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What motivates you to be a success?

I realize that there are MANY reasons that you can think of that will either point you in the direction of your success or keep you cornered in that place of inactivity. I know, from personal experience, that launching out on ANY new project is not easy.

You will encounter:

  •  fear
  • mixed emotions
  • lack of experience
  • alone-ness
  • lack of capital (if needed), and the list goes on.

The object of this article is to show you how:

  • you can move beyond your fear
  • you can motivate yourself when the going gets tough
  • you can choose a mentor who has been in your shoes
  • to be the best that you can be
  • to find the resources that will help your journey

Moving beyond your fear



Sometimes, it feels as if we are always afraid of each new adventure that appears on our life’s journey. Why is it, that, as little babies when we come into this world, we are so innocent and fearless? Though, as we grow older, fear replaces this child-like innocence – fear of the unknown.

It seems that we forget to trust our inner instincts which we sometimes refer to as ‘gut feeling’. In more circumstances than one, there have been times when we make decisions even though our gut is telling us the better decision to choose; and in the end, our famous last words – “I knew it! I should have followed my mind!”.

trust yourself

There is a way to help us move beyond this fear. I will outline a few exercises which can only help if we choose to implement them.

Exercises to reduce fear:

  1. Create a morning ritual. The way we start our day determines how it will sometimes end. Let your first thought be a signal to your mind, that you plan to take control of your reactions throughout your day. You may not be able to control anything that happens to you, but you sure can decide how you will react to anything that happens to you. You can help your mindset by either saying aloud or thinking to yourself – I am thankful for today and the ability to get out of bed on my own. I am going to be the best that I can be today.
  2. Create a list of positive affirmations. Paste a few in places where only you can see them and mentally repeat them (as you see them). I paste them on my clothes closet door, the inside of my bathroom door, the refrigerator, the trunk of my car, the dashboard on my driver side, in my eye-glasses case, in my wallet, in my handbag. Just little one liners that will serve as reminders along the way.
  3. Do something different. I choose to drive a different route to work at times. It helps to shake me out of routine and complacency.
  4. Read a book on self-improvement. The formats are varied – a traditional paper book, an eBook on any electronic gadget. Something that you will have access to you once you find yourself with a little spare time waiting somewhere. It allows your mind to be focused on you and the ways you can improve.

Motivate yourself when the going gets tough

As a renowned author, Louis Hay has often said, “You have to learn to love yourself”. She does this by doing what she calls – mirror work. In the simplest way to explain this: it is looking in a mirror and looking into your own eyes while saying “I love you, [your name here]”.

mirror image

At first, it may seem silly and non-effective; however, over time, it will become more natural, you might even find yourself smiling more often – with yourself and with others, and even believing that you really do love yourself. It helps to heal your perception of yourself. It helps your self-confidence and self-worth.

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Start a journal. I have an electronic journal. I love the old-fashioned way of writing things down with a pen and on paper, however, the books fall apart, and when I am having a creative thought moment – my paper journal is not near; hence my resort to an electronic medium – my iPhone- which I always have with me.

I find that writing in a journal helps me to see things in black and white. Somehow, when you read what you have written, it helps you to see things a bit more clearly. It is even more revealing when I re-read the writings from the past. It is a time of reflection – this is a good thing.

Choose a mentor who has walked the path you are now on

You can look at others who you consider a source of inspiration. It can be just about anyone who resonates with your emotional state of mind. You can read their autobiography, their books, or if you are fortunate enough to meet with them – interview them with your own list of questions.

You can have more than one mentor. Each mentor will bring something else to the table. What is important is that you resonate with their teachings or principles to which you aspire. And take the time to implement some of their teachings to make a difference on your life’s journey.

Be the best that you can be

One aspect of this life journey of yours is this – it is not a perfect one. Do not overwhelm yourself with being perfect – perfection does not exist because we do not live in a perfect world. Try not to compare yourself or your progress with those of others, as tempting as it may sometimes be.

The outcome will only be one of depression, self-loathing, jealousy, and discouragement, to name a few. You need to realize that each person is at a different point in their journey and may or may not be able to give you the advice you seek. Remember to sieve the information that you receive and tailor-make it to your needs without being too hard on yourself.

Finding resources to help you along your journey

In our world, today, the ability to find resources are abundant. You can find a lot of free resources by simply using any of the major search engines online: Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so forth. There are people who genuinely want to give back to society and will offer their services for free or a nominal amount. You just need to be selective as to whom you will use as a source – be wary of the credibility of your source.

In your community, there are social workers who often give their services for free; even your local churches can be a source for help along your life’s journey. Just keep in mind, this simple thought – you are not alone on this journey. Sometimes, you may even meet someone who has had an experience similar to yours, and can offer advice; be gracious and at the same time, be aware; have an open mind to possibilities.

I hope this article has been a source of encouragement for you. I welcome your feedback. All the best along your journey.


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