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Of course, everyone is familiar with the search engine called GOOGLE. There are other search engines out there in cyberspace but the one where everyone or at least most of us visit is GOOGLE. You can read more about search engines in an article I wrote over at Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

Let’s talk more about the Google AMP project.

What does the AMP mean? It means Accelerated Mobile Pages.

As the definition suggests: this is a way to access websites or web pages on a mobile device such as the iPhone, Tablet, iWatch, or any of the numerous options available to us in our world today.


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There are three parts to AMP:

  2. AMP JS

AMP HTML refers to HTML codes with some restrictions for reliable performance along with extra extensions to help build content beyond the basic HTML. In as simple an explanation that I can give without entering the world of HTML codes, the new AMP feature will be more tag-specific for AMP usage [1].

AMP JS library allows for the quick rendering of AMP HTML pages. This will allow for better managing of resource loading which will result in a faster rendering of any AMP page. The most obvious advantage is that it optimizes anything loaded from external resources asynchronous so that nothing in the page can block anything from its rendering. Other performance techniques include the sandboxing of all iframes, the pre-calculation of the layout of every element on page before resources are loaded and the disabling of slow CSS selectors [1].

GOOGLE AMP CACHE can be used to serve cached AMP HTML pages. It is a proxy-based content delivery network which is used to deliver valid AMP documents. It fetches AMP HTML pages, caches them, and improves page performance automatically [1]. It also has a built-in validation system which ensures that the page is guaranteed to work and needs no dependence on external resources.

You might ask, what is the big deal? We have always been able to access websites on mobile devices, so what’s new?

Well, here’s what’s new: it is the speed at which the access is made to the websites. With the onset of so many websites and so much content to read, the efficiency of the download process is very important to people on the go! Or even to people who just want to read while they have a free moment in transit.

The importance of the Google AMP Project

As everyone knows, each website is ranked in the Google system. And EVERY website yearns to be NUMBER ONE on any Google search engine results page or SERP for short. You can also take a look at another article I wrote about SERP by clicking here.

Launch a UK website today!

What Google has done is to separate the way it chooses to look at rankings for websites. It now has a separate ranking for mobile devices displays and one for laptops or desktop computer displays. Amazingly enough, the primary ranking is now placed on the mobile access displays. I guess this emphasizes the direction in which our world is going – instant access and NOW…or maybe, yesterday?

Here are a few advantages of being AMP qualified on your website:

  • a more user-friendly experience – giving website owners a better chance to optimize their site especially for people on the go
  • the obvious speed factor in downloading apps
  • maximum reach to users and getting content no matter which app is being used
  • minimize as well as optimize the advertisements on mobile devices

We are entering a new era of technology which is UPDATED on a regular basis, sometimes it even seems like a daily basis – you can’t update your systems, tools, and resources often enough. Be sure to keep in the know.

How to get your website AMPed.

If you are using a WordPress platform, this is easy to do. Simply go the plugins section and add new; then use the search box to find the AMP plugin, install and activate – you should be good to go after initializing the settings.

If using any other platform, you can get more information by clicking here[1]. 


1.Learn about AMP

2.Getting Started




  • Lauren Kinghorn

    Hi Michelle, thanks for this info! How exciting, I’m going to pop over to wordpress right now and get my websites AMPED! If it’s complicated to initialize the settings, can I get back to you? I’m not very technically minded and sometimes I get completely lost when I try set up plug-ins. Took me hours, err days, to work out how make my one site responsive, using exactly the same theme as the other site.

    • Michelle

      Hello Lauren, Thnx for stopping by my cyber place:)

      Yes, getting AMPed is great, it certainly helps your readers to access your site on whatever mobile device they may have in hand. Go ahead and set things up and by all means, check in with me if you need more information. Good luck.


  • Lyle

    Even though AMPed is a relatively new feature I think it really could play a big part in search results not only in googles mobile ranking but also their desktop rankings, as this probably tells them wether or not you’re keeping up with the newest technology. It has a few kinks here and there but it’s totally worth it, I have it on my site and going through is so much easier than before, even though my site was mobile optimised.

    It’s a great tool and I encourage evryone to make use of it!

    • Michelle

      Hello Lyle,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to voice your thoughts. Yes, it is relatively new, but it sure makes mobile look good!

      Much success on your site and spread the word on AMP:)


  • Eric

    Hi Michelle, nice article explaining Google AMP! I feel that it is very useful to have it on our sites, first off all, if we don’t, we will be left behind in all this cyber stuff. If we don’t have it, it is to our great disadvantage. It helps with site speed, cleans up the look of our sites, and is essential to move ahead in the ever changing online world. A lot of us at WA just install it because we know it’s useful and important, but don’t really understand the process behind it, and how it works, and your post is helpful with explaining that. Great post!

    • Michelle

      Hello Eric,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Yes, one has to keep up with technology indeed! Considering most of our world have a cell phone – from children to grown-ups – it makes a lot of sense to be AMPed.

      I am glad that the article was able to deliver information for you. Much success on your journey.


  • Cathy

    Hi there Michelle. Thanks for sharing the importance of AMP project. For a short period of time, I have an AMP plugin connected to my site, but in order to make it work, I need to install a complimentary plugin.

    After a couple of weeks, I was getting a lot of AMP errors on Google Search Console. I didn’t know how to fix it so I took away both plugins. When I was on AMP, my traffic did soar a bit and I am hoping to give another try this time.

    1/ Which AMP plugin do you recommend specifically?
    2/ Do you have to install two plugins to make your AMP work?
    3/ Did you see a significant boost of traffic after installing AMP on your site?

    Maybe I could learn something from you. Thanks.

    • Michelle

      Hello there, Cathy.

      Please excuse my tardy reply, life sometimes happens.

      Thanks for taking the time to visit. Yes, AMP is the way to go these days because the world and his wife  are on a mobile device! LOL.

      In answer to your questions: I use the AMP plugin called – AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress. And yes, it needs another plug in to get it activated. It says everything in the settings. Yes, I did notice a change in my traffic.

      Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.



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