[List] Things Every Adult Should Know!

So, today’s article will be looking at things every adult should know. It is a little different from the usual reflection on business, the internet, the software, the employees, all the ‘regular stuff’ that surrounds the business.

We will be looking through the eyes of this contributed article to see which things every adult should know. And maybe, as you go through this list you might realize that some of these things every adult should know might just help your business. Let’s begin!


So, you think you are an adult? Even throughout our twenties, many of us still hold onto our teenage years and don’t quite fall into the realm of adulthood. Being an adult is something that can’t really be defined by our age, it is defined by what we do and how we act.

If you think you are a fully functioning adult, read through this list and then think again. Here are all the things that every adult should know how to do.

1. Change A Tire

If you don’t drive then this doesn’t apply to you as much, however, most of us do. You may be lucky enough to have never broken down or burst a tire before, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to fix it. Imagine what would happen if you burst a tire on the motorway? You need to make sure you are able to change one under pressure because otherwise you will be stuck crying on the side of the road.

2. Use A Grill

Lighting a fire and cooking on it is literally the most basic human skill. If you don’t know how to cook on a barbecue already, you seriously need to take some advice from other adults in your life. 

3. Change A Light Bulb

How many young adults does it take to change a light bulb? It should be one. If you don’t already know, give it a go. All you have to do is unscrew, and then screw a new one in. Simple. For sure, this is one of the things every adult should know!

4. Swim 

Most people learn to swim during their school years. But in case you missed the lessons and never took part in the fully clothed swimming challenge, you may want to ask a friend to teach you.

5. Fix A Plug

Pretty much everyone learned how to fix a plug in school, right? It will be useful to know the difference between a live wire and the earth wire- go and do your homework.

6. Throw A Ball

throwing a ball is one thing every adult should know

Even the most useless sports person knows how to throw a ball. If you ever want to play catch with your kids or your dog, you’ll want to learn how to make a decent pass.

7. Do your taxes

One of the most important (and boring) lessons to learn as an adult is how to file a tax return. Even if you don’t need to ever do one, it is crucial to learn how. It will help you understand how tax works and where your money goes.

8. Take A Decent Picture 

photography skills every adult should know

Memories are the most precious thing we have in life, and you will want to be able to capture them as they happen. This is definitely one of those things every adult should know!

Luckily, smartphones make it much easier to keep track of photographs these days, but learning how to use a real camera is a great skill to have.

9. Build A Wardrobe

It might be tempting to keep every single piece of clothing you’ve ever worn, but unless you live in a palace this isn’t really very practical, is it?

Part of being an adult is being able to pick and choose the items which you will get the most use out of, and being able to scrap the things which won’t be worn. Try to organise your wardrobe so you know what clothes you’ve got.

10. Clean The House

If you don’t know how to use a washing machine or clean the drains, then you have some serious learning to do. I think this falls within the ‘basics’ things every adult should know for sure!

11. Maintain A Garden

gardening skills as an adult

You don’t need to be Alan Titchmarsh to maintain a garden. As long as you know how to cut the grass, prune the plants and get rid of the weeds, you’ll be fine. Just don’t let your backyard turn into a tropical jungle.

12. Read A Map

In our most recent past, not everyone had telephones to show them where to go, they had to rely on their own sense of direction and paper maps. Make sure you are able to read a map just in case you ever lose that precious signal when out and about.

13. Parallel Park

If you drive, you need to know how to parallel park. It might not have come showed up on your test, but that doesn’t mean you can avoid tight spaces forever!

14. Perform CPR 

cpr is one thing every adult should know 

What happens when someone you know collapses? Even children are taught how to perform CPR, so if you don’t know how, you might want to brush up on your skills with a CPR certification online. It could save someone’s life in the long run.

15. Balance A Checkbook

We all know that finance is boring, which is why most of us avoid learning about equity, mortgages, and interest rates for as long as possible. But to be a successful adult you need to learn how to perform basic financial skills and how to save money. One of these skills is balancing your checkbook. Sit down one day and take some time to learn the ropes.

The trick is to budget your food and resist online shopping every week. Of course, for those things you simply can’t be without, make sure to use coupons – you could look here at the Raise website to find some! It isn’t as hard as it sounds, actually. 

16. Jump-start A Car

Although the likelihood of you ever having to jump-start your car is pretty slim, it pays to know the skills. Take a leaf out of the Scout’s books and always be prepared. It could come in handy one day when you are stuck in the sticks.

17. Tie A Tie

The Windsor knot is not difficult to do at all. It’s like tying your shoelaces, just keep practicing and eventually you’ll manage. Clip-on ties might be easier but they are also much less adult-looking.

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18. Succeed At A Job Interview

If somehow you have managed to skip over job interviews until this point in life then, first of all, please give us some tips, but secondly, you need to learn. The ability to speak in a professional, concise way to a stranger is something which will help you get a job but can also be good for talking clients in the future. It is a skill which you should definitely learn soon. Get your parents to pretend to interview you if you need some help.

19. Make A Cocktail

If you want to be the hostess with the ‘most-est’, you want to learn how to make a decent margarita. Impress your dinner party guests the next time you host them with some skills which only professional mixologists possess. If you want to impress, even more, learn how to flip that cocktail shaker around too.

20. Iron

Even if you don’t wear clothes that require ironing, it is useful to know how to do it. If you ever need to go to a job interview you’ll need a creaseless shirt to wear. And when you have kids you’ll want them to look smart for school, so ironing will be in your Sunday chore list most weeks anyway.

21. Ride A Bike

things every adult should know like riding a bicycle

Riding a bike is as easy as, well, riding a bike. If for some strange reason you have managed to make it to adulthood without this skill, you should get someone to teach you. Cycling is a great transport option and it can also be a fun way to exercise. On your bike, lad.

22. Cook

If you are that person who manages to burn their pasta, then we really should talk about learning to cook. As an adult, you cannot live off microwave meals and takeouts. Start off with YouTube videos and learn simple skills like cooking pasta, rice, and making a pizza. Soon you’ll be the next Gordon Ramsay, providing you don’t burn down your kitchen first.

23. Drive

driving skill every adult should know

Not everyone learns to drive in their teens, and it is perfectly fair to say you may not have been able to afford it or you were too busy. Now that you are an adult though, driving can open up a world of job opportunities as well as give you the freedom to travel to work in the morning without smelly strangers on the bus.

24. Control Your Drinking Habits

When you are first let out into the world as a teenager it is only fitting that you will make the most of the freedom by getting ridiculously drunk all the time. When you get older though, you might want to learn some self-control and only drink a few glasses of wine or a couple of pints when out on a Friday night, you don’t want to waste the whole weekend with a sore head.

25. Save Money

Perhaps the most useful skill of all is the ability to save up for the things you want in life. Stop spending your money the moment you get paid and instead think of putting a chunk of it in a savings account ready for when you need it. Save up for a home, a holiday or even just a weekend drink with the guys. The trick is to budget your food and resist from shopping online every week. It isn’t as hard as it sounds, actually.

My Final Thoughts About Things Every Adult Should Know

Well, this list is by no means exhaustive, but it sure gives you an idea of some things every adult should know. More importantly, it is also something that you should be thinking of imparting to your children or little ones that you know as well, depending on their age.

Just a few tidbits and of course, like my school teacher always said: “A word to the wise is sufficient.” Yes, there are things that every adult should know, and also do.


Images courtesy of Pixabay, UnSplash, and Pexels.

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