evergreen traffic academy

Evergreen Traffic Academy

Creator: Stefan Ciancio & Greg Kononenko

Cost: $12.95 – Price increases on a dime sale to $17

evergreen traffic academy

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Let’ Talk About Evergreen Traffic Academy!

What is Evergreen Traffic Academy?

This is the most extensive traffic course EVER released…some calling it “traffic & passive income course of the year” and it provides you with free tools to rinse & repeat the process!

What It Includes:

A very CONCISE course to help you get started online and on your way to internet success as long as you apply what is taught.

There are over 61 videos and more than enough case studies all organized into 7 modules to make it easier to follow – step-by-step instructions so you won’t get lost. And if you do, there is support available.

The Modules:

  • Overview and case studies
  • Niche research
  • Basic website creation
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • SEO traffic
  • Monetization

They teach about 3 traffic methods:

  • SEO
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

What You Will Learn:

Here is what the Evergreen Traffic Academy will help you to do:

  • Use #FREEtraffic sources to make some extra money
  • Use #Pinterest as a source of income
  • Make money online doing what you really like

Who Is This Product For

It is for ANYONE with a yen to make some money as well as anyone who is willing to put the work in to get results. Here are a few unique selling points with this teaching:

  • Traffic methods are changing, and your customers need to know what’s working NOW
  • Affiliate marketing methods are changing, and your customers need to know what’s working NOW
  • The Course make a job replacing income WITHOUT the need for paid traffic
  • The system works WITHOUT needing to launch products
  • Based on a real, fresh new case study
  • The traffic methods consist of combining 3 free traffic sources for over 1,000 visitors per day
  • Traffic method is truly passive, free and works in any niche
  • Real case study results
  • Something every marketer should know how to do
  • Helps keep people from falling behind

What more could you truly ask for?

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What I like About The Product

Easy Language – any layman can understand
It Has MORE Information Than You Will EVER Need To Get You Started Online
THE PRICE ===>12.95<===a small investment in yourself, forfeit a cup of specialty coffee
Evergreen Information – Up-to-date And Accurate Based On The Creators Case Studies
The Bonuses – Can’t Be Beat!
The Packaging – Videos & PDFs

What I Don’t Like About The Product

The Money Back Return Policy – 14-days vs 30- days. But This Is Certainly NOT A Deal-breaker!

Upgrades Available

Case Studies

Cost: $27

A case studies bundle showing your customers over-the-shoulder some of our best sites and traffic results following the Evergreen Traffic Academy method as well as some other hidden methods we use. Customers can copy and paste these ideas to get results FASTER!

This is for informational purposes and also learning, a good thing to have. It will show you the proof your subconscious and conscious needs.

Done For You (DFY)

Cost: $27

10 Done-For-You Campaigns
DFY Niche research for 10 niches
DFY Ad copy for 10 niches
DFY Ad targeting for 10 niches
Recommended affiliate products for 10 niches
Massive Niche List
List of copyright-free images (access to 500,000+ images)

I think this is an awesome bundle…especially the copyright-free images…I don’t think you will use them all, but it sure is good to have them at your finger tips!

100% Funnels

Cost: $97=>$147=>$197===3 Tiers

Allows your customers to become affiliates at 100% commissions on 2 of our high converting funnels ($97), 5 of our high converting funnels ($147) or 10 of our high converting funnels ($197)

Launch a UK website today!

This is an awesome offer. You should consider it based on your marketing plan and if you are able to make back the investment that you would outlay.

Done For You Blog

Cost: $1497

Your customers will get a fully set up blog which is optimized for traffic, sales and profits
This will include key components to their success
Done for you branding and logo in their niche of choice (we work with them personally to decide this)
Done for you WordPress setup with premium theme, premium plugins, compliance pages, layout setup and optimization
10 SEO researched and optimized articles for long term traffic
10 blog graphics and 10 Pinterest graphics for each article
Pinterest profile set up with DFY outreach and first 50-100 followers
Access to our Board Traffic Academy course
Access to our Board Traffic Suite software
1 year of coaching from us
Case studies
Much more

Of course, this is exceptional – talk about ‘what more can you ask for?’ You decide. You try it out on your own or you just let a professional do it and then you maintain it. And naturally, it depends on your budget when it comes to all these one-time-offers (OTOs).

My Super Bonuses

Of course, Stefan and Greg have some FANTASTIC BONUSES that come along with the course purchase…let me help to sweeten the deal…though I think that buying this course is and should be a NO-BRAINER decision!

Anyway, see the bonuses below that you will get for a limited time, if you purchase the course using my link.

Instant Bonus Delivery: Your Bonuses Will Be Delivered Automatically, You’ll Find Them Next To Your Purchased Files In JVZoo . Just Click The Button Above To Get Started

Bonus #1 – Your Headlines Can Cost You Money!

Being online, you need to be aware of your copy-writing technique, so this report should help you to captivate the audience you seek.

Bonus #2 – Facebook Secrets Revealed

facebook secrets revealed

Let this case study help you to master Facebook posting, engaging your audience, and attracting your audience.

Bonus #3 – Free Frenzy Traffic

free frenzy traffic bonus3

Another great eBook on more traffic help.

My Final Thoughts On Evergreen Traffic Academy

Well, what can I say…I am OVER the moon where this course is concerned – it is the **MOTHER**of all courses that I have seen so far…and I have seen a few and they pale in comparison to this one, Evergreen Traffic Academy.

Of course, don’t kid yourself, it makes no sense if you buy the course:

  • don’t use it, then say it did not work
  • don’t follow the course material step-by-step, then wonder why the dots are not connected
  • and then don’t CONSISTENTLY do what is being instructed and wonder why you haven’t made your ‘first dollar’.

I think you should hit that buy button with the confidence and the desire to make a change in your circumstances along with the commitment to achieve success on your terms!

All the best.

female-working-from-home-on-her-laptop-sitting-in-sofaYou can put your thoughts on paper but learning how to build your own blog is something different. If you have the right training it is not that difficult.

When you learn how to build your own blog you get to choose the things that you write about. You can also use the blog to make extra income. Here is where I learned how to build my own blog and connect with people who helped me along the way.

Click Here and see what it is all about!

Thanks for taking the time to share my thoughts!

All the best.



18 thoughts to “Evergreen Traffic Academy Review – Worth Your Time & Money Investment!

  • Victor

    Thank you for such a great article about evergreen traffic academy. I have been trying to learn how to blog the proper way to create valuable content that can attract visitors and create traffic that will eventually turn into cash. With the program that you describe, and with the price that you mentioned, I think that I can give it a try and see if it can add knowledge to my new chapter in life. Like you said, blogging is not that difficult, and with this guide, I think I can do a better job.

    I appreciate the info!

    • Michelle

      Hello Victor,

      I am glad that you found the article useful. Yes, I do believe that this course has a lot of value for the beginner as well as the seasoned veteran. If you decide to give it a shot, I would love your feedback. Much success.


  • pmbaluka2016

    Hi Michelle, 

    I’m so glad to read this review by you. I’m also excited to hear that Evergreen Traffic Academy is a nice product to grab and from your review it seems like a real boost in terms of traffic. 

    I’ve purchased other products before by JVzoo and they’re all cool. Evergreen Academy seems to be yet another deal packed with so many goodies and especially those bonuses.

    Hoping that you have personally used this product, my only concern is does this product really work by itself or once I purchase it I will be introduced to other products which I’m not told about right from the beginning?

    Good luck!


    • Michelle

      Hello Paul,

      Thanks for stopping by. I am glad that you found the information useful. I was granted a review access of the course and it ‘blew my socks off’. Yes, in my humble opinion, it is worth its weight in gold. All the up-sells or one-time-offers are outlined in the review and there are no surprises.

      Check out the sales page and take a closer look.

      And remember, there is a 14-day refund policy, this is an option you may want to use if you decide to check it out. All the best.


  • Orion Cohen

    Great review Michelle, it looks like this program is one heck of a program to use!
    Is it by any chance any similar to the EzTraffic Blueprint training program?
    Like the way you write BTW.

    • Michelle

      Hello Orion,
      Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I think this one will be another winner for the creators. And yes, it is somewhat like that course. I bought it and I loved it too. It is all about following what is taught and you will see a difference. All the best.

  • Sue

    Great article and video review, Michelle! This course is sure to be a huge hit. You really can’t go wrong with products from JV Zoo and more specifically these two creators, especially Greg Kononenko. I will look into this more closely.

    • Michelle

      Awesome, Sue. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, the creators have indeed built up a great reputation for themselves. If you choose to check out the course, please come back and give your feedback. All the best.

  • Craig Ostrander

    Very nice review of what appears to be a very nice product. Going to check this out for sure.

    • Michelle

      Hello Craig,
      Thank you and yes, I don’t go crazy over new courses, but this one has earned its name when it comes to value and price. If you do, please leave some feedback too. Thnx.

  • Garen

    Thanks for writing this honest review.  I know a lot of reviews online on internet marketing are very biased.  But, Evergreen Traffic Academy does look like a legitimate option.  

    Now, the “Done For You Blog” that cost $1497.  You say it comes with a premium theme and plugins.  Do you happen to know which premium theme and plugins it will come with?  I’m guessing it comes with automatic updates to the themes and plugins, too right?

    • Michelle

      Hello Garen,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Glad to hear that I provided useful information that you can use. Yes, the DFY Blog comes with all the bells and whistles needed to get you started and running. I do not know which theme is being used with the blog creation, maybe you could contact support and they would be more than happy to provide you with the information.

      All the best.


  • Sujandar Mahesan

    The Evergreen Traffic Academy sounds like an awesome tool. After reading through the whole article I figured that the Evergreen Traffic Academy is a really useful tool for anyone who is getting started with their online business.

    Thank you for writing this article and sharing it with us. The price seems really reasonable for me. 

    • Michelle

      Hello Sujandar, 

      Glad to know that you found the article useful. I think it is indeed value for money and definitely a product for anyone wanting to get started online. All the best.


  • Cory Haasnoot

    Looks like an easy to use system with a lot of very nice bonus. I’m an affiliate marketer and I might just try this evergreen traffic academy. If it brings the traffic like it says it does and you can make $300 a day with that would be awesome. I’m just wondering how long these guys have been in business for. I would like to hear comments on others who have tried this course before I make a decision.

    • Michelle

      Hello Cory,

      Thanks for stopping by. Glad you found some value in the article. These guys have been around for more than 10yrs and probably more both combined…lol. THe product has just launched in a few days and given time, you will be able to read other testimonials as well once people start leaving their feedback, I am sure. Greg is the author/owner of The Caffeinated Blogger and he writes some great articles. You may want to check out his site as well.

      All the best.


  • Igor

    Hi Michelle!

    To make money online you need traffic. We all now that!

    Basically there are only two ways how to do it: free way and paid way. Both ways are used for many years already. The most important thing about it is to know how to do it and the next one is your available time for taking action. It means for massive promotional activities…on a daily basis!

    Building up a substantial amount of traffic takes time.

    Without having around 10,000 visitors daily on your website, the profit margin will stay low. It is because the conversion rate is somewhere from 1,0% to 10-12% mostly. It also depends on the quality of your product and kind of visitors coming to your offer.

    There are many online academies teaching how to get traffic and make money online. I have already mentioned in another comments. 

    In my opinion there are 4 main pillars of online marketing: SEO marketing (organic traffic), social media marketing email-marketing and PPC!

    If you succeed in those, you made it. Thus, having needed knowledge is a must. Thanks for your post!

    Best regards!

    • Michelle

      Hello Igor, 

      Thanks for taking the time to share your voice. Yes, there are free and paid ways to get traffic to your online business. This program helps you to do that and also helps the newbie who is on a budget too.

      You are right too when you talk about ‘daily action’. This is on the money – no pun intended. You have to be consistent in order to see results that will make you smile.

      All the best.



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