Subtle Marketing: 4 Small Ways To Make A Huge Impact

You don’t have to make a big splash to let people know you are in the ocean, making waves are subtle marketing ways and will get noticed just the same – as a matter of fact, maybe even better because it is less intrusive!

Read more in this contributed article and see if you catch the drift!

salsa being spooned in a small plastic container

The days of being ostentatious and over-the-top as a business are over. Shoppers hate anything which appears tacky and they’ll avoid it like the plague. Plus, they don’t want to feel as if they are being forced into a purchase. Browsers need to be able to look around and make their own decisions, not have an overly enthusiastic sales rep do it for them.

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Big and bold is out, but that means small and subtle is in. After all, if the customers don’t know they’re being affected, then they can’t complain. Below, then, are four small ways to make a huge impact without appearing pushy.


Shoppers don’t trust businesses; they have faith in their fellow men and women and in this respect, here is where subtle marketing comes in.

If a previous customer says the company is fine, then they won’t be as skeptical. Building trust is essential, but it isn’t always down to the firm. Sometimes, it’s important to act as a vessel and let others do the talking.

In this case, the online marketing strategy should center on reviews from consumers who’ve had a positive experience. You can even throw a few mediocre ones in there to create a balance. Usually, it provides a sense of conviction that the offer isn’t a scam.

Slight Brand Awareness

Every business on the planet wants to get their logo or company name in front of their base on a daily basis. Once the brand is in their mind, there’s a high chance of the shoppers using the company to make a purchase.

When billboards and online ads are out, it can be tough yet it isn’t impossible. Employee uniforms aren’t only to make the business seem professional; they reinforce the trademark.

Promotional gifts will fill in the gaps once the customers leave the store or turn off their laptop as they will always be around. The pen is truly mightier than the sword.


One odor will instantly get your brain working. Before long, the memories and emotions of a particular experience will flood your mind. As long as it’s positive, your mood will increase and you’ll be open to a sales pitch.

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Yes, scenting is a real thing and it’s been used in stores for decades. Think about the way supermarkets gently waft the smell of fresh bread through the doors.

You can do the same yet it’s important to have the right scents beforehand and to tailor them to your brand. Use it online by asking customers how the marketing smells.


two people playing xbox in front of the tv art of subtle marketing

Setting up a TV and handing out 3D glasses doesn’t seem like a laid back approach, and it isn’t in many ways. But, the subtle nature of using a demo is in the interaction with a customer.

Typically, sales reps offering demos don’t get in your face. Instead, they politely ask if you would like to try the product and let you do the rest. A free food tester is one of the best examples of this in practice.

You don’t have to be big to hit the spot. With customers, it pays to be small and understated. Subtle marketing will pay for itself in a BIG way!

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