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My Dream Job Quiz For You!

Here is my dream job quiz for you – well, more like a list of things to be aware of. EVERYONE has a dream job idea in their minds, some have acted on them, some are work-in-progress, some have yet to start. Well, no matter where you are in the process, see where you stack up against this list in this contributed article.

Does the job of your dreams feel a million miles away from you right now? Even if it does, there are plenty of steps you can take that’ll help you reach it sooner rather than later.

EVERYONE has a #dreamjob idea in their minds, some have acted on them, some are work-in-progress, some have yet to start. Click To Tweet

So don’t be disheartened or down about the situation you find yourself in because it’s almost certainly not as desperate or disastrous as it feels to you at this moment in time. Here are some of the things you can do to clinch the job of your dreams.

dream job quiz sign on a wooden arrow

Think Carefully About What Your Dream Job Is

Your dream job is not as far away as you might think, but you can’t start working towards it until you know what you want to do for a job and what your dream job actually is. You should look at all the options.

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Show Your Passion

Employers will be far more likely to hire you if they can see that you’re passionate about your job and about what you want to do.

They want people working for them who love the work and who are going to enjoy coming to the office each day. That’s what good workers are, and all companies are looking for the very best workers out there.

Be Yourself And Use Your Personality To Your Advantage

You should remember that being yourself is the only approach that makes sense when trying to get your dream job. You might be able to fake it for one quick job interview, but you certainly can’t fake it forever, so you should be careful.

Your personality will shine through in the end and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Take advantage of the opportunity to show your personality because it might just assist you. This is precisely the idea behind having a dream job quiz with yourself – you will know your strengths and weaknesses.

Take One Step At A Time Until You’re Where You Want To Be

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Taking one step at a time might not be the most exciting approach to your job search, but it’s probably the best way forward for you.

You can make sure that you get the job of your dreams by not rushing things and simply putting one foot in front of the other until you get to where you want to be. It’s a technique that works.

Be Proud Of All The Progress You Make

When you make progress, you should remember to celebrate it and be proud of it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to acknowledge your own career successes. It’s the way it should be and any progress you make is to be celebrated.

Doing your dream job should bring your pride and happiness each day, but first you need to focus on getting it. The tips on your dream job quiz  above will help you to prove to potential employers that you know what you’re doing and that you understand what it takes to succeed in the role you’re aiming for.

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2 thoughts to “My Dream Job Quiz For You!

  • Suzanne

    Hi Michelle and thanks for your great insights.
    My favourite is being yourself and letting your personality show through. This is probably the safest thing people can do.
    I’d anyone acts differently at first, just to get the job, its pretty hard to maintain the charade lol.

    • Michelle

      Hello Suzanne,
      Thanks for visiting. Yes, you are so right on the money – whatever ‘face’ you show at the interview, you better be able to ‘keep it up’ throughout the employment or you could run into a wee bit of trouble. LOL.
      Glad you found some useful info in the article. Much success to you.


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