[List] How To Transform Your Career After COVID-19 Today

These days, if you are like many people, you might be wondering how to transform your career, especially today. COVID-19 has taken a major toll on the workforce.

Record amounts of people who are looking for jobs and claiming unemployment benefits are being seen across the world. In many scenarios, the workforce was furloughed and they may have the opportunity to eventually return to work.

Some, however, weren’t so lucky. Many shops suffered irreparable financial damage and were forced to close their doors immediately if not eventually. Many people are now out of a job and most are looking to get back into work as soon as possible. Consciously or subconsciously, you might even be looking for ways on how to transform your career.

But if this describes you as well, how can you make your time job-hunting easier and make yourself more desirable to future employers? What if you want to change career paths all-together now? Here are a few tips to help you build yourself back up to a future model employee.

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Don’t lie on your CV or cover letter

A no brainer at any time, but even more so post lockdown and COVID. Put simply, if you were made redundant and let go from your job, don’t lie about it on your CV or cover letters, and be truthful about time spent at home.

This doesn’t mean tell them that you woke up at noon every day and lounged around in PJ’s Monday to Sunday. If you used the time to home school then say so. If you used the time to better yourself and take a good hard look at the unforeseen future then tell them.

Honesty is the best policy regardless of when you need a job. If in doubt, why not ask for a CV review from an employment agency or skilled friend? You should do all in your power to enhance your future career prospects.

Take a course

Many places offer free or cheap courses. Several training providers have been doing so to help people keep themselves busy and to gain valuable skills.

Search for courses relevant to your field of work or to the field that you may wish to change into. Soaking up knowledge in this downtime will be critical to keeping one’s CV up-to-date and active and this will help your future prospects greatly.

Build something yourself

If you are creative or someone working in a digital field, why not use the time to create something you can use to empower your CV? Are you a web developer who is now out of a job? Create dummy websites to build your portfolio.

Are you an aspiring blogger or marketer? Why not create a blog or website to showcase impressive copywriting talents for all to see? Showing what you can create off your own back is a brilliant way to demonstrate your talents to future employers, and in some cases can make or break your application.

Build and utilize your network

Speak to those around you daily to see what jobs are on offer that you may not be aware of. As the workforce goes back to regular employment several sectors are going to begin hiring again.

For example, hospitality jobs, which suffered greatly during the lockdown, will become available as shops, restaurants, and bars re-open. If you need work, speak to people you know in such workplaces to see what employment opportunities you may have missed form the online job boards.

Launch a UK website today!

A good network is worth its weight in gold so get to growing it as well. These a small but actionable steps to help you figure out how to transform your career today!

Images courtesy of Pixabay, UnSplash, and Pexels.

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