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Improving any business’s environmental impact is taking the headlines by storm these days! Businesses are under increasing pressure to minimize the impact they have on the environment.

As consumers switch to more eco-friendly firms and governments threaten companies with fines and sanctions, there are plenty of financial reasons to improve your organization’s environmental impact.

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Fortunately, improving your company’s environmental impact needn’t come at a cost. To find out how your business can be more environmentally friendly, without reducing productivity or profits, take a look at these top tips…

1. Recycle More

A companywide recycling policy can make a tremendous difference to your firm’s carbon footprint. Ensuring staff have access to recycling bins, as well as regular trash bins, is one of the easiest ways to encourage higher rates of recycling.

However, there are other strategies you can try too. Partnering with other organizations so that unused electrical items can be repaired and reused is just one way of minimizing your environmental impact. With innovative solutions, your firm can build its community profile while reducing its carbon footprint.

2. Work From Home

If your staff currently work on-site, explore the possibility of flexible working arrangements. When staff are able to work from home, it means they don’t have to commute. As most people drive to work or use public transport, this is a major factor in pollution.

If you can introduce work from home policies, you will significantly reduce your company’s environmental footprint immediately.

New technology makes working from home a viable option for most businesses. With secure cloud solutions from firms like The Syscomm Group, you can access the tools you need to facilitate remote working.

Furthermore, employees who benefit from more flexible working arrangements often have better rates of productivity and are highly motivated, so you can see gains for business too.

3. Check Your Suppliers

Your company’s environmental policy should be well-known. As well as publicizing your commitment to the environment in house, make sure your customers, partners, suppliers and target market are aware of it too.

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Talk to your current suppliers and ask to learn more about their own environmental impact and what steps they are taking to minimize their carbon footprint. By choosing to work with environmentally conscious suppliers, you can ensure your own firm isn’t inadvertently increasing emissions and pollution.

You may also want to consider switching to alternative suppliers and practicing near sourcing. This involves using suppliers who are situated close to your own organization.

By relying on a local network of providers, you can avoid unnecessary transport and the subsequent pollution it causes. Furthermore, you will be having a positive impact on your local business community.

4. Implementing Green Policies

Some business owners are reluctant to switch to greener solutions because they assume it will be costly or cause disruption to their company. In fact, modifying your company’s carbon footprint could be easier than you think.

Another green policy worth implementing in any industrial process involves putting Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) in place. CEMS helps to provide continuous and accurate measurements of the gaseous emissions or particulate matter from stacks.

With this, your business can measure carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other emissions to provide the information needed to control combustion. Therefore, you can implement this helpful policy if you haven’t already.

In most cases, relatively small changes can have a major impact on your firm’s environmental impact. As a result, you can become a more environmentally friendly business while maintaining your market share and profit margins.

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