the power of your life

the power of your life


Having a moment of reflection, especially at the beginning of each New Year, always makes you wonder about the power of your life. You find yourself asking many questions about many things – sometimes the answer is within you even though you may not want to accept it as your truth.  I find this contributed article thought-provoking as it makes me stop for a while and do my own reflection on who is the boss of my life!


Become The Boss Of Your Life


Do you ever feel like you don’t have any real control over your own life? Like you want to take back the reins, but you just don’t know how? You’ve come to the right place. Becoming the boss of your own life is by no means easy, and it may take some changing of deep-rooted beliefs that you’ve had for your entire life. However, it’ll be more than worth it when you have more freedom than ever!


Develop A Morning Routine That You Enjoy


If you’re not the boss of your life yet, start by just being the boss of your morning. Develop a morning routine that you enjoy, and stick to it. Nobody that seriously ran their day ever rolled out of bed, got ready in a rush with one eye still closed, and then left the house without barely putting a brush to their hair.

Make sure that you get up at a reasonable hour so you have time on your side. Take your time getting ready. Enjoy a hot drink. Read a chapter of your favorite book, and start the day off right. You’ll feel so much happier and far more relaxed.

What better way to start your day?


the power of your life


Live In The Moment


Living in the moment is a rare occurrence. Most of us are too worried about the past or the future, which means we’re never really present in the present. Try to simply focus your senses on what’s going on right now. Even if it’s something you really don’t want to be doing, like walking in the rain. Engage all of your senses, look for things to appreciate. You never know what you might be missing if you’re not fully present in the moment as often as possible!

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Do Something You Enjoy In Your Spare Time


We shouldn’t live to work, and yet many of us do. Start doing something you actually enjoy in your spare time. Start a new hobby. Do something you’ve never done before. Maybe you could start making greetings cards for friends and family. Look at a Boss laser review to figure out what you can use to help you create the prettiest cards. Maybe you could even try wood carving, or start running.


Focus On Personal Development


Focus on your own personal development to make sure you’re not simply becoming passive to life as the years roll by. Take courses. Watch YouTube videos of TedTalks. Read self-help books. We can all find ways to improve! Better yet, they tend to help us squeeze the most out of life.



Stop Letting Others Decide How You Feel


Other people can only ‘make’ you feel a certain way when you let them. This isn’t to say that you should switch off your feelings completely, but you should definitely start taking more responsibility for how you feel. Don’t let a grumpy co-worker make you grumpy too. Decide how you’re going to feel each day and then feel that way. It’s as simple as that!

Are you ready to become the boss of your life?

Are you ready to take back the power of your life?

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