Daily Quote # 61


‘Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.’
― Oscar Wilde

This quote puts a smile on my face EVERY time I read it! It is really funny! But, all laughter aside – how true are those words for you?

I know we all have idols, role models, mentors and such the like. However, I think that sometimes, we are tempted, even just a tiny bit to overcompensate for who we want to become and not bask in the beauty of who we are.

Don’t get me wrong, now. I admire all the mentors and the role models that have paved the way before us, but I still think that we should use what we learn from them sparingly and not mask our true selves.

After all, we ALL get ONE life to live, unless you a cat who can read this quote!

That’s me, being my humorous self!

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4 thoughts to “Daily Inspirational Quotes – Day # 61

  • Tessa

    Oscar Wilde not only does the talk (here), he certainly did the walk too. He was quite the individual – as opposed to the hurds of 13-in-a-dozen people trying to fit in.

    • Michelle

      Hello there, Tessa,
      Thanks for stopping by. So glad that you liked the quote. Yes and yes, Oscar was one inspiration human being. Namaste

  • Sunny

    I love Oscar Wilde and this quote is such a great reminder. It’s not only about having idols but sometimes I catch myself waiting to become my other self to become happy! No no and no! Being happy now, brings me the better ”future” right? 🙂
    Love your posts! And your sense of humor 🙂


    • Michelle

      Thanks for stopping by, Sunny. And more importantly, for your feedback. Yes indeed!We need to focus on being happy now!


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