your success and failure.’

What will you do? Aim for success? Or settle for failure?

I think this should be highly considered and definitely one way of not ‘wasting’ too much time on your own while you ‘try’ to figure it out.
Paulo says –
‘My brand-new five module course that removes low income, overwhelm, indecision, lack of clarity and ideas…And reveals a secret hack you can use to take your business into ongoing profit!’

Holistic Profit System

Cost: $97

Well, as the name suggests, this upgrade is sure to help you on your way to profitability in a ‘holistic’ way – especially for those of us who ‘suffer from’ inefficient self-confidence when it comes to building and promoting a business online.

Launch a UK website today!

This is Paulo’s ~ ‘My ‘in-the-trenches’ multi-module success training course for taking your business to four or five figures a month …Even if you haven’t started anything yet!’

You have to ‘know’ a thing or two to make statements like these…and Paulo walks the talk when it comes to his business.

Worth considering especially with the 9 additional bonuses he has included…priceless!!

My Super Bonuses To Sweeten The Pot To Your Learning!

Of course, life would not be the same if I did not offer you something as well to help you on your online journey. If you decide to invest in yourself with this product, I will give you these FREE tools as well:

  • Mini Cash Blogging Course
  • Bridging The Gap – an ebook to help you take life to the next level especially when it comes to your mindset
  • Your Headlines Can Cost You Money
  • Facebook Secrets Revealed

Once you have made your purchase, your bonuses will be available immediately on the WarriorPlus access page!

Facebook Secrets Revealed

facebook secrests revealed overnight profit pump review

Value: $47

Facebook is a very popular social media platform that you can use to ‘power’ your business. Here are some valuable tips to help you make your mark.

Mini Cash Blogging Course

Value: $27

FREE easy course to help you get started.

Your Headlines Can Cost You Money

Value: $27

Simple ebook to help you with templates on wiritng content and catchy headlines.

Bridging The Gap

Value: $37

How to make the connection between your inner and external world for success. It is not ONLY about the money.

My Final Thoughts On Overnight Profit Pump Review

Well, all things considered, I think that Paulo has outdone himself on this product. He has condensed his years of experience into one simple yet valuable product that belongs in YOUR hands if you are serious about your success.

GRAB your copy of the Overnight Profit Pump NOW and give your online business a new beginning or a rebirth!

Images courtesy of Pixabay, UnSplash and Pexels.

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