Here Is The Best Job Interview Advice You Can Use!

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Prep for success when it comes to that big job interview moment. Image licensed under Creative Commons.

Getting the best job interview advice can make or break that dream job that you yearn for. It’s a ‘Sliding Doors’ moment. You step into the room. Your pulse is racing. You know everything rests on this moment. Your life is about to go one of two ways. Either you ace the interview and get your dream job, or you face rejection and having to begin your search all over again.

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Doing well in job interviews is something we all hope for, as the results of a successful one can literally be life changing. And yet interviews demand a very specific skill set – you might be amazed at what you do, and yet if you don’t have interview skills, you’ll still struggle to create the opportunities you need to further your career.

So, how can you make sure you do yourself proud and ‘nail’ that interview to get the break you need? Read more in this contributed article and apply the suggested best job interview advice tips.

1/Create A Killer Application

best job interview advice is to get the best resume written


A great interview starts with a great application. If you don’t impress from the moment your details land on the HR Department’s desk, your chance of actually getting through to an interview is very slim.

Making a great first impression starts before you even get through the door – a factor that many job-seekers fail to understand. Start by getting your resume in great order.

You should tailor it to the job you’re applying for – of course, you can’t make things up, but look closely at the job description and pick out some key responsibilities of the role you’re applying for, then bring out the relevant experience and keywords in your own application.

Also make sure the wording and presentation are sharp and stand out. A template site can put effective resumes within your reach and help makeover your experience into a winning formula that will get you the interview.

2/Get The Inside Scoop

Not doing your research before you come through the door will really show, so make sure you’ve looked into all the information you can find – the company’s latest news, it’s past successes, what is currently happening in the sector.

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Use LinkedIn to reach out to any connections who work or have worked at/with the company or had dealings with them and see what information they can share with you.

3/Practice Makes Perfect

For most big occasions in your life, you’ll do some rehearsing so make sure you do that now. Get a friend to help you find lists of job interview questions and practice a few solid responses, and if you need to give a presentation, make sure you run through it several times.

Review the role profile several times and pick out key qualities listed as important for the job. Make sure you illustrate how you meet these qualities by rehearsing a few anecdotes which show how you have used those same qualities in the past to bring about effective results.

4/Dress To Impress

This is, in my opinion, the second most important best job interview advice. You’d be surprised how many candidates turn up to their interview in inappropriate clothing. Always make sure you’re basically well groomed and that you know how to dress well for an interview to make a great impression.

5/Connect With The Job

Finally, it pays to make sure you show in the interview that you understand how your skills and experience are a perfect fit for the job on offer. You need to be able to sell your skills and convince the interviewer that you are the perfect match for their vacancy.

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4 thoughts to “Here Is The Best Job Interview Advice You Can Use!

  • DianneBee

    It’s an understatement to say this is important. Yet being prepared the way you describe above can help an applicant present confidence even if you they are nervous. And remember the interviewer is doing the same! His/her job depends on finding the best fit for the position. Pressure on both sides.

    • Michelle

      Hello DianneBee,
      Great thoughts on the subject – especially when it comes to the interviewer’s side of things – something most interviewees forget. They are also ‘under fire’ to hire the best employee, so they might also e nervous too. It really helps to look at both sides of the coin at times. All the best.

  • Lanu Bennett

    Thank you Michelle, for a brilliant and practical post. I am also looking forward to advice like this for those of us who are looking to start our own business by the side, and therefore not going to attend any job interview. I will pass to my niece who is a fresh graduate, as there are vital information therein. Keep up the good work.

    • Michelle

      Hello Lanu,
      Thanks for your thoughts and the confidence of providing this article to someone else – I appreciate it. Yes, is a little guide but has some very good pointers to live by. I am glad you found the information useful. All the best to you and you niece.


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