4 day cash explosion

4 Day Cash Explosion

Creator: Paulo Cifuentes

Cost: $5.00

4 day cash explosion

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Product Description

Basically, 4 Day Cash Explosion – this is an easy to read report about how to make money using familiar sources – Facebook. It gives you a system to follow and of course, like any other system, it will only work if you FULLY implement it and be consistent.

Who Is This Product For

This 4-Day Cash Explosion system is for anyone who has an aptitude to learn and the patience enough to follow through. Paulo’s exact words are that you:

  • Don’t Need Experience.
  • Don’t Need Heaps Of Time.  
  • Don’t Need Paid Traffic.
  • Don’t Need a List.
  • Don’t Need To Be Technical.

Of course, in my opinion, you do need some degree of computer savvy and know-how to get the ball rolling. So, yes, a newbie should be able to pull this off, and a veteran might ‘ace’ it in a quicker fashion.

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What Is The Product

So, to reiterate what was stated above, this 4-Day Cash Explosion System is in the PDF format and is organized as a report on:

  • FREE Traffic Method
  • Using Facebook as a source

What I like About The Product

Easy Language
Affordable Price
No Email List Needed

What I Don’t Like About The Product

Information Could Be More Concise
The Suggested Time Might Not Be Enough If You Are A Slow Learner – Computer
No Refunds Or Trial Period
Nothing Is Said About After Purchase Support

Upgrades Available

Your Own Product In 24 Hours

Cost: $17.00

You get the opportunity to create your own product in 24 hours with training.

I think you need to know that there will be adequate support and training in order to get this OTO, especially if you are really not that much of a computer buff.

Secret Income Newsletter

Cost: $9.00

Ability to create/generate a newsletter.

This might be worth it. Information like this is evergreen.

Online Business From Scratch

Cost: $5.00

I am not sure what is intended here. SO, I would try to get some more information from any support contact.

Not enough information.

Done For You Video Training Funnel

Cost: $27

An already created funnel and a video training on how to do it.

This information is definitely evergreen and is valuable to any online marketer.

My Super Bonuses That Will Make The Difference For You!

If you purchase through me today I am offering 3 great bonuses:

Launch a UK website today!
  • Crazy Traffic Explosion
  • Report – Your Headlines Can Cost You Money
  • Case Study On Facebook Secrets Revealed

Your bonuses will be available immediately after you purchase on the WarriorPlus access page.

Your bonuses will be available immediately after you purchase on the WarriorPlus access page and LIMITED TIME after launch date.

Crazy Traffic Explosion — BONUS#1

Value: $37.00

Ebook with lots of valuable and evergreen tips to help you generate the traffic that will make a difference for your online business.

Report – Your Headlines Can Cost You Money —BONUS #2

Value: $37.00

Great report on how you use your headlines can make or break your targeted audience impact.

Case Study On Facebook Secrets Revealed — BONUS#3

facebook secrets revealed

Value: $37.00

Case study in an easy reading format with LOTS of tips to help you engage, and master Facebook.

My Final Thoughts About 4-Day Cash Explosion

Of course, as Paulo explains on his sales page, any time you choose to give to your business will determine its outcome. He also mentions that you might not become rich overnight, but his system  holds the potential to make you some money on the sideline.

If you have the time, the drive, the mindset, and the patience, then go for it.

And remember, I KNOW my SUPER BONUSES will help you a whole lot as you embark on your journey to success.

All the best.

You can put your thoughts on paper but learning how to build your own blog is something different. If you have the right training it is not that difficult.

When you learn how to build your own blog you get to choose the things that you write about. You can also use the blog to make extra income. Here is where I learned how to build my own blog and connect with people who helped me along the way.

Click Here and see what it is all about!

Thanks for taking the time to share my thoughts!

All the best.



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14 thoughts to “4 Day Cash Explosion Review + My Bonuses – Is it Worth It?

  • Leo

    I’m willing to learn how to make some extra money , especially from Facebook. I’m interested in purchasing the product you are recommending, but I just need some more information about it. Have you used it yourself? Is it really possible to achieve good results within 4 days? Do you know other people that are using it with success?

    Thank you in advance for your valuable information

    • Michelle

      Hello Leo,

      Yes, you are not alone when it comes to ‘using a few extra dollars’. LOL. I was granted privy to a review access of the system. It is possible to make some income from it, but like anything else, there is always a financial disclaimer – no two people work the same way and will get the same results. The system will be launched on 27 November 2018. 

      All the best and leave some feedback if you try it out.


  • Kenny Tang

    Thank you for the balanced informative review about this report. It is helpful that you do not need experience or technical prior to joining the service. I am still learning everything there is to know about how to make money using a variety of sources. There is so much to learn. This is something that I will consider as I move forward. 

    • Michelle

      Hello Kenny,

      I am glad that you found some value in the article. Yes, being online, there is so much to learn, and you have to do your due diligence along the way. If you choose to, please leave your feedback and much success.


  • Cathy Cavarzan

    I am curious about this product and am tempted to get it myself however I am curious the free traffic that is mentioned is it from Facebook only? Personally I have not had much luck with just Facebook marketing though I have tried to boost ads in fb etc, I have found it wasteful. Does this give you any other free traffic sources like organic traffic. Your bonuses do make it sound more tempting .

    • Michelle

      Hello Cathy,

      Yes, this online business doesn’t make things easy, does it?! I am sure that you know that there are some people who have system that they have implemented and been a success – as Paulo here is saying. However, it has to be consistent and step-by-step. A lot of times, we try to reinvent the wheel and then wonder why.

      Yes, the bonuses do help to ‘sweeten the deal’ and I KNOW they will be an evergreen asset to any online business owner. All the best.


  • Nate Stone

    Hi Michelle, 

    I must admit this isn’t an online business training program that I’ve heard of before. I can see that there are a number of available bolt on products to purchase. Do you feel that these additional products are required to make a success of the business or are they in your opinion more of a “nice to have”?



    • Michelle

      Hello Nathan,

      The product is being launched on 27 November 2018. The bonuses, in my opinion, are things that WILL increase your chances in your online business as long as you follow through. The ball is in your court and good luck.


  • rick

    Thank s for the post , do you have a favorite blogging system that includes training , I am new online and need some help Thanks

    • Michelle

      Hello Rick,
      One recommendation I have for you is to check out the Wealth Affiliate educational platform – here is link to the review I wrote Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 This is where I got my online training.
      There is a FREE 7-day trial…so worth it. Good luck.

  • Caleb

    Great article, it answered most of my questions, I am curious about a few things though:
    Is this computer software that must be installed on a computer or is it a program that is available online?
    Or is it a series of video tutorials?
    How “beginner friendly” is it exactly?

    • Michelle

      Hello Caleb,
      Glad you found the article interesting. Let me answer your questions. It is a PDF report which is online and you can read it at your leisure or print ti as well. The video is when you upgrade. And as to being beginner friendly – it is – the only disclaimer here is that you need to invest enough time and effort in it to see results – totally dependent on you. All the best.

  • Orion Cohen

    Hi Michelle,
    Great review, this product sounds really interesting and just right for newbies…I think I will check it out, especially with the price being such a “bargain” – is it really only $5?
    Sounds almost too good to be true.
    Great video too by the way.
    Cheers – Orion

    • Michelle

      Hello Orion,
      Thanks for visiting. Yes, a small price to pay especially if you also consider the bonuses which will ALWAYS come in handy for your online business. Glad you enjoyed it.


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