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Becoming a freelancer is a very rewarding career move. In fact, it’s more than a career move; it’s a business move. You don’t have to answer to any employer because you’re the boss of yourself. You also don’t have to worry about a morning commute ever again.

The list of benefits is endless but it’s not all smooth sailing. You need to have more than a talent which can be monetized. You might be a good writer or web designer but are you a good entrepreneur? Being a freelancer is about being a business person as much as it is about being talented in some capacity. In the modern age, that means you need to understand how to use the internet to expand your business.

Here’s Some Advice On Growing As A Freelancer Online


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Make A Connection With Customers

The main advantage a freelancer has over a huge corporation is that they’re one person. You might think that’s a disadvantage but think about what it means when it comes to connecting with customers. As a one-person operation, you have the capacity to make a personal and direct connection with every single client to whom you deliver your product or service.

This means that you can offer an extra layer of customer service that many disconnected and corporate brands can’t offer. You need to use this to build your business because a personal and human brand is one that will really bring customers flocking to you and will help you to make big sales.



Figure Out Digital Marketing

You can’t be an online freelancer if you don’t know how to build an online presence. And just like any other business, you need to grow your brand if you want to survive in this competitive business landscape.

As an entrepreneur working on a solo basis, it’s absolutely crucial that you make up for the small size of your business in comparison to giants in the industry. And the internet makes this easier than ever because you can grow your brand virtually even if you don’t have the same physical resources as your competitors.

Launch a UK website today!

Improving your website is the best way to boost your digital marketing campaign. Your online presence mainly depends on a strong site; this is your landing page and the face of your online brand. As a freelancer in the modern age, you most likely depend solely on your site to attract all customers and make sales.

The content of your website will determine its presence on search engines and this is where you really want to reach potential customers. Keywords and responsive design will both boost your site’s rank, but you should look into professional help if you’re struggling to grow online. The point is that your success as a freelancer depends on a strong digital marketing campaign.

Monitor Your Finances

As you grow, your freelance operations will become a sizeable business that feels bigger than you. It’s important to be smart with your finances when this happens because you need to learn to separate the personal and business aspects of your life. Track your spending to make sure that you’re not spending beyond your means, most importantly. Of course, from another point of view, you still need to invest money into your business’ future. It’s all a balancing act. Learn how to track your expenses and you’ll do fine.

My Two Cents Worth

Branching out on your own is a BIG decision and once that should be thoroughly researched. I am not trying to ‘put the fear of God’ into your efforts or ‘pour cold water on your parade’, however, it goes without saying how important research is for any project!

As outlined in this contributed article, you have to cross your ‘I’s and dot your ‘T’s. You have to define the ‘thin line’ between your personal space (finance, time, resources) and that of your small business. All too often, as individuals embarking on the ‘solo-preneur’ journey, it can be tempting in certain instances as well downright daunting!

With definition, you are more able to ‘judge’ the viability of your business choice. This also acts as an informational source to help you decide to continue in ‘like manner’ or change the course as well as monitor the direction of your journey. It is not easy, neither is it too difficult – as stated – it is all about balance and follow-through.

Make your decision based on research and you should be ‘good to go’!!

Much success on your journey as you make your small business a big success!!

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