do all home businesses eventually have to move out?


do all home businesses eventually have to move out?

Do you have to move from this working environment for your business?

When you have managed to establish a business that you run from home, there are a lot of issues you have to deal with. You have to ensure you have the correct working space, create a division between the “home” part of your home and the “working” part– none of which is easy to do.

Nevertheless, you’ve managed it; you work from home, running a business, earning a profit, and the future looks bright. Eventually, you will begin to wonder about the future– and it’s at this point that all home business owners tend to start thinking the same question:

Do I Need To Move My Business Out Of My Home?


do all home businesses eventually have to move out?


This question is such a common consideration for a home-based business that has got off the ground and is turning a profit. When you have reached a point where you can be confident about the future of your business, it’s natural to wonder exactly what that business is going to look like.

Even if you have successfully run your business from your home, you likely still think of “a business” (as an abstract concept) as a business that operates from a specific physical location– be it a shop, an office, a warehouse, or any other commercial property. If you want your business to succeed and expand in the future, doesn’t that mean you should pack your things and remove the “home” from your home business?

The Considerations

First and foremost, it’s important to note that moving into physical premises when you have previously run the business from home is inherently risky. Your business will see its overheads and expenses shoot through the roof, so you have to be certain that your company is on solid ground before you even contemplate a move.

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Secondly, whether or not your business needs to move into physical premises very much depends on the nature of the business and what your plans are for the future. If you intend to be a one-person operation and work for individual clients, then there’s absolutely no reason not to continue working from your own home. However, if you would one day like to host clients, employ staff, or expand your production capabilities, you might be best off consulting and finding a commercial property to suit your needs.

Thirdly, and finally, it’s vital to remember that you should always strive to do what suits your business. You don’t need premises for the sake of having them; you should only make such a move because it’s clear that your business requires it. Home businesses are legitimate – just ask, can make a lot of money, and provide a nice future for yourself– you don’t need premises to be able to achieve this.

In Conclusion

Moving into premises might seem like a requirement for business advancement, but this isn’t always necessarily the case. If your business needs to move to grow, then that’s great and viable, but it doesn’t have to– make the decision that suits your business future, rather than doing things because you feel that you should.

It is so true that we sometimes allow other ‘people’s judgments’ and ideas to taint the way we feel about our business, as this contributed article so aptly points out. Don’t let any ‘assumed normal’ operations or ways of doing things in a business coerce or muddle your thinking.

It all comes down to what works best for you and your business and the pace at which you choose to grow, especially when it is based on:

  • your vision
  • your budget
  • your experience
  • your field of focus
  • your ultimate goal, all things considered.

Be confident in your self and what you need to make your business a success on your terms!

I would love to hear about your experiences.


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