time is money - are you using yours efficiently?


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Whether you’ve been in business for five decades or five minutes, you’ll have heard the phrase that time is money. It might be a very simple cliché, but its relevance cannot be ignored, especially in today’s fierce arena. Sadly, if your company fails to use those resources in the right manner, it will be left behind those that do.

It can feel a rather daunting prospect, not least because the concept is a fairly vague one. However, while a lot of work is required, increasing your efficiency needn’t be difficult. Focus on these four points, and you’ll be sure to pass the test with flying colors.


#1. Focus On Communication


Communication should sit at the heart of all business endeavors. First and foremost, you need to ensure that your team of employees are on the same wavelength. Team building exercises, combined with clear company procedures is a great starting point. Meanwhile, keeping team meetings short and sweet will pay dividends.

It’s equally important to think about the link to customers. Again a consistent company ethos and brand identity work on all levels. Even down to the returns policies, clarity is sure to save you a lot of time, money and hassle in the long run.

#2. Remain Productive At All Times


Some businesses are affected by seasonal trends more than others. However, even standard retailers are likely to encounter peaks and troughs. For example, the recent festive season will have boosted sales due to people buying presents and more purchases than normal.


Finding a way to handle the downside of those fluctuations is vital. The mentality has a huge role to play, and staying positive in slow periods can make all the difference. After all, your actions will influence the employees. In turn, this will affect the clients too. Getting it wrong simply isn’t an option.


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#3. Utilize All Facilities   


Human input is certainly important, but it’s important to embrace evolution too. Computers and small business technology allow us to complete tasks with greater speed and accuracy. In many cases, using those facilities can actively drive the cost of production down too.

Technology can even be used for the staffing facilities thanks to outsourcing. Even marketing and customer care can benefit hugely from technology, especially when you use automated social media posts. Add automated client support into the mix, and you’ll have more time to focus on production and other key matters. Best of all, those positive steps are sure to boost your online presence.


#4. Keep Workspaces Organized


It may sound like an overly simple idea. However, the concept of keeping the working environment well organized should not be ignored for a second. The amount of time workers spend looking for misplaced items and documents is scary. Whether it’s going paperless or keeping the office clean doesn’t matter. Either way, good organization is everything.

In addition to saving time, this is likely to save a lot of money. Replacing lost or broken items will eat into your profits. Meanwhile, unorganized and unclean workspaces may promote illness too. For the sake of your workforce and the business in general, getting this aspect right is key.

My Final Thoughts

Whether you have a home business or a big company, the points above that this contributed article brings to your attention should indeed be taken to heart. Every business is fragile or as strong as its weakest component – be it, the owner, the employees, or the resources. You have to constantly ensure that everything is ship-shape – keeping up with technology in all aspects.

Time indeed is money, they walk hand in hand, and you want to be sure that there is no broken link!

time is money - are you using yours efficiently?

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