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How To Get On Page One Of Google – If You Dare!

I thought I would get your attention – how to get on page one of Google – and moreover, if you dare to try. Of course, you can! It really boils down to GREAT content and proper keywords being ranked. I know it is not easy – I have been there.

There are literally 200 million active #websites online, and many are fighting for that spot on the first page.Click To Tweet

However, take a look at the points in this short contributed article and see if you can make it happen – see if you can get on page one of Google with a little help from your friends.

These days you might think that it’s impossible to get your business on page one of the search engine results. If that’s the case, it’s a massive problem as a large section of users online never actually get to page two. There are enough options on page one to keep them distracted enough that they never need to. After a couple of clicks, users have most likely already decided what product they want and who they are going to buy it from.

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There are literally 200 million active websites online, and many are fighting for that spot on the first page. They want to be the business that customers find. They want to be number one, as we’re sure, do you. The good news is that getting on page one isn’t impossible, even if Google can’t tell you how to do it.

Choose The Keywords You Target Carefully

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Keyword targeting is a must when you consider your online marketing tactics. You need to think about what your customers or rather potential customers are searching for when they look for the products or services that you offer. So, let’s say that you are a car sales company.

The keywords could include ‘used cars,’ ‘cars for sale,’ ‘new cars on offer’ and much more. The trick is to shy away from these phrases and search for ones that are less competitive but are still going to be used by your potential target audience. This could include adding regional identifiers or specific key details about your products to make sure that you do find people looking for exactly what you’re selling.

Get The Right Design

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You might think that SEO or search engine optimization is all about keywords, links and of course, content. But, if you speak to SEO experts, you’ll discover that they actually take things to the next level for their clients.

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They build every aspect of the website and design each part to make sure that it is ready to rank. It could all have an impact on your ranking from the structure of your site to the layout. On your website, users should only ever be three clicks from what they want to find.

Anything more than this will require changing the layout which is exactly what a pro marketer will do.

That’s Quality

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Finally, you need to make sure that your website reaches a high-quality level. Ultimately, it can be easy to cut corners with your site and not bother to make sure that you have the absolute best content that you can offer. But you shouldn’t do this because quality is all Google cares about.

If you can give customers a website that provides key, useful or even just interesting info, you’ve already won. You might even find that your site appears as one of the answers to the questions that pop-up for some users on page one.

We hope you see now that to get on page one might be difficult but it’s certainly not impossible, and yes, you can do it!

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