What Are The Most Important Questions In Business?[List]

Asking the most important questions when it comes to starting and maintaining a business is a deciding factor which dictates the success of your company. Nobody trains you to start a business just like nobody prepares you to get married or have kids: it’s just one of those enormous things in life that you’re supposed to work out all by yourself. 

Conventional wisdom is that “each person is unique” and that “everybody must follow their own path,” but our lives aren’t all that different from each other – at least at the level of principles.

If you’re planning on starting a business and you don’t have a mentor who can give you answers to burning questions you may have, then take a look at the following most important questions that need to be considered.

5 Most Important Questions For Any Business Owner

Question 1: How Committed Am I To Making This A Success?

Ask somebody on their wedding day how committed they are to making their marriage a success, and the majority will say that they are 100 percent committed to their partner, no matter what. Unfortunately, when the reality of married life dawns on people, most suddenly realize that they’re not cut out for it.

A similar thing happens when starting a company. You think that you have the dedication you need to see it through, but you soon discover that you don’t want to work 80-hour weeks and you would rather be doing something else, like fishing.

Question 2: What Can I Outsource?


IT services for business have expanded dramatically over the last decade. It’s now possible to completely outsource all of your IT, doing none of the networking in your office at all. Outsourcing is an enormous industry and extraordinarily accessible.

The reason for the popularity is that you can usually get much better value from professionals doing ancillary tasks for your firm than trying to do them all in-house.

It’s far easier, for instance, to have an IT company manage your computers than it is to set it up yourself and pay a manager to oversee the whole thing.

Question 3: What Makes Me Different From The Competition?

Ideally, you don’t just want to emulate your competitors by slapping your company branding on an identical product: you want to do things better than they do. The key to developing a competitive advantage is to deliver more value than others in your industry to particular groups of customers.

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Question 4: Do I Like Taking Risks?

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Entrepreneurs are risk-takers. They accept the world as it is right now and get on with their work, whether there’s a recession looming or not.

You don’t have to be a risk-loving person, however, to launch a business: you just have to be in the right market. Some industries will always be riskier than others, but the rewards are much higher.

Question 5: Am I Funding My Startup In A Smart Way?

Founders don’t just want cheap money; they also want it to be flexible too. Getting a loan from the bank might be a relatively easy option. But it’s unlikely that a bank manager is going to have as much insight into your financial needs and the potential of your business as a venture capitalist.

These are just a few of the more pertinent questions that you need to reflect on the answers as you start any business venture.

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