Yes, let’s talk about packaging!

What is packaging really?

It is simply creating a brand that you believe in enough to put your name on it and make it public knowledge. You want the world to see you in this light! And you might ask, what does this have to do with an online business?

Well, everything. In the contributed article below, we will take a quick look at various types of physical packaging and before that, we will gently touch on the need to create and sell your brand in the best package!

getting to grips with product packaging

Selling Your Brand

Ok, so you are a writer and you have decided to take your skills online to make your talent pay for your ‘bread and butter’ – now what? Well, you have to ensure that the brand you have chosen to create reflects who you are and would like to portray. There are a few things to consider:

  • Your Name – or the name of the website that you will create – the place where your talent takes life. Keep it simple and focused. Remember, less is more. Short, catchy, easy-to-remember websites will mean easy conversation piece for people to refer to and to visit easily especially when it resonates with them on a personal level.
  • The Subject Matter – what will you write about? Whatever you choose, keep the main thread of your website in view. You want to appear organized and having everything about this particular subject in one place of access.
  • Your Logo – yes, a logo is a great idea. People tend to associate a logo easily with a name. Some people are more visual in that respect and will quickly remember a logo first, in trying to connect with a name. Name and visual association plays a powerful role.
  • Your Audience – who are you writing for? What do you want to explain? Who needs more information about something? What can you tell about something that will be useful to them? This also makes it easier for you write. As long as you have a target in mind, your task becomes easier.

All the above-mentioned points are things to keep in mind when you are packaging your online presence. So let’s take a closer look at the other forms of packaging.

‘When you’ve poured time, cash, and effort into your product development, you don’t want to fall flat at the first hurdle. You need to showcase your final product in the best way possible to the consumer market, and packaging can encourage a potential customer to complete a transaction just as much as the product inside. Packaging plays several roles when it comes to getting a final item from you to your clients. So let’s take a look at a few!

getting to grips with product packaging?

Product Protection

First things first, let’s consider the practical purpose of packaging. Perhaps the most important thing that it does is get your item from you to your clients safely. It serves as a container for your product and protects it from damage not only while it makes its way to a commercial space in transit, but also while the product sits on the shelf in the store that it’s being sold in.

This means that the given item is as good as new when the customer opens it up. No dust, no scratches, and no other problems! Certain goods require different levels of packaging in order to allow them to fulfill their purpose. Think about it: while packaging for items such as books may simply be a novelty, it is especially important for perishable items such as foodstuffs or liquids, which would otherwise become unusable. If you are selling items along these lines, use reliable, sturdy packaging options such as those offered by the Consolidated Container Company.

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Customer Protection

If an item that you’re selling can pose a potential hazard to vulnerable individuals such as children, you have to take this in mind when you design the packaging, even if your item is not directly marketed for them. Goods such as medication and cleaning products could easily become extremely dangerous if ingested by children. So you need to take extra precautions in your packaging design when developing them as retail goods. Childproof lids and caps are perhaps the most simple means of allowing people to keep the items in their home safely and with peace of mind.

Creation Of A Branded Experience

Now for the less practical purposes of packaging – the creation of a branded experience for your customers. It’s extremely rare nowadays that you will come across an item with unbranded packaging. If it wasn’t for branded packaging, people would have an extremely hard time differentiating between products. Using your branded color scheme, logo, and name on boxes, bottles, and wrapping can help to set your goods apart from other competitive options on the market.

It can also play an active role in drawing a consumer’s eye away from other options and firmly onto the item that you’re offering to them. The more attractive your goods, the more likely they are to go through the till. Finally, you can always print promotions onto your packets. This further encourages people to add it to their basket and take it home with them.

As you can see, packaging serves several purposes, forming both a practical and a novelty role in the consumer process. So put a lot of thought into how you design yours!’


Images courtesy of Pexels and Pixabay


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