Ways To Land Your Dream Job Without Experience!

Everyone has ideas about their dream job – it is not easy finding the ‘one’ that will make life and generating an income a fun way to achieve. In this contributed article, we will look at ways to land your dream job without experience, or should we say – the traditional way.

land your dream job

Many employers nowadays like to state ‘experience needed’ on a job advertisement. Experience shows that you already have what it takes to work in that role and it minimizes the need for extensive training.

That said, you don’t always need experience – if every job required experience, no-one would ever get hired. There are certain other ways in which you can persuade an employer that you have what it takes.

Here are just several other factors to consider as you try to land your dream job with no experience.

Get An Education

As with experience, an education isn’t mandatory in many jobs, but it will help to boost your chances of getting hired. Many high-paying careers look for any kind of degree simply because it shows a certain level of intellect. Other careers meanwhile may look for specific education such as the medical sector.

If you want to become a nurse, you’ll often have to complete a course in nursing such as this Grand Canyon University Nursing program. You can also look beyond higher education and consider short courses and workshops to expand your skill set.


If you’re struggling to find a paid role, you could also try volunteering. Many employers offer work shadowing experiences – these could be a great opportunity to prove to an employer that you have what it takes.

Be prepared to take on as many tasks as you’re allowed and to go above and beyond to show that you’re passionate about the role – this could persuade an employer to then hire you on a paid basis afterwards.

Sites like Volunteer Match have a list of voluntary opportunities to choose from, although you may be better off contacting employers directly about volunteer opportunities.


Knowing the right people can be beneficial in all walks of life.

You may be able to find someone who can put in a good word to an employer and help your application to get noticed. For meeting people in your field, try attending networking events.

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If you really want to get into programming, attend IT job fairs, hackathons and software trade shows. You can also use social media for networking by joining and interacting with groups and connecting to people on LinkedIn.

Don’t be afraid to ask people who you meet about any vacancies they may know of or tips for helping to get one’s foot in the door, and who knows – maybe help you land your new job.

Consider Freelancing

Whilst freelancing isn’t possible in every career field, it can be a good route to take in certain trades such as journalism, handyman work and design. Freelancing allows you to choose your own clients and be your own employer. It does require a lot more perseverance, but there are plenty of sites such as Fiverr that can allow you to find clients more easily than ever before.

Freelancing could simply be something to put on your CV – if you’d still eventually rather work for an employer, it could show a certain level of self-motivation and may help to persuade employers to hire you. It may not be easy to land your dream job, however, there is only one way to ensure that you do – keep trying! All the best.


Images courtesy of Pixabay and Pexels.

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2 thoughts to “Ways To Land Your Dream Job Without Experience!

  • Tara

    This is a great article Michelle, as always. As I was reading your article, I was thinking, I have my dream job, but its not in my dream location. My family really wants to move away. Most days they have me convinced too. Way back when I was breaking into the technology field, the program I took at college offered practicum placements for on the job the training. These were great opportunities for me to show my skills and to gain experience outside the classroom and has definitely lead to me to getting into a great job later.

    • Michelle

      Hello Tara,
      Thanks for your visit…again! It is so nice to have ‘repeat customers’. 🙂
      Yes, the dream job and the dream location can certainly be a wonderful combination indeed. There is so much to be said from internship and ‘hands-on training’. I am happy that you had the experience that is priceless in so many ways. Continued success.


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