Are There Benefits Working Remotely – A Win-Win Situation!

Have you ever wondered about the benefits working remotely? Well, in this contributed article, you will find a few more popular reasons why this is easily a win-win situation when you think about it.

You don’t need us to tell you that remote work is big news. Every employer and their mother knows THAT by now.

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Around 43% of workers are now able to work remotely at least some of the time. In the case of the humble startup, many employers are even taking a chance of going remote from the start. And, we’re going to look at the benefits of doing just that.

It may seem strange to hire someone you’ve only met through your computer, but this is a fantastic way to do business. Besides, you can arrange interviews in person if you’re worried about not knowing who you’re working with. Surely, they are benefits working remotely.

Either way, there are some undeniable benefits of working this way. So much so that you would be a fool not to consider at least going down this route when you start hiring. To prove to you why remote workers are often the best option, we’re going to look at their three best features.

They Pay Their Own Bills

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Remote workers do, of course, pay their own bills. But, you knew that already, didn’t you? This is the reason employers are shouting from the rooftops about remote work. With remote workers paying for electricity and supplies, your profits can rest easy.

Even better, your employees also save money on things like commutes and lunches. That’s what we call a decent situation all around. When you consider the bills, rent, and equipment you’d need to pay for in a typical work situation, that’s a no-brainer.

They Take Care Of Their Own Health And Safety

This point is less known, but it’s well worth noting. Health and safety are two words any new employer dreads to hear. This stuff is a headache, and you only have to head to sites like hugheylawfirm.com to learn more about how much trouble getting this wrong could land you in.

We’re talking lawsuits, and even getting shut down. Which is why it’s so fantastic that remote workers take care of health and safety. Obviously, you still need to take heed of things like mental health problems, or the need for time off.

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In general, though, you won’t need to worry. Your team will each have their own home offices, and they’ll be responsible for making them safe. Talk about taking a weight off your shoulders!

They Get More Done

As can be seen from sites like https://tech.co, studies suggest that remote workers also get a load more done. It may seem unlikely, but the chance to work from home sees productivity skyrocketing no end. This happens for various reasons.

For one, working from home allows your team members to work at the times when it’s easiest for them to find motivation. Remote work also sees people working in offices they’ve tailored to their personal working tastes. On top of which, this way of working sees people taking less sick days on average.

If that’s not proof that a virtual team is better, we don’t know what is. Yes indeed, there are benefits working remotely, if you look close enough. All the best.

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2 thoughts to “Are There Benefits Working Remotely – A Win-Win Situation!

  • GiuliaB

    I work part time for my employer, and part time from home on my online business. Unfortunately when working for my employer, in my role as customer advisor I am not allowed to work remotely from home – even if p, I have to say, with nowadays internet based technology, it would be very much possible for me to do mundane job from home (!!). But I can absolutely vouch for all that you say, Michelle, for those days when I work from home on my own business. Yes, I have to pay for my own bills, such as electricity and heating etc. But it’s also undeniable that I am more productive, as work with no distractions, work at the best times of the day for me (sometimes really early morning, sometimes in the middle of the night), and work with the environment I have designed for myself and which is most conducive for my productivity.
    I can assure those who are still not convinced, that working remotely is definitely a win-win for all!

    • Michelle

      Hello Giulia,
      Thanks for stopping by and voicing your thoughts. I agree with you 100% – nothing can replace the benefits of working at home at any time you choose – O-dark-hundred (while the world sleeps) or 9-5 when they are awake. It is great not having to worry about an office wardrobe or getting into a car, bus, train, or whatever it takes to go the traditional office space. It does take some planning to get to that point, but it is achievable. Much success to you.


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