The Business Man And Travelling From Time To Time!


Ever so often, as a business owner, you have to step outside of the office, this article – the business man and traveling from time to time– is all about what happens next once you get that suitcase packed, book that ticket and hotel, and gather all your files and head north!

In this contributed article, it will show the good and the bad when it comes to the business man and traveling from time to time

How To Make Business Travel A Blast!

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Ah, the perils of working and traveling at the same time. To other people, it sounds as if you are living the dream. They assume you’re out of the office, finishing early, and enjoying the scenery by the beach. In reality, you’re flying economy class every couple of days, working longer hours, and never see friends or family.

Yep, working and traveling can be a major ball-buster. But, never one to shirk a challenge, you’re here to figure out how to make those boring trips better. After all, they won’t stop any time soon. Well, has got your back. Here’s how to have a blast.

Tackle The Little Things

Whereas flying constantly can be annoying, it’s not the journey that gets old quick. It’s the constant packing and unpacking of the bags and the time it takes to get through security. No matter how many times you run the rat race, it never seems to go any faster.

The good news is that there are shortcuts which can get you to the front of the line where security is involved. For those flying in North America, a TSA pre-check makes all the difference. Check out for more info.

Home Sweet Home

Hotels are amazing for two weeks yet the novelty wears thin after a while. All you want is a modicum of comfort, just like you find at home. Well, has the solution. Today, there are millions of listings on the site, one of the factors as to why it’s a billion dollar company.

Digression aside, the number of homes, flats, villas and the like means there should be something to suit everyone. Don’t worry about the price either because they are as affordable if not cheaper than hotel rooms. Being able to watch TV while sitting on the sofa is something that reminds you of home, so it should appease the homesickness.

Exploit The Rewards

the business man and travelling from time to time with an airplane

Every time you fly, the airline will reward you with air miles as a gesture of goodwill. TThis is a part of the fabric of their travel promotion and the business man and travelling from time to time is a part of their market. They also want you to fly with them more often and build up the miles. Don’t see this as a scam but an opportunity. With plenty of air miles on your frequent flyer card, you can use them to make life comfortable.

For example, split the difference between a first-class seat and an economy seat with a swipe of the card. It’s amazing how refreshed you’ll feel with plenty of legroom and a good night’s sleep. Learn more by visiting You can also rack them up by using a special credit card in everyday life. Yep, it works for buying groceries and gas too.

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Get Out

Life is hard when you’re working and spending all of your free time in a hotel bar eating crappy food. It feels like Groundhog Day and the monotony starts to drag.

To relieve the tension, try to be proactive. Getting out of the complex when you do have free time is a must as it makes the trip feel like a holiday. Anyway, a change of scenery is good for the soul and body.

Here’s to hoping you will enjoy your next business trip!

My Final Thoughts On The Business Man And Travelling From Time To Time!

It is easy to do business these days due to the advanced technology that exists in our world today, however, the business man and travelling from time to time is sometimes a good excuse to get out and get personal – the human touch, so to speak! It also helps to get a change of scenery and experience a different culture.


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6 thoughts to “The Business Man And Travelling From Time to Time!

  • James M. Krug

    Good article on Business travel and how to take the monotony out of it. Some really good pointers on how to cope for business people that have to travel a lot. A must read if you are one of those who hits the road constantly for business. First class upgrades with frequent flyer miles is a good idea. I’m for anything that improves the travel experience.

    • Michelle

      Hello James,
      Thanks for your visit. Your comment made me smile – first class anything would also make me smile – business or not! I am glad that you found the article interesting reading. Much success to you.

  • Maja

    I really like to travel, but it’s a holiday trip. Business travel can be quite tense, the problem with flights, accommodation reservations, business trips … An excellent post where are great ideas and opportunities offered to make travel easy. Airbnb is a great opportunity for accommodation because sometimes it is difficult to find good accommodation in a place. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    • Michelle

      Hello Maja,
      Thanks for your visit. I am glad you liked the article. Yes, business travel can take a toll in more ways than one, but even after the business part of the visit, you can still have some fun. Thanks for your hotel suggestion. I have used Airbnb before as well.

  • Eliane

    As I was reading your article I couldn’t help but think of my husband. He’s one of these businessmen and traveling is part of his routine.

    I used to join him on some of those trips. After work, we would explore the city and get to know people. Unfortunately, we had to take a break until our kids are old enough to stay at home by themselves.

    Gladly, as an Internet Marketer, I can work from anywhere. The truth is that I can’t wait to go back to traveling with him. Business trips can be extremely fun!

    • Michelle

      Hello Eliane,
      Thanks for your visit. I am glad that the article resonated with you. Yes, I have been on business trips with my husband as well and loved the ‘after work’ time. It doubled as a mini-vacation of sorts. Once your children are grown, I hope the business travel time will come back again for you both.
      Much success in your business as well.


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