So You’ve Finally Digitized Your Business, Now What?

They all made it sound so easy, didn’t they? Build a website, they said, launch an online store, and learn social media they piped. Well, you’ve done all of those things, but traffic to your website is creeping along at a snail’s pace, and your online store is doing less than stellar sales, so what happens now? You’ve digitized your business and?

It turns out that just being online isn’t enough. Simply having a presence on the world wide web is anything but a guarantee of success and yet not being there at all, well that’s even worse.

So if you’ve done what you thought you were supposed to do, why isn’t your online presence working out for you? The answer to that is pretty simple, and yet as with all things “tech”- beautifully complex and as not everyone has been blessed with the knowledge of the great information hub, we’re going to help you out.

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It Helps If You Know

Even though you’ll find wonderful resources online for companies that can make this part of running your business incredibly easy (and honestly, we do recommend it – check out search engine optimization), it certainly doesn’t hurt to empower yourself with even the most basic of skills and jargon familiarization so that you’ll know what they’re talking about, and what you need to ask.

Research The Current, Trending Keywords

It might seem a little disjointed putting this one up here where this isn’t exactly where you start, but it’s that important. If your website isn’t getting the traffic it deserves, it’s probably more down to a lack of searchable content than the quality of your page per se.

From the META content to the actual page, it’s essential to use the right keywords to make it onto the radar of the major search engine algorithms. That way, you can ensure that your website makes it higher up in the rankings and higher up on the results pages.

Create Memorable Content

The better quality content you post on your website, the greater the likelihood that someone will want to read it, and when you repeat that formula repeatedly, the subsequent traffic to your site increases.

Write, And Invite Guest Posts

When you write for other websites and invite their contributors to do the same for yours, you create valuable backlinks that can gain impressive traction. The more visitors each site in the “link” receives, the more incidental exposure these backlinks enjoy, and it’s rather remarkable how fast these link to each other and add up to valuable traffic.

Maintain Active Social Media Engagement

Just like it’s no longer good enough just to have a website online, it’s also no longer good enough to just have active Facebook accounts. You need to be actively engaging across all of your social media with rich, informative, and inspiring content. If your posts don’t include calls to action that drive traffic to your website with the ultimate goal of converting traffic to leads and leads into sales, then you’re missing something.

There are considerable benefits to learning how to be tech-savvy, even if you’re not the IT manager of your company, but it’s also a good idea to find the right partners to deliver on these outcomes for you, so give it some thought.

But if the visitor counter on your website is ticking over, it’s time to hit the drawing board, and we hope this helps.

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