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Foolproof Steps to Feeling Great at Work!

Yes, running your business will and can take its toll on your body. Here are a few foolproof steps to feeling great at work! It is nothing you don’t already know, it is just a little reminder to do these simple things that can make a world of difference for you and your business life if you apply them. Read more in this contributed article.

Somethings in life are inevitable. You need to get up in the morning, make your bed and get started on your day – even when you’re not quite feeling like it. The good news is that, by taking a few small steps today, you’ll be able to feel a lot better tomorrow and prevent that feeling of sluggishness that often hits us hard in the middle of the week.

woman on cell phone feeling great at work

Get started on your journey towards more energy, happier mornings and productive weekdays right here, right now. Here is a handful of foolproof steps to feeling great at work so that when tomorrow comes, you will be ready – you’ll thank us for it later.

Exercise Less And More Intensely

Did you know that those who spend a mere 20 minutes in the gym often reap the same benefits as those who spend hours slaving away on the treadmill? Give yourself a break by sticking to a shorter but more intensive exercise routine and try to get it over with first thing in the morning.

Break it up into intervals even, to make it more achievable – and start by checking out this list of morning exercises that will send you to work happy, energetic and calm.

To find a workout routine that works for you can do a lot for your mental health and not just because it will silence your racing thoughts, but also because it gives you a sense of accomplishment which you’d gladly put to good use at work.

Get Enough Water And Food

So simple to do, yet so hard to remember – particularly when you’re stressing around at work and trying to perform. Wave goodbye to your afternoon headache and 4 pm lethargy by staying hydrated and fed throughout the day and make sure you drink even more water if you eat something sugary as this will help your body to flush out the sugar. Have a look at Pass Your Test if your diet has been kind of off lately as it might help you to get back on track a bit quicker and ready to change the way you eat.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping is the single most important thing you can do for yourself. Sleep deprivation may be the cause of a variety of illnesses, both physical and mental, as well as obesity. If you generally sleep soundly when you first get to bed but still feel tired in the morning, you should simply go to bed a bit earlier. Start to wind down at around 7 pm already, have a nice warm bath and put your phone away when it’s bedtime.

If you go to bed rather early but wake up during the night, you may want to consider your bedroom. Is your mattress really old, is your bedroom a bit too warm, or do you have a lot on your mind before tucking in? By ensuring a good night sleep tonight, you’ll be ready to take on the world tomorrow – or at least getting your work done.

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Lastly, remember to surround yourself with positive things. Weed out negative thoughts, take time to do things you enjoy, stop putting so much pressure on yourself and great things will happen. These are easy enough and definitely foolproof steps to feeling great at work that you can start using today! All the best.

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8 thoughts to “Foolproof Steps to Feeling Great at Work!

  • ariel

    Hello Michelle, so did like reading this. I did appreciate the ideas of getting enough sleep and finding ways to always stay in the positive. I know for me that is really my elixir for life. Gratitude and positivity. I am blessed to have wonderful people in my mastermind group that keep me on my toes and make me better at what I do. And that so helps with my work environment.
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Michelle

      Hello Ariel,
      Thanks for your visit. Beautiful words you have written. Yes, having a mastermind group certainly keeps you in check – work progress, and health as well as spiritual attitudes. They are all connected. The quicker we see that, the better we will feel and also have better results all around. All the best.

  • DianneBee

    Hi Michelle. Having had health challenges I know how important all these points are. High intensity short exercise are routines are vital for those who have little time. Better to learn them than neglect exercise! It surely makes it easier to go to the desk job and sit. And goodness I still occasionally am horrified to look at the clock and realize I haven’t had water for hours!
    As for sleep…#1!
    A great review of our necessities for success!

    • Michelle

      Hello Dianne,
      Thanks for your visit and your thoughts. LOL, your comment made me smile – because I do the same thing – get on the computer and just go, go, go – before realizing that a whole day has passed and I am still sitting in the same spot and not eating, drinking or moving. Yes, it is a good reminder for me as well. All the best.

  • Orion

    Short and sweet and SOOOOOOO true! With our everyday – day to day – stress we often forget the most obvious!
    Thank you for reminding us all these very important yet so overlooked points.
    The lesson here is not to get “familiar” with life!
    Appreciate each moment, and be thankful!
    Wishing you $ucce$$

    • Michelle

      Hello Orion,
      Thanks for your visit and your thoughts. I love your thoughts – so right – not to get familiar with life…they are powerful. All the best to you.

  • Oneil

    One thing you can add to this article is to establish good relations with co-workers or that one co-worker. Work tend to have cultural differences depending on where you are from, where i come from, establishing good relations with co-workers is important…the work tends to get easier when you do…having worked in the US, the work itself was more important than establishing relations with the people you work with

    • Michelle

      Hello Oneil.
      Thanks for your thoughts and your visit. Yes, great addition to the lot Oneil. Business is a ‘relationship -oriented’ project though we sometimes forget. After all, we are in business because of people and their needs and our provision of a solution for their issues. It is in building the relationship that our business does well. And of course, it our relationship to each co-worker that makes the business ‘glue together’…or it most certainly will fall apart.
      All the best and thnx again.


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