Some Marketing Strategies For A Modern Clothing Business

Being in business, we all know that without the optimal marketing strategy, business can come to a standstill. Here are some marketing strategies that should help get your business going in the right direction.

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PPC ads were made for the clothing industry; at least that’s what it almost seems like. Think about it, the most common and cheapest PPC ads are just a series of pictures on a revolving slideshow.

They offer a lot of space for pictures which is all you practically need to show your clothes to the viewer.

You have multiple frames in which to show multiple products and even models showcasing their appeal. However, now you also have modern YouTube ads which can run for just 5 or 10 seconds without being skipped. This allows the clothes to be shown and worn without too much vocal details needed.

Everything is visual, you don’t need music, dialogue, sound affects or even actors. This is perhaps why marketing is so efficient for the fashion industry because it doesn’t cost a lot to make a really great ad and the overall marketing is very easy to understand and approach.

If you are wondering why it could be seen as easier to market your products as a modern clothing business than other industries might fair, then you’re in luck. Let’s look at some marketing strategies.

Trends Like Night And Day

Unlike many other industries, trends in the clothing industries aren’t so discreet at first. They are usually sought after by many followers of celebrities and the fashion world that exists from the designer’s point of view.

Therefore you can be ready much quicker with the marketing strategies of your own products. For example if you have a particular sneaker style that you are selling, then you should pay attention to the kind that celebrities are wearing.

The street style is very popular with those that are fashion conscious and this allows you to place your business in the middle of the frey when a new trend in this particular area comes along.

Therefore, bidding for keywords in Google AdWords should not be a novice part of your marketing strategy. Keywords are regularly sold and regularly offered. You should be able to see what kinds of keywords are being searched for by consumers using this tool as well as Google Trends.

When you are keeping your finger on the pulse regarding the fashion culture, celebrity culture and the overall trends of consumers online, you’ll be ready for the next trend much quicker. They will begin to become more and more foreseeable and predictable as night follows day.

Catch And Don’t Release

As a clothing business you’ll be regularly coming into contact with customers and consumers, more so than most other industries. Clothing is personal because one size of item cannot fit all. Therefore, consumers are much more likely to call your business and ask for different things.

They could be calling to ask about a return policy, they might be asking your customer service desk about an order they just placed and whether they could change it. You might also be getting calls from customers about a discount code that isn’t working or perhaps a part of their order is missing or hasn’t arrived on time.

Whatever the reason is, you should use what they have just given you to further solidify your relationship with the customer. The phone number from which they just contacted you, should be stored if the opportunity arises. Therefore, train your staff to ask the customer if they could call them back with future offers that they might be interested in.

Using an seo service which offers seo call tracking, you will be able to authenticate the numbers that have called your business and save them as an organic lead.

Once you have this lead, you can then call the customers to ask them various questions but also to offer them more discounts and sales in the kind of clothing they are interested in or have previously bought.

Of course your employees will need to be coached in this, which the company that offers this service will be able to accommodate. They will also show your employees how to qualify the leads upon calling by going through some details such as name, address and their order history with you.

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The added benefit of the training is that overall, their customer service will be improved.

A Simple But Effective Platform

Social media is by far the number one platform which you should invest in when it comes to your marketing strategies. But what is the best platform for a clothing business? Well you have to ask the right questions to get to the right answer.

For example, are you looking for a motion ad, i.e. a video? Are you looking to reach out to hundreds of thousands or millions, which will also depend on your budget not just desire.

Are you trying to access a trend via a hashtag or do you want to specifically target an influencer? If you answered no because you want a pictured ad, millions and influencer, then you need to go with Instagram.

By far without a doubt the number one influencer social media is Instagram. Here you have many people that are followers of their favorite celebrities but unlike any other platform, the majority have signed up using their smartphones.

Instagram actually demands that you download the app in order for it to give you an account.

This means that if you have a smartphone, one of the first things you might do is download Instagram. Unlike any other app in the world, Instagram has over 1 billion users.

This is therefore the top priority platform from which you should be trying to market your clothes. Getting well-known figures on the platform to wear or promote your products is going to be well worth your while if you can do it right.

The modern clothing business must master the ability to use Instagram as it’s main social media platform. The influencers on this platform have reach to over hundreds of millions of people.

It’s an app which has over 1 billion downloads so invest heavily in this strategy. You should also speak to an seo company that knows how to call track and return calls to customers with offers they might like.

I hope that you will be able to profit from some marketing strategies such as those outlined above and allow your business to benefit in more ways than one!

Much success.

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