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Ways to Work From Home


AAAAHHH, the luxury of getting up when you FEEL like it, wearing whatever you CHOOSE, and knowing that – at the end of the day, it is STILL called WORK! Such is the ideal life of the person who works from home…or at least what one would consider ideal.

In our world today, we have a lot of options. Working from home is one of them. This can be also classified by some of the more traditional firms where some of their employees ‘tele-commute’ aka ‘work from home’. But I refer to another growing ‘work at home ‘ force – the type of person who is also considered an ‘independent contractor’, for want of a better term.  He/she works on his schedule and basically, ‘beats to the beat of a different drum -their own’.

There are numerous work from home opportunities. However, I will address only a few ways in this article. They may not make you a millionaire overnight or not at all, but they will generate some income and potential ideas for you to ‘cash in’.

work from home

  • Direct Sales Home Businesses

You can be a ‘party host’ for various companies who will give you discount incentives as well the opportunity to be an independent sales rep to promote/market their products. Remember the ‘good ‘ole’ Tupperware parties,  Avon, Mary Kay? There are a lot of companies promoting candles, jewelry, books clothing, and so forth. Even some of these companies will allow you to set up online ‘shops’ in your name to promote their products.

  • eBay Sales

When was the last time you did some ‘spring cleaning’ and realized that you have dresses in your closets, shoes, accessories with tags and things that you just forgot you even had?  Well, you can turn these ‘finds’ into a source of income – open a shop on eBay, it won’t cost you a thing except your time and incentive for a few extra dollars in your wallet. Simply take pictures, upload them to your computer, add it to your online shop and then have people make bids on the items. It is a fun process, as well as a sure way to help you de-clutter your home and get paid while doing it!

  • Customer Service Operators

customer service rep

You can be the ‘voice’ for so many companies. There is always a need for customer service reps. Remote and in-house. You can work for seasonal sales companies, i.e. 1-800-Flowers, the usual all-year-round companies, i.e. Walmart, K-Mart, to name a few. Just check their websites for employment opportunities.

  • Tutor (At-home or Online)

I am sure you are great at something – EVERYONE is! What was your major in school, college? What is your skill? You can tutor music, languages, knitting, sewing, various crafts. Tutoring does not only refer to a language – it refers to ANY skill that you can teach to someone else. You just might surprise yourself at how much you can offer.

  • Online Surveys

This is a very common one. It might not pay a fortune, but it gives you a ‘say’ in research being carried out by various companies. The challenge with this, is that a lot of times, you might be ‘screened out’ of a survey based on your profile. But not to worry, there are still hundreds of sites where you can register for free and start doing surveys. There are free sites as well as paid sites. The paid sites might offer a bit more flexibility and higher income. This can be time-consuming, so make sure you have a pot of tea by your computer before your start!

online surveyTake a look at this site – GoldOpinions.com. It is a paid survey site, but it does have a 7 day trial period.

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  • Pet care

People with pets are always looking for help. They need help when they go on vacation, a business trip, unexpected medical/hospital visit, a multitude of reasons. You can get started by dropping your own flyers, putting a little ad in the community newsletter, church bulletin, craigslist, supermarket message board and the ‘good ‘ole – word of mouth’! You can even contact local pet shops to see if they would like to hire you or even promote your ‘business’ in their shop.

  • Childcare

baby sitting

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With so many families having both parents gainfully employed, there is always a need to be fulfilled when it comes to taking care of the little ones. You can even start networking with some of the mothers in your own child’s class ( if you have children ) and if not, ask your neighbor if they know of any family that needs a little extra help. Employ the same means of publicizing your services as listed above for the pets.

  • Household Cleaning Services

This is something so simple and yet not too many people realize the ease to start this business. YOU have the experience and that takes care of skill. What you need to do is to start small, maybe two to three houses and dedicate 3-4 hours of cleaning to each. Send out your flyers, post on community bulletin boards, church boards, supermarket boards and why not get some personal calling/business cards to boot! People are ALWAYS overwhelmed by housework and most, if not all, WILL welcome the helping hand a few hours can bring.

  • Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription services is another field that you can venture out in, and use it as a spring board to launching your own business. Have a read at this e-book by Michelle Miller as she walks you through the process of doing just that! It is so much easier when ‘someone holds your hand’ through the process.



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  • Freelance Writing

If you love to read and to write, then you might want to consider writing technical or marketing articles; blogging;  or writing for newspapers, magazines. You can research writing for Wikipedia, Contena, Listverse, and Hub Pages, to name a few.

  • Start your own online business

Because we are all good at something – we just need to take the time and decide what it is! Whatever you choose, just be sure that you enjoy doing it. A rule of thumb is this – what is it that you find yourself doing and before you know it, hours have passed and you are still engulfed in the activity? AND, you would do that same activity, even if you were not paid to do it, for the simple reason that you LOVE doing it. Spend some time in making your decision – get a pen and paper it necessary – you will realize your talent(s). Take a look at my review on Wealthy Affiliate where I discuss the pros and cons on choosing a source to help you start any online business.

These are just a few ideas to get you in motion. Please let me know if the information was helpful by leaving your feedback in the comment box. Thanks you for reading.




2 thoughts to “11 Easy Ways to Work From Home

  • Cindy

    Hi there,

    I like reading the choices. My daughter wants to make some fun money but she is only 12. I think the pet care or pet sitting would be a good choice for her, don’t you think? My hubby and I will supervise and help her as well. We have a doggie and kitty so she knows how to care for pets already.

    Thanks for the tips. It is always nice to have some ideas on how to make extra fun money on hand.
    I also appreciate your daily inspirational quotes!

    Blessings, Cindy

    • Michelle

      Hello there Cindy,
      Thanks for visiting. I am happy that my post was able to inspire you or your little one to some fun financial action. If you start the training when they are small, chances are, they will carry it with them into adulthood and become wonderful entrepreneurs. Yes, if she loves animals, why not? This is one way to see where her strength lies – who knows, you may have a little veterinarian in the making. All the best.


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