Light Up Your House: Natural Light Can Improve Your Health

Having plenty of natural light flowing through the commercial windows and doors of your house or office is not only to help you save on electricity costs. It is a natural and healthy way for you to enjoy light when you are indoors.

While too much light from the sun can be harmful to your skin, you stand a chance of suffering from adverse health effects if you do not get enough of it.

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When your house does not receive enough natural light, there is a high chance that you may suffer from anxiety, depression, or several other harmful effects.

It is a natural and healthy way for you to enjoy light when you are indoors.Click To Tweet

It is for this reason that home designers are placing more effort to maximize the amount of natural light getting into homes and offices. But that is not the only reason why you need to have natural light in your home.

Health Benefits of Natural Light

It supports the flow of fresh air in a room

When your house does not get plenty of natural light, it becomes dark and develops a moldy smell that is not pleasant at all. It may become uncomfortable to spend time in such a house since air does not flow freely.

Your home will freshen up when you allow natural lighting to flow inside and clear the bad odor.

It can help you fight depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a condition where the weather tends to affect your mood, making you feel gloomy, especially during the long winter season. During winter, there is not much natural light that your body can absorb hence the grim feeling.

However, when you get enough exposure to natural light, the gloom dies away, and you become very productive.

It can maintain your sleeping cycle

Spending a lot of time without exposure to nature’s light can affect your circadian cycle. This condition can affect you if you spend too much time indoors or if you are a night shift worker.

Spending too much time with artificial lighting affects how your body produces melatonin hence influencing your sleeping patterns. You can reverse the condition by getting enough exposure to natural light.

It helps in making you happy

When your body absorbs nature’s best light, your brain produces the hormone serotonin that is responsible for getting rid of any pains by enhancing your mood.

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Additionally, serotonin is responsible for gastrointestinal functions like the perception of hunger and safety, as well as other physical functions. It also leads your mind to produce endorphins that make you feel good.

It will provide you with Vitamin D

Your skin absorbs vitamin D from natural light, where it is transformed into vitamin D3 before the liver and kidney metabolize it.

Vitamin D is responsible for ensuring you have a robust immune system, muscle, and nerves. When you are deficient, you may suffer from a bone disease such as osteoporosis. Children are highly likely to get rickets.

Be Your Advocate

Natural light carries tremendous health benefits, both physically and emotionally. One of the best ways to look after your health is by ensuring your house receives enough supply of nature’s best light. Avoid staying in dark rooms or relying on artificial lighting.

When you are designing your home, take into account the above reasons, and you will get to live a healthy life without a lot of complications.

Images courtesy of Pixabay, UnSplash and Pexels.

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