Securely Storing Your Clients’ Data Efficiently: A Guide!

Securely storing your clients’ data is of the utmost importance as a business owner. Because your client’s information is of a very sensitive nature, every client needs to rest easy that their information is safe in every way.

Read to find out 3 important points on securely storing your clients’ data as outlined by this contributed article and make sure that your business is in compliance or close enough for the sake of your business.

Any business is only as good as its reputation. We live in the digital age and while the ability to build successful enterprises or facilitate their growth online brings with it a wealth of opportunity, it also brings with it stiff competition. And securely storing your clients’ data is of prime importance in this digital age that we live in.

In order to have that all-important competitive edge over your competitors, your reputation needs to be unimpeachable.

Of course, every single thing your business does plays a part in building your reputation. From the quality of your product to the customer interactions that take place each and every day, everything contributes to the rich tapestry that is your reputation.

But nothing will reduce your reputation to rubble faster than the misuse, loss or compromising of client or customer data.

securely storing your clients' data

Data protection is not just good practice, it’s a legal requirement, and as data becomes an increasingly valuable commodity, those who seek to take it by nefarious means are becoming increasingly inventive when it comes to taking it by force or duplicity. Here are some guiding principles to help you to protect your client data…

Invest In The Best

If your business also encompasses your own in-house data management team you need to make sure that you invest in the best personnel. While all businesses are wary of unnecessary overheads, this is one area in which prudent investment pays for itself in spades.

Ensure that you offer a competitive salary, perks and benefits and do what you can to retain top tier talent in this field. Of course, try as you might there will be some times when turnover is inevitable.

Using a data storage recruitment firm will help you to fill gaps quickly without compromising your quality of service. Reward your data storage professionals and they’ll reward you by defending your reputation.

Remember The 3 Ss… Security, Security, Security!

Even if your business has only a modest IT infrastructure, you owe it to your business to invest in robust security to keep your data secure. This means investing in the best firewalls, anti-virus software and other layers of protection. Limit employee access to customer data and remember to keep up with your upgrades.

These may represent another overhead cost but it’s far better to pay a lot for a security solution that works than to pay a little for one that doesn’t. In an era where businesses have their choice of web hosts there’s no excuse not to shop around for one that has a strong emphasis on security. Your reputation may just depend on it.

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Keep It In The Cloud

All businesses will likely benefit from using cloud based storage solutions, but for smaller enterprises with budgetary constraints keeping it in the cloud not only makes sense from a security point of view but from a cost point of view, too.

Cloud based storage trends to work out cheaper than using and maintaining your own physical servers and because cloud based storage providers are constantly upgrading you don’t need to endure the expense and disruption caused by upgrades.

Since the cost of upgrades are included in your subscription fee you pay for the storage you need, nothing more. It’s also much easier to upscale as your enterprise grows. Yes, securely storing your clients’ data is just the starting point to developing trust in your business. A very key factor in establishing your credibility in any business.


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