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Productivity As Small Business Owners

planning your productivity as a small business owner

When starting up any business, one thing that you, as a small business owner should automatically strive for is the productivity of small business owners! The fact that you are starting out with a ‘clean slate’ does nothing for the fact that your small business will be going up against the ‘big boys’ who are already established!

This contributed article should give you an insight as to how you can boost your productivity as small business owners on a constant basis.


Productivity-Boosting Hacks For Small Business Owners


As a small business or startup, the ‘productivity problem’ can be a constant thorn in your side. While big companies can afford to have the odd issue with productivity, and perhaps even hire the odd shirker, the reality for small business owners is that every second shouold count! So how can you be more efficient than before, and improve the overall productivity of your business? Let’s take a look at some savvy suggestions and get you back up to speed.


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Understanding Productivity

Before getting started on your new productivity plan, it’s vital to understand a few basic facts about making the most of your day. First and foremost, don’t believe the myth that it is possible for everyone to be super productive at all times. The reality is that everyone is different, and works at different levels of speed and focus at a variety of times.

It’s important to realize when your employees are at their most productive and include that in your plansso that you can increase productivity as small business owners. It’s also vital to understand that measuring productivity is all about choosing the right system, guidelines, and developing the correct habits. The following ideas should help.


The Art Of Getting More Done


Getting things done is the name of the game, but it’s not something everyone has a propensity for. As we discussed above, recognizing when your company is at its most productive is vital, as you can then go ahead and base the most laborious tasks during these periods.

It’s all about organizing your workday to carry out tasks when they are most likely to be finished with speed. For example, if your employees work better in the morning, that’s the time to get them stuck into the real ‘heavy lifting’ of running your business. And in the afternoon, perhaps they can be given slightly less intense, less urgent tasks.


Focus On Outcomes, Not Tasks


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If you’ve heard of the Agile method of working, there is something in it that can help you push your productivity through the roof. Essentially, being agile takes a top-down approach to work, so you work towards outcomes rather than individual tasks. If you spend a lot of time micromanaging employees, this particular method might end up being the best of all, as it will free up a lot of your time – and improve morale among your staff, too.


Look Into Automation


automation can help small business owners productivity


The less you have to do, the more focus you can put on more important tasks, right? So, why not make use of technology to automate your processes? You can also think about using outsourcing companies to manage time-consuming tasks – managed IT services or SEO agencies for example. Ultimately, if technology – or other people – can do a better, more efficient job than you and your team, it’s worth paying them to do so. It will free up a lot of your time, as well as bringing in better experience to utilize for your business.

OK, so there you have it – some simple ways to improve productivity as small business owners. Why not try some – or all – of these techniques and report back on your results in the comments section below!



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