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Effective IRL Marketing Techniques For Your Business 

IRL marketing techniques – what is this? It seems as if everything is online when it comes to marketing and advertising your business these days. What with targeted micro ads being the latest trend. However, what companies often forget is that there are still some ‘in real life’ (IRL) marketing techniques that can be very advantageous to your business as well. In fact, you can read about the most effective ones and how to use them in the post below.

...the strength of IRL exhibitions is that they allow you to create a direct and powerful positive experience for a potential customer.Click To Tweet


Simple it may be, but investing in signage for your business can make a huge difference when it comes to marketing. In fact, the right signage can fulfill a multitude of roles, including advertising your whereabouts and helping to keep your brand consistent. It can even let your customers know about special offers that will increase the volume of their purchases.

Online Marketing: IRL (In Real Life)

Feb 7, 2016 What is Online Marketing? Online Marketing refers to techniques and services ( free and paid) implemented to improve your business’s reach …

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Additionally, just because signs exist in the real rather than the virtual world, it doesn’t mean that they can make use of digital technology. In fact, using an integrated approach, you can install digital and even video signs.

One that will play adverts or allow for easy content changes that will ensure your signage is always fresh and eye-catching. Something that will make it as effective as possible all of the time.  

Vehicle Wraps 


Picture located at Pixabay – License CC0

If you are a business that requires a single or a fleet of vehicles to provide your products or services, you have an excellent IRL marketing technique at your fingertips.

Of course, it is to use vinyl wraps, like the ones you will find, if you visit https://www.lucentgraphicsolutions.com/ on your vans. Something that will act as mobile advertising and make sure your brand and products are seen by hundreds if not thousands of people a day. 

Obviously, the key benefit here is that vinyl wraps are way cheaper to produce and install that TV, magazine, or online advertising. Yet, their coverage is still very high. Something that can make them one of the more effective kinds of IRL marketing that exists. 

Samples And Freebies 

Everyone loves to get free stuff, don’t they? Of course, free samples and merch as discussed at https://www.morebusiness.com/product-freebies/ aren’t limited to an IRL audience. Although they may be more effective in this form because of the instantaneous association created in the moment. 

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In fact, it is this positive association and level of familiarity and trust that IRL samples and freebies provide that is of value here. These being things that can make all the difference when looking to build a relationship with your business’s target demographic. Something that means companies would be wise to consider this technique for their marketing arsenal.

Promotional Gifts can vary widely, but generally speaking, they don’t need to be extravagant or costly. Instead, focus on practicality. The more practical an item is, the more likely the person receiving it will be to actually use it in their day to day life.

If they use it in their day to day life, they’ll expose more people to your brand through it, achieving the results that you want! Consider things like a pen, a tote bag or a reusable cup.


Finally, another powerful IRL marketing technique that all businesses should consider is attending exhibitions and trade shows. In fact, these used to be solely for the B2B market, but with the trend moving towards the commercial market as well, any business can get in on the action. 

Of course, the strength of IRL exhibitions is that they allow you to create a direct and powerful positive experience for a potential customer. Something that can be a very effective starting point on which to build a lasting relationship with your brand. Yes, try not to undermine the power of IRL marketing techniques and how they could potentially boost your business.

Updated April 2020

Images courtesy of Pixabay and Pexels.

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