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What are keywords? I am sure you have often heard this ‘word’ thrown around in website creation. It is a ‘must-have’ in order to optimize the ‘activity’ on your site – is what most people will lead you to believe. They are considered as SEO tools. Let’s see what the ‘buzz’ is all about!

A keyword is simply a word that is generally used throughout your site content in the hope that it is researched frequently by the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Firefox, Safari, to name a few. It is what people type in those search engines to find the information they seek.

It can also be considered an SEO tool – a Search Engine Optimization – tool. It definitely helps people find the content that you have spent time to research, compile and present on your website. They can be considered as ‘target words’.


A keyword can be a single word as well as a group of words – specifically known as ‘long tail keywords’. These word groups or phrases tend to be very specific to whatever it is that you are promoting. For example, whenever someone does research using a specific criteria/phrase, their goal is to find exactly what it is that they need – no ‘ands, ifs or buts’!

keyword description

How to use and optimize keywords

There are various types of keywords – lifestyle, brands, and product keywords, to name a few. See the chart example below.

keyword example

It is important that you use the keyword that will help your content ‘stand out’ above the rest. And certainly, be careful not to ‘overuse’ it throughout your content. You need to optimize the usage not overwhelm or kill it. Most certainly, it might be detrimental to your site ranking.

Let us give an example. There is a mother looking for a stroller for her new twins. She would type in her search engine either a single keyword – stroller – and allow it to ‘make suggestions’ for her OR she could use a long tail keyword like – twin girls baby stroller – and then only those suggestions will pop up according to her description.

Now, if you were writing a product review on a twin stroller for girls, then your content might be up there on the first page of her search, assuming that your keywords in the content could be ‘twin stroller’ that you used sparingly throughout the review.

Tools to find keywords

There are several keywords finder software programs. Continue below –

There is Jaaxy. 

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You can also read my JAAXY Review as well as take advantage of the FREE Jaaxy keyword tool below –

There is  Keyword Researcher created by CleverGizmos.


As a tool, it will help you –

  • Import CSV files from the Google Keyword Planner
  • Separate the good keywords from the bad keywords
  • Assign your keywords to article groups
  • Create SEO-Optimized web content
  • Export your content directly to WordPress

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There is Long Tail Pro – which now has a $1 trial for 10 days. Yet another useful tool to help in keyword creation :


  • Find easy keywords using our unique KC feature
  • Use rank value to discover keyword profitability
  • Scope out the competition with detailed metrics
  • Filter, sort and export results as needed
  • In depth domain and page level metrics

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I hope you found this article helpful. Be sure to give me your feedback in the comment box below. Thanks for stopping by.



4 thoughts to “Keywords – do you have the Winner?

  • Sunny

    I love Jaaxy. It’s awesome, especially when I use it for my site’s ranking 🙂
    However, the Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool is great too.
    Lately, I love using the long tail keywords, I found them very good in ranking.


    • Michelle

      Hello there, Sunny. Thank you for stopping by. Yes, keywords are the key to your business – don’t mind the pun! 🙂 In the long run, all that matters is that you succeed in building an audience and giving them what they seek!
      Much success to you, Sunny

  • Sondra

    Hi Michelle,

    I spend a lot of time researching key words. The chart you provided is very helpful. I’ve used a lot of lifestyle key words. After looking at the chart, I wonder if I should incorporate more product key words since the people are closer to buying.

    Thanks for sharing this information!

    • Michelle

      Hello Sondra,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Yes, keywords help your Google ranking and if you own a website, this is where the customer is king…you have to use keywords to help promote your site. I am glad that you found some useful information in the article.
      Good luck on your journey.


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