Productivity Mistakes In Your Business (& What To Do About Them)

Do productivity mistakes exist? Well, in our not-so-perfect world, we all make mistakes of every kind – so yes, productivity mistakes do exist! Maintaining productivity when running a business is vital for success.

Indeed, a productive business uses the resources assigned to them including time, and person-power in the most efficient way. Something that keeps down costs and encourages profits.

Sadly, there are some common instances where certain problems interfere with productivity. The good news is you can read about them and how to deal with them in the post below.

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Too much or too little noise

Noise is tricky when it comes to productivity. This is because a noisy environment can be distracting and cause issues with focus and even headaches. However, an environment that is too quiet can also be problematic, especially in an open office setup where every telephone call and click of the mouse can be heard.

One solution here can be to add dampening tiles to a workplace, as this reduces the amount of noise in a given area. However, if you are dealing with an issue of too little noise, then a radio or white noise machine may be the best approach, as this can help your employees to retain focus and therefore be as productive as possible.

The emergency repair

Have you ever had something go wrong in your office, that needed to be fixed asap? Highly likely as it’s a common occurrence. However, a problem can arise here when repairs need to be completed immediately.

The reason is that it often means work around the repair has to stop.

The solution here is to make sure you have firms like this 24 Hour AC Repair for all the things you use in your company. This is because by using a 24-hour repair service you can get equipment fixed out of hours and so not cause any productivity slowdowns!

The unnecessary meeting

Lots of people in the business world seem to love a meeting. Perhaps it’s because apart from the person talking at the front, very little work gets completed within. Indeed, it is often argued that apart from the briefest of meetings, most are unnecessary, something that makes them one of the biggest productivity drains around.


Image sourced at Pixabay – License CC0

Many companies think they can solve this problem by insisting that meetings be only essential. However, it is much more effective to switch to a meeting-less model. What this means is that any information that needs to be disseminated to more than one person is sent via email, and all discussions are limited to a maxim of 10 minutes.

It can also be smart to assign a time when such discussions can happen, something that leaves the rest of the day interruption-free and so helps to maximize productivity in the workplace.

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Yes, emails are essential when running a business. However constant access to incoming emails, along with the expectation of having to answer them right away can cause severe productivity issues.

Instead, it is much better to batch email reading and replies. That is, have a set time in the AM and PM when this task can be done and leave it untouched at all other times. I hope these tips will help reduce productivity mistakes in your business…and who knows, your personal space as well. All the best.

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