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8 Ways How To Make An Office A More Enjoyable Space!

Want to know how to make an office a more enjoyable space – let’s take a look at these 8 tips that should give you some ideas. Many of us don’t think of the office — or even work — as an enjoyable place.

It can be satisfying to get through a lot of work, sure, and it’s not like we’re all walking around hating the place in which we work. But still, they’re not usually places we think of as pleasant, necessarily.

But why not?

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The work space has changed a lot in the past ten years, as business owners are discovering that a worker who enjoys being at the office will work better than one who can’t wait to leave.

And the good news is that you don’t need to dramatically change things overnight — there are easy to enact, subtle ways to boost the atmosphere.

We will take a look at some ways how to make an office a little more enjoyable as outlined in this contributed article.

business-camera-communication-computer how to make an office a better place


Set The Mood

There’s an idea about what an office should be. It’s usually just a collection of standard issue tables and chairs, gray walls, and a sanitary, clinical feeling.

But most offices end up like this not because they’re the best option, but rather because they’re what people think an office should be.

This is not the case!

If you want to make your space more pleasant and relaxed, then commit to the idea — it’s easier for the employees to feel relaxed if the boss is.

Get Creative

The majority of offices fall into the “traditional” category. While they’re infused with information technology and other modern conveniences, the design aspects are lost somewhere in time.

While people will work just fine if it’s a boring space, it’s not exactly going to inspire creative thinking to take hold. Instead of having bland, white walls, why not look at infusing your walls with a touch of color?

Artwork, decorations, or just simply painting the walls a color with a little more energy will all make your office a more satisfactory place to work. It’s much better to walk into a worksite and think “cool, I work here,” rather than a space that elicits no response at all.

Daily Essentials

Your workers aren’t drone bees. They’re just human beings, and, as such, have basic needs that need to be taken care of, such as eating and having enough energy to deliver their best work. Without these things, there’s only so hard that they can work!

Studies have shown that things like having snacks and hot drinks — simple things — available can have a significant impact on an employee’s happiness level at work.

As such, look at investing in a reliable coffee machine and picking up a box of donuts a couple of days each week. They’ll be happier, and productivity will also likely rise, as workers will no longer need to leave the office to get their daily treats.

Add The Comfort

There’s much we can learn from the companies of Silicon Valley, especially when it comes to making staff feel relaxed, happy, and productive. In the old days, the workplace was all work, work, work, but that’s beginning to change.

It’s becoming more apparent that giving workers a level of comfort in the office will help them to work better.

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It sounds obvious, even on paper — a worker who can take ten minutes to swing in a hammock is going to work better than an employee who has to power through even when their concentration levels are beginning to wane.

Lunchtime Gatherings

If you think about it for a moment, offices can be pretty strange places!

You’ve got all these people existing in a confined space for hours each day, yet they don’t really know each other. Mostly, they’re just nodding their heads at each other as they pass in the hallway.

Research has shown that workers who have a friend (or friends) in the office work better than those who don’t. So why not look at fostering these friendship relationships?

A good way to do it is to host a communal lunch. Everyone brings something to eat, everyone gathers, and then food is shared. It’s a good idea to do once every couple of weeks or so — it’ll give the employees the chance to know each other that much better.


Time For Pooch

Everyone’s pretty focused on their work when they’re at the office. And when they speak to their colleagues, there’s always an understanding that the other is, in some small way, still in a work frame of mind.

So what if you could have an employee who just boosts the other workers, one who’s there not to work, but to boost morale?

Get a company dog, and that’s just what you’ll have. It does take a much of work, and you’ll want to ensure there are a few team members who can overall “look after” the company canine. But once you iron out the kinks, you’ll find that everyone loves having that little ball of fur at their working space!

Outdoor Spaces

One reason why people end up disliking the office grind is that it keeps them away from the place they belong — the outdoors. Now, there’s not much you can do about changing your office set up, but there are ways you can add a touch of the outdoors to your office.

You can create an outdoor seating area with plants, for example, or just add indoor plants to the office. It’ll raise the mood in a subtle way.

Chill Fridays

If you make your office solely about work, then eventually, the staff are going to look at it with a lack of enthusiasm. That’s why it’s important to initiate ideas that consciously work towards bringing the fun to the office.

And what better way to do this than by hosting Friday afternoon beers? You can down tools a little earlier than normal, move to the more comfortable part of the office, and get to know one another more informally over a cold beer. You won’t hear too many complaints about this idea!

I hope these tips on how to make an office a better work space will help you make a difference for the people you ‘hang around’ 9 to 5. Much success.

Images courtesy of Pixabay and Pexels.

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2 thoughts to “8 Ways How To Make An Office A More Enjoyable Space!

  • suzanne

    These are great tips, Michelle. I have the joy of having my office at home, so I can set it up any way I like, lol.
    I’m finding the new trend is having a stand-up desk. My hubby says quite a few people in his office have them now. Might be something to think about at home too!

    • Michelle

      Wow, interesting concept, Suzanne. I must say that I saw that stand-up desk in a commercial on the plane and thought it was really cool. Yes, there are so many innovative ways to make the office more enjoyable these days. And of course, working from home can also make it more ‘homey’. Much success and thanks for stopping by.


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