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There are so many success stories that abound in the Wealthy Affiliate community and I would like to share a few. I find these individuals a shining example of what can happen once you add action to the information that you will learn once you are a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community. Becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate is FREE – as in NO credit card needed to become a member –  and sharing archived as well as current information in the form of courses, training videos and blog posts is more than a value for your time investment.  Here is how one member of this vast network of like-minded individuals applied (and is still applying) himself to the information at his fingertips…and so can you…YesUcanDOit!

I would like to introduce P.J Germain.pj germain


PJ is an – Author, Blogger and SEO Consultant. He has been a celebrated digital marketing business builder and residual income trainer with exceptional leadership skills. Pj’s greatest joys are his family and friends as well as helping educate and inspire others on how to succeed with their own entrepreneurial careers. Find out more at
Twitter: @pureresiduals

2/How did you get involved with WA and how long have you been with WA?

I have been working online for over a decade. I first came across Wealthy Affiliate several years ago but, back then, there was a fee to become a member, so I deferred, thinking it was just like all the other online business opportunities. Then, on several marketing forums, I read several positive reviews on the training and community approach provided. In fact, unlike many programs, I couldn’t find a negative comment about WA. So, I returned and low and behold, it was FREE to join. I quickly became immersed and addicted to the community and how cohesive the environment and Bootcamp is. After having tried so many other programs, I am totally proud to promote WA to anyone I meet, online or offline.

3/How long before you felt comfortable enough to call your efforts a success i.e. how is your website doing now, your business idea, how long did it take in terms of months?

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Well, for me, the learning curve was quite short as I already had my webmaster training and SEO background. So, I’m definitely not the average WA member, but I would say just a few weeks – a couple of months on the outside.

4/What would you consider the best ‘selling point’ for WA – community, classroom courses, hosting, website services on a whole, support, software designs, pricing -value for money?

Well, by the simple fact that even free members can earn passive, recurring income, definitely the price: FREE to join. But, beyond that, as aforementioned, the training is the best online. The community is stellar and support totally rocks!

5/Do you think that anyone can do what you have done using the WA platform and would you recommend it?

Definitely. I DO think, of course, the learning curve will be drastically different. And, it DOES take work. This isn’t some hyped-up “get rich quick” scheme. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the best FULLY featured WordPress platform to “Learn and Earn”. The tools are all there, all you need is the discipline and commitment to succeed. Many within WA are indeed successful and living either part-time or full-time online. YOU can too! Join us on the inside!

 I hoped you enjoyed reading about PJ’s motivation and his vision for others with the mind to be all that they can be. I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave your comment below. Thank you for visiting.

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