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My Oberlo Review

On the internet, we are constantly exposed to new words, experiences, software, people, you name it – we can find it online! Today, let’s take a look at Oberlo – Yes, what is Oberlo?

Oberlo Review

Name: Oberlo
Website: oberlo.com
Price: FREE starter account USD$0.00/mo(for life), Basic USD$29.90/mo and Professional USD$79.90/mo
Owners: unknown
Overall Rank: 5 stars


Oberlo is a part of the eCommerce world at your fingertips. It enables people with usually online businesses to manage their drop shipping stores. Using this software program, businesses are able to provide great service to their potential clients. Direct shipping, order management, and useful automation of services which eventually will lead to a host of advantages for your business. Oberlo is commonly used alongside Shopify, another eCommerce software company.

Here are a few features to consider which certainly make Oberlo stand out above the rest. You can:

  •  import products directly from AliExpress to your online store
  • fulfil orders automatically and directly to your clients
  •  always have inventory and price auto-updates
  • customize your products – edit titles, descriptions, images as you choose
  •  automate your pricing – make your own price rules (retail and wholesale)
  •  track your shipment using integrated order tracking
  •  have multiple user accounts – especially when you have associates working along you in your business
  • track your sales via a convenient sales and costs dashboard
  • filter your products using ePacket – especially when it pertains to delivery times
  • create product wishlists thereby allowing direct product import from the manufacturer
  • connect existing products already on sale on your store from the manufacturer
  • change product suppliers – compare and switch between suppliers

See below for some of the advantages as well as the disadvantage.

The Good:

  1. The ease of adding and shipping products – which means direct shipping to clients.
  2. Time savings – due to automation of your product and order management, this gives you better time management to further grow your business.
  3. Increased earnings  – due to automation, you get more time to focus on generating more sales for your business.

The Bad:

  1. The Oberlo app has been reported to take an 8% commission off your sales.


Who is Oberlo for?

Oberlo is for any online business owner who is just starting out or who is reasonably established. It is one way to make your online business more efficient as it grows.


Tools & Training

what is oberlo


Launch a UK website today!

Not only is Oberlo a great source of eCommerce to help you get started with your online business, but it also provides a source for information to help you find your way. You have access to its Blog, Resources, and Reviews to further help you in your decision-making as well.


The site offers support in the form of a contact form, community forum, as well as a search bar to help you find answers.


what is oberlo

Unlike some eCommerce products, Oberlo does not break the bank – you can find a budget that you will be able to work with. There is the beginner level/Starter where the cost is  USD$0.00 – FREE and this comes with a lifetime membership.

Of course, you can step it up a notch, when you are more confident with your online business plans and upgrade to the Basic plan which costs USD$29.90 per month.

Then there is the Professional plan which costs USD$79.90 per month. This comes with a few more bells and whistles. See the table below:

what is oberlo pricing


My Final Opinion of Oberlo

As an extension to an eCommerce platform, Oberlo stands on its own in providing the needs for any online business – just starting or firmly established. Its drop-shipping services definitely make life easier on all accounts.

Oberlo at a Glance…

Name: Oberlo

Website: oberlo.com
Owners: unknown
Price: Starter USD$0.00, Basic USD$29.90, & Professional USD$79.90
Overall Scam Rank: 5 stars


What Is Oberlo?
  • Easy to use
  • Time saver
  • Compatibility


As an extension to an eCommerce platform, Oberlo stands on its own in providing the needs for any online business – just starting or firmly established. Its drop-shipping services definitely make life easier on all accounts.

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