clothes and your professional image

How Clothes And Your Professional Image Can Affect Your Business!

As a business owner, it should be about being professional, so it should come as no small surprise when you connect the dots when it comes to clothes and your professional image and how it can affect your business persona.

I agree, it might sound petty, but there is nothing ‘wrong’ with covering that aspect of the business. Read more in this contributed article.

How Your Wardrobe Can Impact A Professional Appearance

clothes and your professional image

People tend to pay a good deal of attention to the clothes they wear, in general, for a variety of different reasons. Of course, people care about the way they present themselves to the opposite sex, and they want to make sure that the clothes they wear flatter their builds rather than highlighting any features they’d prefer not to have highlighted.

For ages, however, since at least the time of the ancient Greeks, there’s also been the idea that “clothes make the man” — that the way you dress isn’t just something you do to put your best foot forward, but that it can actually have a major impact on the course and development of your life in general.

The same idea has often been repeated enough by business gurus, who have frequently advised ambitious people throughout the ages to “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”, or words to that effect.

While you probably don’t want to turn up to your office job wearing a lab coat, just on the basis that your dream job is being a research scientist, you should still pay a lot of attention to the fact that the clothes you wear can impact your professional life in a wide variety of ways.

Here are just a few of those ways.

The way you dress can make a difference how people view you

your professional image

It’s kind of considered impolite or petty to point out that people judge each other based on how they look, but this is certainly true nonetheless when it comes to matters of personal presentation, such as the clothes we choose to wear, the hairstyles we go for, and so on.

As a professional, your personal “brand” persona will have a lot to do with how successful you are able to be in business, generally speaking. You will want to do whatever is in your power to present yourself as a professional to your customers or client base.

Now, the specifics of looking like a “professional” may differ from industry to industry, but you should be aware of the norms of your industry, and strive for that “professional” look.

Dressing in a way that uplifts you can boost your confidence on a deep psychological level

The way you choose to dress doesn’t just impact how others see you; it also has a dramatic effect on the way that you see yourself, even on a subconscious level.

If you put on an outfit each day that makes you feel like “you”, and makes you feel proud and happy with yourself, your confidence is likely to be infinitely higher than if you had to wear ill-fitting miserable clothes every day that made you feel terrible and embarrassed to even walk out of the door.

What’s more, the blow to your confidence that this entails can often be seen by others in your body language, even before you open your mouth. Needless to say, this will affect your work performance.

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To the greatest extent you’re able, according to the rules and norms of your workplace, wear clothes that make you feel good, whether that means print T-shirts that encapsulate your favorite style, or a full, tailored suit.

High-quality clothes can just make life more comfortable in general

This is a somewhat less obvious point, but have you ever noticed that when you have a small, nagging physical irritation that’s bothering you, it becomes increasingly difficult to focus on anything else that’s going on around you, not least of all the intricate requirements of your job?

Think about it like this.

If you had to sit down for several hours and inspect and input data on spreadsheets, in a way that would require a good deal of active engagement and attention on your part, but you also had a stone in your shoe that was digging painfully into your foot for the duration of that time, would you be able to perform to the best of your ability at work without first stopping and removing the stone?

We tend to think of the act of lounging around in comfortable clothes as something we do on the sofa back at home, after the day’s work is done.

But the simple fact of the matter is that wearing high-quality and appropriately comfortable clothes in the office, or in the workplace in general, can actually help to put us in a position where we’re better able to focus on the task at hand and to perform to the best of our abilities.

As this article – How Clothes And Your Professional Image Can Affect Your Business! – outlines, let’s ensure that we take action to ensure that your clothes and your professional image are partners in the same  project. Much success.

Images courtesy of Pixabay.

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2 thoughts to “How Clothes And Your Professional Image Can Affect Your Business!

  • AlanJE

    It´s very important to make a first impression, for which you may have no more than a minute. Clothes are a major and essential part of the image you portray, as well as how you carry yourself and convey your message, Alan

    • Michelle

      Hello Alan,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Yes, as the cliche goes – ‘clothes can make the man’. There is something to be said for how you present yourself and the fact that people tend to think about the first impression as well. You are so right about the image that you convey. All the best.


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