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Interesting Business Branding Ideas You Can Use!

As a business owner, you need to know business branding ideas that will help make your business stand out from among the rest. You want to be the best in the industry and you want your clients to give you repeat business. Of course, you need to make the customer come to you and this is what will decide the future profitability of your business.

In this contributed article, you will find a few business branding ideas that you can use to promote your business.

Small businesses are always at a disadvantage because there are always much larger rivals attracting all the customers. However, there are many little opportunities that small businesses like yours have to attract customers towards their brand.

You just need to have a plan for getting people interested. One of those areas is in branding. If you’re inventive, creative and daring with your approach to business branding, you could really capture people’s imaginations.

This is something that you should definitely look to do because the sooner you show people that there’s a reason to be interested in your brand and everything you’re offering, the sooner they’ll give your company a try.

We’ve got some very interesting and quite unusual branding ideas to try out if you want to rival your bigger competitors. Not all of them will be relevant or useful to you, but at least some of them are sure to be, so read on to find out more.

Give Out Food

One thing that everyone loves a bit of is food. If you want to get your message across and have people flooding towards your business, all you need to do is give out some free food. It could be cupcakes with your brand logo on them.

If it gets people approaching your business and paying attention to it, this really could be a worthwhile branding exercise for your business to consider. And it’s so easy to do as well.

Do Something A Little Provocative

There’s nothing wrong with doing something that’s going to be a little provocative and grab people’s attention. You will find that most people will be interested when you break the rules and do something that’s a little beyond the expected for a company like yours.

Sure, this strategy can certainly be risky and it should be planned out carefully, but there’s no reason why it can’t pay off for you in the end.

Partner Up With Another Company

Partnering with another business that offers its services to the world but not the same services as you is definitely a good idea. It allows you to have some kind of crossover with that brand.

Businesses like to work with other businesses, and you will suddenly have access to their entire base of customers, and they’ll have access to yours.

Therefore, it’s clearly mutually beneficial, and it’s worth your business pursuing. Definitely give it some thought and scout out options.

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Catchy And Creative Slogans

Good slogans might not seem like the most effective or important things in the world today, but they still do have a pretty big impact on your business and how people see it.

When you find a slogan that’s short, snappy and to the point, it will get stuck in people’s minds. They will immediately associate those words with your business and what you want it to achieve.

So this is something that you should start brainstorming with your staff if you haven’t done so already.

Custom Patches

There are plenty of things you can give out, and one of them is patches. When you give people the chance to show their dedication to your company this way, it can be really effective.

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People essentially become walking adverts. But this will only work out well if the patches are nicely made and well-designed. You find companies that might be able to help you here.

Start by having your staff wear them and then give them out for free to customers who use your services or buy from you.

Create Brand Videos

Brand videos are really good and important ways to engage with customers in a modern world. Increasingly, people don’t really want to read long blog posts from people because they don’t have the time or attention span to dedicate to such things.

So by creating branding videos that show what your business is about and entertain the viewer in some way, you will be able to pull everything together and win people over with a snappy video. What’s not to like?

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Sponsor A Sports Team

If there’s a small sports team in your area, and you can afford to offer them shirt sponsorship, it’s something that you should definitely consider. This only really applies to companies that want to make a splash in the local area, unless the sports team is large and receives national coverage.

It’s a fun way to support sports in your local area while also getting your brand name out there and your message across to the world. People love sports, so your business should too.

Recreate Your Logo Wherever You Can

This is a great way to raise brand awareness when your business is small or people simply don’t know much about it yet. You should make an effort to recreate the logo in as many places as possible, from the walls of your company to your company vehicles and the packaging you send out.

When you proliferate your logo as much as you can, it means people will see it more often and become more familiar with your brand, which has to be a good thing.

Blog About Your Business

People love to hear about and see the human stories behind your business, so why not turn the story behind your company into something people can read about on a blog?

It will engage people because you will be mentioning all the things that you went through, and it shows that your business was created off the back of your own hard work, and people like to see that. It’s definitely an idea you should consider if you haven’t done so already.

Every business needs to be branded in exactly the right way, and it can often seem difficult to get your approach right. But you shouldn’t worry so much because it’s all about trying different types of branding and finding the methods that are most effective for your company.

So start trying some of the business branding ideas mentioned here today and give your business a boost in the right direction!

Images courtesy of Pixabay and StaticFlickr.

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