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As I continue to provide information on how one can use the internet to help in creating possibilities of change, I would like to feature yet another member of Wealthy Affiliate who has made his mark on this world.

I would like to introduce another Wealthy Affiliate member, Brok

My name is Brok, and I’m a “work at home” “make money online” niche blogger. I started looking for ways to make money online in 2011 and made a few bucks with extra income sites. Along the way, I ran into a few MLM and other complete scams. I ended up running an eBay store that went pretty well, but I was looking for a passive way to make money.

I ended up stumbling across the idea of blogging and building websites in 2013. Since then, I’ve started a few websites, but my main blog is where I help people avoid scams and find legitimate ways to work at home.

2/How did you get involved with WA and how long have you been with WA?

I joined Wealthy Affiliate at the end of 2013, so I’ve almost been a Wealthy Affiliate member for three years now.

3/How long before you felt comfortable enough to call your efforts a success i.e. how is your website doing now, your business idea, how long did it take regarding months?

This is the question everyone wants to know the answer to. In my case, it took me about a month to see traffic and make money.

By the end of the 1st year, I was making around $1,000 each month. That’s when I considered it a success. Unfortunately, I didn’t find much time to work on my site, and I stayed at that income for almost another year.

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Regarding my business now, the last two months (August & September 2016) I’ve made over $4,000 each month. You can see all of my income reports here

My goal by the end of 2016 is $5,000, and hopefully, it continues to increase each month after.

4/What would you consider the best ‘selling point’ for WA – community, classroom courses, hosting, website services on a whole, support, software designs, pricing-value for money?

As a complete beginner, the biggest value is the training, community, and just having everything you need conveniently in one place. Now WA has free hosting, and you can even buy domain names from them. This just makes it easier than ever to start a website all in one place.

5/Do you think that anyone can do what you have done using the WA platform and would you recommend it?

Of course! On my website, I have Wealthy Affiliate as my #1 recommendation for building websites and blogging. It’s the best training and support you will find.

I get asked about “who” can be successful blogging a lot and my answer is always the same. Anyone can make money blogging. All you need to do is learn how (wealthy affiliate) and put in the time and hard work to apply what you learn. It’s not easy, but if you have the desire to build an online income you’ll make it happen!

A sincere thank you to Brok for sharing his story at Wealthy Affiliate. It surely was my reason to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I hope you have found some resourceful information here and the desire to take action for creating your dreams.

Please let me know your feedback in the comments section. I look forward to hearing from you

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