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The Value of Your Business Is In Your Customer!

Being a business owner, when it comes to analyzing the health of your business, it is easy to see that the true value of your business is in your customer – priceless. And so it stands to reason that you need to recognize the customer, their needs, influence, and their experience. 

It all comes together and will determine the ‘life of your business’ as this contributed article outlines. The suggestions are real and practical, so make use of this information for the health and value of your business. Read on.

Realistic Ways To Put Your Customers at the Heart of Your Business

customer service

We have all heard about putting the customer first or that the customer is always right. And if you are starting out in business, you truly need to understand what those phrases really mean in order to help you and your business to thrive.

In fact, it has been shown that the companies that really excel in their customer service do much better than the companies that put less of a focus on it. On a practical level, what does putting your customers at the center of your business look like, though? Here are some ideas and strategies to help you.

Know Your Target Customer

In order to appeal to the people that will be the ones buying your products or using your business, you need to look at who they are and what they look like. 

What age demographic are they and what would they be using the products for? 

When you know the answers to these kinds of questions, you can more easily put them at the center of your business.

Say for example, your products are targeted at the older generation. It may seem practical to have a phone line for them to call, rather than putting your effort into Instagram or Pinterest. So know your customers and then you can provide a great experience for them accordingly.

the value of your business

Personalize The Experience

If you have a business that is predominantly face to face, then you can really personalize the customer’s journey in your store or showroom, for example. 

For instance, think about the health care business, they can do so much better by creating a patient experience that is both engaging and personalized as it will make their customers feel valued and encourage them to come back again and again.

The same works for any business that has face to face contact, as well as any business that talks to their customers (i.e. all businesses). So think about how you can make the customer journey for your customers a personal one and ways to increase the value of your business.

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Allow Judgment Calls

All businesses need order and policies set in place to make sure that things are fair and safe. But for customer service, things need to be a little more flexible. 

A customer may have had an experience unlike any other, and in order to help them resolve things, it may mean a judgement call to give them something for free, or help with the issue, for example. 

This can help the customers to value you, as well as employees feeling empowered to help in a positive way. Just make sure that there is a set policy on things to help revenue. But allow judgment calls when the situation calls for it.

Customer Service Symbols

When you are making plans or having board meetings, it can be really helpful if you can show some symbolism of the customer in the process. It is reported that Amazon used to have an empty chair in meetings in the early days, for a ‘customer.’

It helped to keep the focus on them and what they would need, because at the end of the day, if you don’t have customers, then you don’t have a business.


Images courtesy of Pixabay and Pexels.

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