How To Capture The Attention Of The Reader Online

It is so important to be able to capture the attention of the reader – any way possible – and if your business is online or offline – it all depends on the marketing tools that you use to do so.

Any reader is a potential customer and so your business needs to be in touch with the needs of said potential customer. Read more in this contributed article.


The most fundamental aspect of online marketing might not necessarily seem the most important in terms of converting a browser into a buyer, but without it, no matter how fantastic your product, service, or marketing funnel is – you won’t have a single customer.

How you capture the attention is absolutely fundamental to the success of any online marketing campaign. 

How you capture the attention is absolutely fundamental to the #success of any #onlinemarketing campaign. Click To Tweet

It’s also one of the greatest challenges because we suffer from a digital culture of information overload – where so many companies, people and notifications are competing for our attention.

We are literally bombarded with marketing messages all day long – meaning it can be very difficult to capture the attention of anyone and very easy to get lost in the marketing noise.

Of course, what you do with your audience’s attention once you have it, will determine your ultimate level of success; but without first capturing their attention to the point they give you the time of day to receive and engage with your message – nothing can happen.

Indeed, this vital first step is fundamental to any marketing funnel as Russell Brunson, of Clickfunnels will tell you.  He suggests that you need to disrupt the person’s inner dialogue in order to capture their attention, and the best way to do that is by asking an engaging question that hooks them into your subject.

This is where title generators can be really helpful – as most people will only read the body of your content if your title captures their attention.

Now, the term “hooks you in” comes from a solid psychological research base, as we all have a part of our brain known as the reticular activating system which essentially governs where our attention goes.

It is a problem solving device, that is operated from your subconscious, meaning – if you have something in the back of your mind it will constantly be scanning your environment for answers to a question you have asked.

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For instance, if you are thinking of going to London, England – in the back of your mind, just as an idea, and you see a sign that you’ve walked past for months and months advertising London as a place to spend the festive season, your reticular activating system will make sure you notice this poster, as it is now relevant to a question you have been considering.

Therefore, to hook people in, and capture their attention, you need to distract and interrupt them from their current thought pattern (such as, what shall I eat for lunch?) and have them focus on the problem, challenge or opportunity that you wish to discuss with them.

Now, marketers use a variety of ways to achieve this – but the most popular approach is to use the powerful tool of asking questions.

the work ask in bright lights to capture the attention

The brain cannot not answer a question.  Meaning, if you were to be asked how’s the temperature in your left hand, right now?  You cannot help, for a split second, think about the temperature in your left hand – it might not even be conscious, but you will just very quickly check in with the temperature of your left hand, whereas, had you not been asked the question you would not have been aware of this.

Therefore, capturing people’s attention is more about redirecting their focus and the most reliable way to do that is to ask them a question.

Think about it – are you capturing the attention that you seek? 

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