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Have you heard of Questofday? Here is my Questofday Review – it will certainly ‘shed some light’ on your darkness. So, look no further – it is not worth the time of day or night as I will show you in this review. And yet another scammer decides that he is going to trick people.

Yes, this is the LATESTQUESTOFDAY – where the claim is similar to the other review I did – NEWSONTOP17.

SO, you read the news clips, do the math, confirm, tell others, and get paid. NOPE, wrong again…NO PAYOUT!

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What Is QuestOfDay?

Another website created by DYANDOT where the claim is to give anyone the EASY task of reading online news and making money while doing it. It says you will be paid $4. You will have access to 15-30 articles daily. You will be paid once your balance reaches $990. A tad more than in Newsontop.

questofday review


Created (according to 10 December 2018

Owner: Todd Han, Super Privacy Service LTD c/o Dynadot

Price: $0 – just the your valuable TIME and Emotion

How Does It Work?

You read the new articles, do a simple math addition, then confirm – then read the next article. It is suggested to get others to read as well – a referral – and this will put you in another ‘level’ – from ‘active’ to ‘professional’.

Once you have a balance over $990, you should be paid for your reading efforts. Now, here are the similarities and differences between Newsontop17 and Questofday:


  • both are owned by Super Privacy Service Ltd c/o Dynadot
  • created on 10 December 2018
  • same product – reading the news online
  • both have SSL certification – which undoubtedly helps to give ‘trust’
  • no payout until a specified ‘sum’ is made…or at all
  • unlimited opportunity to ‘create oodles of money’
  • crazy ‘generous’ affiliate payout ($90 per referral)
  • same basic website layout – nothing fancy – though I did notice that since I started doing the research, there were more ads showing up on the site


  • different ‘specified’ minimum payout balances
  • different dollar amount paid for reading the news articles – $4 vs $7 – base amount
  • different images on home website home page and throughout the website – but a somewhat similar genre

And these are what I could immediately see. I am sure there could be more if I looked more thoroughly with a ‘fine-tooth comb’. But I think you get the general idea – stay away from Questofday and Newsontop17.


I did a check with and found out more information about this company.

Launch a UK website today!

WHOIS link: –

Because I was a participant in ‘Newsontop17’, I decided to check out this site as well – same modus operandi – SCAM.

Please do not waste your time and effort on this website.

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It will DEFINITELY help you to get started online and you have the opportunity to start a business online in any niche of your choice with the aim to provide VALUE to the community and the world you live in.

wealthy affiliate

Read my FULL review here:

I hope My Questofday Review has shed some light for you and you will RUN!!

All the best.

Images courtesy of Pixabay.

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10 thoughts to “My Questofday Review – SCAM ALERT

  • Wendy

    It really is crazy how there are so many scams out there. And the sad thing is that people invest hours of their time reading articles in hopes of making money. I agree. It would be better to invest your time in learning how to make money online in a legitimate way. I have been working online for about 10 years now and love the income I generate by blogging. Most of the skills that I learned were from Wealthy Affiliate. The training is the best. 

    • Michelle

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and it is really nice to know that you can indeed make an income from working online. It is possible. The main thing is that most people are not patient or consistent to make online income generation a reality. And yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to make this happen and to get anyone started.

      Continued success to you.


  • GeeEss

    Thank you Michelle for your very timely and informative article. I had heard about the QuestofDay and was very much influenced by its promotional articles and was on the verge of suggesting it to some of my acquaintances for some earning some extra bucks. Your article opened my eyes. No one should waste his/her time with this. Thanks again.

    • Michelle

      Hello GeeEss,

      I am glad that you found the article of value. Yes, spread the word. It is a shame when people put in some amount of time and in the end, it is all for nothing – literally.

      Glad it got to you in time

      All the best.


  • Chris

    Well the biggest worry about this opportunity is the payout threshold set at $990 – how long would that take the average worker to reach?

    You mention that there is actually no payout anyway, and I’m wondering how many people have reached this level, only to be refused their money – did you find any victims online?

    • Michelle

      Hello Chris,

      Yes, the payout threshold is certainly not encouraging when you think about how much time it would take you to get there…lol. If I do the math (keep in mind that math is not my fave subject…LOL), if you were to read 30 articles a day…then 30 x $4 = $120…then $990 divided by $120 = 8.25…so I am going out on a limb here…so about 9 days to make the payout threshold. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

      If you check out my other review – Newsontop17 – same website owner, I made the payout threshold which was ‘only’ $800 and I got $7 – $10.50 for each article…they did not payout…so I quit and wrote a review to warn others.

      Thanks for your visit and pass the word.


  • Taetske

    Good afternoon Michelle,

    I am amazed at the variety of scams on the internet. They really come up with some well thought out ideas to fool people in signing up with them.

    I am happy you did the review of Questofday for us so we do not fall into the trap, The idea as such to read newspaper articles I think is good but then if you are not paid for your time is a let down. Also the fact they want you to reach a level of $990 sounds like a lot of reading to get there.

    A shame this is not legit as afterall I like reading so it could have been a nice way to earn some extra money.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Michelle

      Hello Taetske,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, it really is mind-blowing when you really see how much time and effort some people put into deceiving/misleading others – a downright shame as well.

      I am glad that you found the article helpful. All the best.


  • Roshan karunarathna

    I’m already be a partner in this site and now i’m earn the money. but my cansern is how i get money in my bank account and i need your assistant to sold the said matter,
    as well as go to the http://www.questofday web site my chat box is not open, so i can’t contact the agent as well,
    Please help me in urgent basis,

    • Michelle

      Hello there Roshan,
      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I am not able to help you much. It is a challenge and I honestly do understand your core, it was once mine, hence my writing this article. See if you can reach out to the owner of the website based on the information I have provided in the article. All the best.


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