Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day # 94
dalai lama

Daily Quote # 94 ‘We begin from the recognition that all beings cherish happiness and do not want suffering. It then becomes both morally wrong and pragmatically unwise to pursue only one’s own happiness oblivious to the feelings and aspirations of all others who surround us as members of the same human family. The wiser […]

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Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day # 78

Daily Quote # 78 ‘Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.’ -Albert Einstein The importance of truth and trust can never be over-stated. It is when someone makes it their duty to be truthful that you can completely trust their response under any circumstance. Tried and tested. […]

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Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day # 71
owl flowers

Daily Quote # 71 ‘Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy.’ ― Warren W. Wiersbe These words are so deep, once you take the time to reflect on their meaning. If you love someone, you will be gentle in conveying the truth; if you don’t then the harshness of that same […]

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Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day #39

Daily Quote #39 “It is always the best policy to tell the truth, unless of course you are an exceptionally good liar.” – Jerome K. Jerome NOW, in my little world, no matter what, I always tell the truth. The reason is a simple one – I have no time to remember the lie! I […]

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