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How Do You Find The Best Title For Your Content?



So you have written your content, spent some time doing your research, added some relevant images, and now you need to hit that ‘publish’ button, but wait – what is your title?

You have done your keyword research and you have your keywords, but still no title? Your title is the introduction to your content.

The main purpose of any title is:

  • to give the reader an idea of your subject matter
  • pique the reader’s interest to delve into your content
  • capture your interest enough to also share your content

So, this is a very important opener for your content.

There are a few title generators that can help you to deliver your content and to make it not only readable but shareable using social media – the bloodline of social awareness in our world today.

What A Title Generator?

A title generator is a software that helps to give you a copious amount of possible titles for your content. The way to do this is by usually inputting a keyword in the software and allowing it to come up with possibilities.

There are quite a few such generators, here are a few:

  • Title Generator

  • Portent

  • SEOpressor

  • Tweakyourbiz

  • Sharethrough

Details of each title generator are discussed below:

Title Generator

title generator

Using this title generator is quite easy. You simply enter your keyword or keywords of your content and it will generate possible titles for you to choose from – simple enough. The difficulty comes in your trying to choose the most suitable one. Of course, you can use the Jaxxy keyword research tool in addition to help you choice (see below for more information).


title generator portent

I like using this title generator. You input your keyword and like any other generator it gives you possible ideas, however, it does this along with a little ‘description’ of what ‘it’ thinks with each title creation. I find this one fun to use. The fun comes in reading the computer’s idea!


title generator seopressor


This title generator is also easy to use. What I find great about this particular title generator tool is the description box to the right of the keyword search box which gives you the option to describe the type of keyword you are using and the capacity in which it is often used.

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Tweakyourbiz Title Generator

title generator tweakyourbiz

This title generator is more geared towards titles used on social media – a little more graphic and over the top! It is touted that it can increase tweets, Facebook Likes, and visitor traffic by 50% or more. This title generator also has a Thesaurus which can also come in handy.


title generator sharethrough

This is also another useful title generator. It gives you the strengths and possible suggestions as well as an Impression and Engagement score. Just more information to use in your analysis.

Another good resource is the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy is not only great as a tool for finding keywords but using it also to find the best title including your keyword. This will surely be one way to get the best title for your content. The bottom line is combining your keyword with others that will ‘drive’ readers to your site based on their searches in any of the search engines.

Basic advantages of using Jaaxy as a keyword research tool:

  • reveal the quality and highly relevant keywords
  • determine whether or not you will be able to get SEO rankings in Google using the keyword
  • see whether or not the domain is available for the keyword
  • and ultimately, if the keyword is hot or not

You can try out this FREE trial here:

I hope that you found this information useful. I welcome your feedback, till then, good luck in your choices.






6 thoughts to “What Is A Title Generator?

  • Brad

    Do these title generators contribute to better rankings in google. I was not sure if the article title or what you put in as the search title is what google actually looks at. So do these title generators just help you to come up woth something that is new and creative. Or they actually using keyword research to help you get things ranked better in google. Thank you for clarifying!

    • Michelle

      Hello Brad,

      Thanks for your thoughts.

      Title generators help provide creative ways to give ‘title ideas’ for your content. As with anything else, you have to do your keyword research in order to see what’s trending and how you can capitalize on getting ranked in Google.

      Inputting your keywords into the title generator will help you be creative and hence, help to get you ranked in some way. So, indirectly, they could help you look good in Google’s ‘eyes’.

      I hope I answered your question. And thanks for stopping by.


  • Sergio

    Hi Michelle, thanks for introducing the ‘idea’ of a title generator to me, I had no idea that such a tool existed. My understanding is that the keyword is what google use to calculate your ranking, while the title is what attracts the attention of potential readers. Of course the two things are related, because a great title will attract more readers, and that will generate a better ranking.
    Is my understanding correct?

    • Michelle

      Hello there Sergio,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      You are indeed correct on both counts. You have to ‘draw in your audience’s attention’ and undoubtedly ‘capture’ Google’s attention for sure! The importance of ranking is not a myth, each website strives for recognition on more than one level.

      I wish you much success on your online journey and many captivating titles as well a fantastic Google ranking!


  • Cathy

    This is awesome! I am ALWAYS stuck with coming up with fancy titles for my blog posts, trying to emulate those top bloggers that you see all the time. Sometimes, my titles are so dull, it is embarrassing to publish or share them socially.

    I’ve only used Portent but wasn’t too impress with it. Glad to have other alternatives. Thanks so much for this. You just saved me from a major blogging roadblock!

    • Michelle

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Cathy. 

      I am happy that you found this article a useful source. Yes, titles can make or break your reader’s attention, so it really is important not only to have a great title but just as interesting How To Write Great Content For Your Website? to go along with it.

      Of course, it all takes time and yes, practice to be the ‘master of your trade’, so be gentle with yourself. Much success to you and stop by any time.



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