Looking At The Challenges Of Starting A New Business Today!

Yes, when you decide to take the plunge, are you aware of the challenges of starting a new business? Yes, the part that most people do not talk about but which is every business owner’s reality!

Take a look at what this contributed article has to say about the challenges of starting a new business and how you can get a head start on finding a solution.

The Five Hardest Things About Starting A Business 

There are so many success stories out there when you want to look into how to start your own business. Everyone who starts on that track and makes a success of themselves shout their story from the rooftops; and rightly so! It’s said that if you can make it to year five in your business, you’ll be a continuing success and you’ll grow as a company.

The thing is, no one wants to tell you the trials and tribulations and stresses and tears that you shed in those five years. There is so much that happens in those five years, and it’s in those five years that things happen that means that your business could be a failure.

There are many personal hardships that those seeking opportunities will face as well as business hardships. For example, those looking at pizza franchise opportunities are going to come up against the difficulties of choosing premises, the stress of the long hours and during all of that, have to bring in customers.

If people were more open about the difficulties of starting a new business, entrepreneurs could be far more prepared for what’s ahead. So, what are the hardest things about starting your own business?

open for business sign while looking at the challenges of starting a new business



Believe it or not, no matter what staffing level you have, owning your own business is lonely. You’ll work longer hours than is traditional, which serves to isolate you from your social circle. Everything becomes about your business and this can be a lonely thing to go through.

Lack Of Cash

When you strike out on your own, you’ll be scraping by for a little while before you start making some money in profit. It’s easy to know that before you go in, but in reality, it’s difficult to manage!

You Will Cry

crying woman is one of the challenges of starting a new business

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get people to hear you and hear what you want to achieve. When your business has a bad day with barely any customers, you can easily start wondering what you’re doing it all for; and that’s okay to feel like that. Just dust yourself off and move on.

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Success Takes Time

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as becoming an overnight sensation in your industry. You’ll be able to do well, sure, but you won’t be making huge waves at first.

It takes some time to get a business off the ground and as long as you understand this, you’ll keep a level head when you spend months building your business up.

You Could Fail

the challenges of starting a new business

It’s the curse of new businesses in that half of all of them will fail in the first year, and so may you. So, what do you do about that? You learn from it. You list the mistakes that you made, and you move on. Don’t be afraid to fail – you know you won’t next time if you learn from what you did wrong.

There are many personal hardships in starting and running a business. Make sure you stay level-headed and your personal hardships won’t seem so hard.

My Final Thoughts On Looking At The Challenges Of Starting A New Business Today!

Of course, we all know that things take time. However, being in business, time will prove to be an almost rare commodity! I hope this article about the challenges of starting a new business will surely help you move in the right direction for success.

All the best.

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2 thoughts to “Looking At The Challenges Of Starting A New Business Today!

  • ariel

    Hello Michelle, I think this is great advice. For with each step we take in our business we are heading towards more understanding. And that means learning that failure is also the key to success. And that although so many businesses do indeed fail, that does not mean we have to be one of the statistics.
    Great job!
    in peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Michelle

      Hello Ariel,
      Thanks for your visit. Yes, the numbers tell all. And yes, failing is a part of the success process and no one likes to be in that statistic. The best thing about failure is that you gain experience and you master your next outcome. All the best to you.


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