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Fast Track To Blogging – Are You On It?

fast track to bloggingWith so many bloggers taking to the cyber scene, where do you factor? Are you on the fast track to blogging success? Read about 4 possible reasons that could stifle your progress as outlined in this contributed article.

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Blogging is a multifaceted mode of expression. It means many things to many people whether they are writing the blog posts or consuming them. 

A blog can be a platform through which one can espouse their thoughts, opinions, insights and ideas in a supportive and safe environment. It can be a means through which underrepresented people can find their voice and engage with one another through the sharing of their content. 

It can be a tool through which businesses and freelancers promote their products and services. Or, it can even be a platform through which to champion a noble cause, and raise awareness even as you raise funds.iphone-notebook-pen-working

In order for any blog to be effective, however, it needs to have the guiding hand of strategy behind its content. As well as having a clear strategy for what content to post and when, one must also use analytical tools to evaluate their blog’s performance and adjust their strategy accordingly. 

If your blog is not performing as well as it should, it may be worth consulting an SEO company to see how it can better reach its target audience through search engine queries. If your budget and scope require that you fly solo, however, identifying the reasons behind your blog’s poor performance is crucial if you are to remedy them.

Unrealistic Expectations

Firstly, it’s important to remember that a blog, like any other business endeavor takes time to develop, grow and find its market. If you expect your blog to be your sole source of income within 6-12 months you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. 

What’s more, your impetuousness may cause you to spend a lot of money on Pay Per Click campaigns which may give you a swell of user engagement that may not be sustained over a long-term period. And this can possibly mislead you to think you are on the fast track to blogging freeway!

Not Using The Right Keywords

Keywords are a cornerstone of SEO and each blog post needs to use carefully considered keywords to ensure that your content has a better chance of being seen by the right pairs of eyes.

A common mistake is when writers use keywords which are too broad in their focus. This causes them to punch above their weight and put themselves in competition with other sites with superior domain authority.

A better approach is to use low-competition, highly relevant keywords to better reach their target market.

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Committing A Cardinal Sin Of SEO

scrabble letters spelling seo

It’s important to remember when writing that what you believe are your winning quirks of prose are in fact huge SEO no-nos. For example, while keyword use is important, keyword stuffing (when a keyword is over-incorporated into the text) is a big no-no.

Likewise, while internal and external links are both beneficial for SEO, broken links on your content can be a red flag for search engine crawlers. See here for how to find and remove them.

Not Doing Enough To Attract New Readers

Finally, a blog must ensure that it receives a constant stream of new readers. While it’s great to maintain good relations with your existing readership, you should always be hustling for new readers.

As well as posting your content on social media and engaging with communities within your chosen niche you can also take steps to make your content more appealing such as:

  • Promise driven titles
  • Numbered titles (people love listicles- they’re quick and easy to consume on the go)
  • Use a meta description to boost your visibility.

Identifying what’s going wrong with your blog is the important first step towards helping it to reach its true potential. Fast track your success and lead the way smiling all the way to the bank when you are on the fast track to blogging!

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2 thoughts to “Fast Track To Blogging – Are You On It?

  • Anita

    Hi, Michelle! This is a great article with advice that anyone with a blog can use. It is so true that a business takes time to grow and build. I think that we must make sure our expectations are in order before we decide blogging is a failed venture. Using your suggestions in the meantime, will certainly help grow your a blog. Thank you for a great read!



    • Michelle

      Hello Anita,
      Glad to know that you found value in the article. Yes, you have to be aware of ‘what you are getting into’ and how best to make it work for you. Take baby steps and you will be surprised how far the journey can take you. All the best.


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